Moving is often seen as an incredibly stressful situation. Sometimes, there are dozens of items to pack, furniture to haul, and time constraints that can all make moving complicated. Whether you’re moving across town or state, hiring professional movers is always recommended.

Our Services

We offer moving services throughout California and the West Coast. Whether you need a house full of furniture transferred from San Diego to Los Angeles or from Washington state to Oregon, we can help.

  • Professional packing. Packing can be one of the most tricky parts of a move. When packing your items, it may seem impossible even to know where to begin. Professional packing services can ensure that all your belongings are adequately packed for the move.
  • Furniture care. Moving furniture is often more complicated than it seems. Depending on the dimensions, size, and type of furniture, moving without professional help runs the risk of the damaged property. We can move all types of furniture without causing scratches or damage. Whether your furniture is modern or antique, dressers, beds, TVs, sofas, and settees are just some of the pieces we can safely transfer.
  • State to state location. Whether you’re moving to a local destination or somewhere else along the West Coast, we can safely transfer your belongings to wherever they need. Hiring multiple moving companies to deliver furniture across city or state lines runs the risk of lost belongings or damage. Our company can handle numerous locations without “passing the baton.”
  • Multi-floor moves. Even homes that do not reside entirely on a second, third, or fourth floor may have an upstairs. Hauling furniture up multiple flights of stairs can be dangerous for non-professionals. To safely move furniture into bedrooms or high-rise apartments, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Bucking Bull movers are timely and efficient. Because punctuality is crucial to every step of the move, we are consistently on time and ready to go. Experienced movers know how to methodically move a house or apartment step by step so that you don’t have to. While moving can be stressful, using our company can make it quick and easy for any move along the West Coast.