United Futurity League Hosts It’s First Event of the Season

April 22nd, 2015

Since it’s inception, the United Bucking Bulls, Inc has made an effort to create positive opportunities for it’s members. In 2015, the UBBI added a Futurity Team Competition format to it’s schedule! The new United Futurity League (UFL) has given members an opportunity to “own” a team and participate with 3 bulls on a team at 3 different UFL regular season events and then a Year-End Finals. Forty franchises were offered and sold in the fall of 2014 for $3500 and each year the Franchise owners must pay an annual $2500 sustaining fee to keep and use the Franchise.

Each of the 40 Franchises will participate at 3 UFL regular season events this year. Two of the 3 UFL events are going to be held in conjunction with a regular season UBBI Futurity, allowing Team bulls to enter the UFL event and UBBI regular season Futurity. Futurity bulls will buck once and bull scores will count for each contest. Entry fees for a regular season UFL event are $2500 per team with a payback of 80% ($40,000). Eight places will be paid out at the regular season events with the 1st place team earning $15,000.

“Our goal was to give these bull owners more opportunities to win more money with their two year old bulls during the season,” shared Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “Team bulls have the option to also enter the UBBI futurity and pay two entry fees. Bulls will buck once and the score will count for both contest events!”

Each UFL team will earn points based on how many teams they beat at each team event. In other words, with 20 teams entered, the first place team will earn 19 points (beating 19 teams). The second place team will earn 18 points, the third place team will earn 17 points and so on. After all 40 teams have competed at each of their 3 events, the 30 teams with the most points will advance to the UFL Year-End Finals! Finals entry fees will be $5000 and will be paid back 100% for a total payout of $150,000 and $50,000 for first place.

Three-Hundred Ninety Thousand ($390k) dollars will be available to UFL Team owners during the 2015 season and UFL Year-End Finals!

The Top 8 UFL Team receiving custom duffle bags and the winners with their check and UFL Buckle. Photo by Gautreau

The first of 6 UFL Team events was held in conjunction with this year’s UBBI Spring Spectacular in Locust Grove, Oklahoma! Twenty teams competed for the share in $40,000 in prize money and a shot at a $15,000 1st place check and beautiful buckle.

“I think most members will agree that it’s tough to put a really good team of 3 futurity bulls together,” explained Randy Schmutz. “But that’s what makes this concept so exciting! These team owners live and die by one bull’s good or bad performance!”

Selman's bull #1302 helping the DAM Cattle Company UFL Team win first place. Photo by Gautreau

John Donaho and Jim Murff, owners of DAM Cattle Company had 3 solid performances from their two year old bulls and won $15,000 by only one-half of a point. Their bulls posted scores of 86.75; 86.5 and 84 points for a combined total of 257.25 points. In second place was Barrett & Prewitt & Barthold, scoring a combined total of 256.75 points with 86; 85.75 and 85 points. Chad Ramer and David Findley, owners of Rockin R Bucking Bulls finished in 3rd place while Nathan Wolfe and Terry Coleman landed in the number 4 spot.

Oddly enough, the highest single score from a team bull belonged to bull #3706 on the WTF/Ready or Not Bucking Bulls/Chase & Marty Foutch team with a score of 89.75 points. They finished in 1st place in the UBBI Futurity and in 5th place in the UFL Team competition with scores of 89.75; 83.75 and 80.5 points. There’s no denying it takes a “team” effort to be the #1 UFL Team.

Congrats to all the winners and we wish everyone the best of luck at the remaining UFL Team events in 2015!


2015 Spring Spectacular Winners Announced

April 22nd, 2015

2015 Spring Spectacular Derby Winners with there new award jackets. Photo by Gautreau

The 11th Annual UBBI Spring Spectacular found itself in a new home in Locust Grove, Oklahoma for it’s 2015 edition and it proved once again to be a “spectacular” event! Jerry Rush, the owner of the Sycamore Springs Ranch Arena rolled out the red carpet and made everyone feel right at home from the git go! After checkin was complete on Friday afternoon the activities started inside the Sycamore Springs Ranch Mule Barn with food, fellowship and fun!

“Wow! It’s always great to see everyone come and have a good time,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “I must say that watching people really enjoy themselves at our events is the most gratifying feeling. We had a really good crowd at the Breeders Social and I wanna say a BIG thank you to John & Mary McDonald with Rawhide Portable Corral for their hospitality in support of our activities on Friday night!”

Bull #292 St Jude from Dennis & Jan Owens winning the Derby. Photo by Gautreau

The weekend’s competition began with the Derby on Friday night with 50 three year old bulls. Breeders from as far away as Minnesota, Idaho, Kansas and Arkansas traveled to Locust Grove, Oklahoma to try and win the big money and a new Tres Rios Silver championship buckle. The Derby paid 10 places and found Dennis & Jan Owens on top with their bull #292 St Jude, scoring 89 points and earning $3162 in prize money. Tracy Williams with TLW Bucking bulls had a lot of success on Friday, placing two bulls in top 4. Bull #274 Blood Brother finished in 2nd place with an 87.75 point score and bull #2146 Honky Tonk split 4th/5th with Rockin J Bucking Bulls’ #7 First Instinct. Both bulls scored 86.75 points. In between and in 3rd place was Sellers Bucking Bulls with bull #204 putting up 87 points. Other top 10 finishers included Jenkins Cattle Company’s bull #62Z Deadly Uppercut; Chase Foutch/James Morton’s bull #2604 Remember the Name; bull #302 Sweet Emotion from Wolfe Rodeo & Scott Cattle; bull #X210 Not So Sober from Jenkins Cattle Company and Little Acres finished 10th with their bull #912 Bird of Paradise.

A Super Series bonus check is awarded to Chase Foutch from Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers. Photo by Gautreau

The Futurity was packed with lots of excitement, including the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers Futurity Super Series and the UBBI’s introduction of the new United Futurity League (UFL) team competition (see related story). There were 77 two year olds entered into the UBBI’s Open Futurity. In addition, 56 of the 77 bulls were enrolled into the Super Series and were eligible for additional bonus money and points toward winning a new aluminum trailer from Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers.

“It’s always exciting for us to kick off the Futurity Super Series,” shared Randy Schmutz. “This unique series gives members a chance to be a part of a “side pot” with a one-time $300 entry fee. That money is all put together and paid back 100% and divided equally at each of the 3 selected Super Series Futurity events. The Top 4 highest placing bulls that are enrolled into the Super Series win bonus checks!  And we also held our first of 6 UFL Team competitions this weekend! What a weekend full of Futurity excitement!”

It didn’t take long to set the pace in the Futurity. The fifth Futurity bull to compete, bull #3706 from WTF/Ready or Not Bucking Bulls/Chase & Marty Foutch posted a score of 89.75 points and the race was on! The little black bull not only won first place and $4754 in prize money, he was also enrolled in the Super Series and gathered up another $2240 in bonus money. Bull #3706 had a total haul of $6994 plus he was a part of the 5th place UFL Team and shared in an additional $3000 in prize money! He did that while bucking only one time and his score counting in the Open Futurity, the Super Series and the UFL Team competition. Finishing as Reserve Champion by only a .25 point was bull #29A Magic Maker from D&H Cattle Company scoring 89.5 points. In 3rd place was Dennis & Jan Owens bull #247 with a score of 89 points and rounding out the top 4 was Nathan Wolfe’s bull #30 Pow Tow with an 87.75 point marking. Each of the top 4 bulls were enrolled in the Super Series and received their share of $5600 in bonus cash.

Other members placing in the top 10 were Jay Hudgins; Strickland/Melton Bull Co/Bar C Bucking Bulls; McCoy Ranches; DAM Cattle Company and Mike Rawson/Chase Foutch. With 77 entries the event paid 15 places.

TLW Bucking Bulls "Big Cat" getting some big air on the way to his second event win. Photo by Gautreau

The Classic on Saturday night always seems to have it’s own bit of charisma. The bulls are bigger, stronger, smarter and more experienced and it shows. There were 29 four year olds competing for top honors and only one qualified 8 second ride. At the completion of event there was a familiar name at the top of the score card. Bull #-147 Big Cat from TLW Bucking Bulls posted an 89.25 point outing to win the event and $2501 and a Tres Rios Silver buckle! This was Big Cat’s second event win of the year and brings his total season earnings to $7477, placing him #1 in the UBBI Classic competition! Sellers Bucking Bulls’ #126 Hood Rat produced an 87.75 score for second place finish and bull #110 WhataBurger from DAM Cattle Company finished 3rd with 87.5 points. The event paid 5 places and finishing in 4th was Scott Winston/Melton Bull Company’s bull #161 Firehouse and in 5th place was Jerry & Aaron Halpain’s bull #1786 Fistful of Dollars.

For the past 10 years the Spring Spectacular has treated everyone who comes and competes like royalty, and this year was no exception. Every member entering a bull received a UBBI Spring Spectacular ball cap and the Top 10 in each event also received a custom denim award coat. And everyone is already talking about the 12th Annual Spring Spectacular in 2016!


The 2015 Spring Spectacular To Be Held April 3-4

March 23rd, 2015

In 2015, the Spring Spectacular will celebrate it’s 11th year as being one of the biggest and best events in the bucking bull industry! This prestigious event has been held the first weekend in April for the past 10 out of 11 years. Since it’s inception, the event has hosted Futurity, Derby and Classic bull competitions, Buckin’ Bred Livestock Sales, Bull Ridings and entertained a number of VIP guests. In 2011, this extraordinary event became a part of the the United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI) and continues to grow each year!  This year’s event has a new home in Locust Grove, Oklahoma at the Sycamore Springs Ranch on April 3rd and 4th!

Classic Winners at the 2014 Spring Spectacular receiving their award jackets. Photo by Gautreau

“It’s been an amazing run to see the Spring Spectacular grow into what it is today,” stated Randy Schmutz, the general manager and co-founder of the Spring Spectacular.  ”It confirms to us that when you treat people the way you want to be treated they will come!  Amber and I both have enjoyed watching the Spring Spectacular become what it is today!”

In addition to the regular season Futurity, Derby and Classic, at this year’s event, the UBBI will host it’s first United Futurity League (UFL) competition with 20 teams competing for $40,000! The UBBI will once again roll out the red carpet with it’s Spring Spectacular Breeders Social and complimentary dinner and calcutta on Friday (April 3rd) at 4pm.  The Top 10 in each event will receive a Spring Spectacular award jacket and the winner in each event will also win a Tres Rios Silver Championship Buckle. Once again, the Spring Spectacular will also kick of the 2015 Futurity Super Series competitions presented by Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers.

The Futurity Super Series allows participants to enroll their bull or bulls into an exciting “side pot”!  A one-time $300 enrollment fee for each bull will be paid back 100% to the Top 4 placing Super Series Eligible bulls at each of the three Futurity Super Series events. If one bull wins all three Futurity Super Series competitions the UBBI will award $100,000 to the Super Series Champion.  The High Point Champion after the final event will receive one year’s use of a new 4 Star Aluminum Trailer from Wayne Hodges!

“The Spring Spectacular has always been one of the largest events in our industry,” stated Randy Schmutz.  ”It’s a great time of year to crack out new bulls and see how they stack up to the competition that’s out there.  It’s also an opportunity to preview the 2 year olds that may be competing in the upcoming UBBI Gold Standard Futurity!”

Everyone is invited to be a part of this year’s 11th annual Spring Spectacular, the first week in April 2015!

Click HERE for Event Details!

2015 Ante Up Youth Futurity Results

March 17th, 2015

Doctor Bucks winning the Youth Futurity for Two Brothers Bucking Bulls (Westin & Orin Cobb). Photo by Gautreau

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc kicked off it’s 3rd season of the UBBI Youth Futurity Series in 2015. The first event was held in conjunction with the annual Ante Up Futurity in Palestine, Texas on March 7th. This year’s Youth Futurity Series is presented by Rockin’ R Bucking Bulls as the title sponsor. Chad Ramer and David Findley are contributing to the Youth Scholarship Fund and awards for this year’s Youth Futurity Series Finale. In addition, a number of other UBBI members have contributed by sponsoring individual event awards including Nathan Wolfe Bucking Bulls; McConnell’s Bucking Cattle; Scott Burleson; Tim Dougherty and Aaron Custer with Pro Bulls Feeds! Once again this year, James Hogue with Pull Do Trailers and Redneck Trailer Parts and Greenville Steel are sponsoring our Youth Futurity Series Trailer Raffle.

“I am absolutely overwhelmed at the support for our Youth Futurity Series,” exclaimed Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “The sponsors and the kids are what make this series fun. To watch these kids learn to flank and to see them be a little nervous and excited about what they’re doing is a treat. We are very excited about the number of youth participants and how much fun these kids are having!”

Again in 2015, the Youth Futurity Series has two divisions. One for ages 9 to 18 years old and the Junior Division for those participants under 9 years of age. Youth participants must flank their bulls or have an eligible youth member flank for them. The Junior division allows younger participants to compete, but must have an eligible 9 to 18 year old youth member flank their bull during the competition.

“The Junior division allows us to be able to let everyone compete,” explained Schmutz. “We don’t want to say ‘no’ to these kids. The younger ones wanna compete too. This allows them to get into the game!”

The first event of the season had 28 entries from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Missouri! The event paid 9 places

Nathan Wolfe sponsored the Youth Futurity Series Buckle presented to Westin & Orin Cobb. Photo by Gautreau

and Two Brothers Bucking Bulls (Westin & Orin Cobb) led the charge with a win and earned $1,288. Their bull #306 Doctor Bucks posted a score of 86 points. In second place was one of our Junior Youth Futurity Series members, Madison Tomaski with her bull #HP173 Titus with a score of 85.5 points. Third place went to Rody Wolfe with his bull #303 Hot Pocket, scoring 84.25 points. Baylee Burleson and her brother Blaine split 4th-5th place. Baylee’s bull #317 Flash and Blaine’s bull #30 General Lee both had scores of 84 points.

The next Youth Futurity Series event will be held in Palestine, Texas on March 21st in conjunction with the Boston Porter Memorial UBBI event!


View VIDEO of Top Youth Bulls

Rhinestone Renegades Women’s Futurity Has It’s First Event of the 2015 Season

March 17th, 2015

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI) is once again excited to host the Rhinestone Renegades Women’s Futurity Series

Lori Janssen from Iowa watches her bull Redneck Crazy win the Rhinestone Renegades event. Photo by Gautreau

in 2015. This year’s schedule will feature 5 regular season events and the Finale on August 22nd.

“Joy Hawks, the founder of the Rhinestone Renegades is supporting us 100% and we are extremely happy to host the Women’s Futurity events again in 2015,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “It’s exciting for us to see these women compete and to see the enthusiasm they have for our sport!”

The Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity Series hosted it’s first event this season in Palestine, Texas on March 7th in conjunction with the Ante Up Futurity.  Other events on the schedule are May 16th at the Gold Standard Futurity in Ada, Oklahoma; June 6th at the Show-Me Shoot Out in Springfield, Missouri; August 1st in Locust Grove, Oklahoma at the Red Dirt

From left to right, Joy Hawks from Rhinestone Renegades with 2D winner, Chelsea Cobble; 1D winner Lori Janssen; 3D winner Traycie Groce and Randy Schmutz. Photo by Gautreau

Round-Up and August 8th at the United Futurity League event in Hamilton, Texas.  Together with Joy Hawks, the UBBI will sanction these events and the Women’s Finale, scheduled for August 22nd in Palestine, Texas.  All women futurity participants must purchase a 2015 UBBI membership.  Memberships for the 2015 UBBI Women’s Futurity season will be $100 and entry fees for each event will be $450.

“We want to give women the opportunity to overcome reservations, to venture into unknown territory, to gain knowledge, and have a wonderful time as a part of something distinguished”, stated Joy Hawks. “Our goal is to equip them with the skills needed to be productive stock contractors and formidable competitors in the thrilling sport of bucking stock.  The best part is women from all walks of life can participate.  You do not have to have any previous experience with bucking stock to become involved! All you need is the desire to have fun, a positive attitude, and an open mind!”

This year’s season opener included 14 entries from Texas, Oklahoma and Iowa! And it was Iowa who landed in the top spot in the 1D payout. Lori Janssen and Three Sons Farms’ bull #399 Redneck Crazy posted the highest score with 86.5 points and earned Lori $945 and a Tres Rios Buckle. Finishing second in the 1D was bull #350 Rollin’ Thunder entered by Locked & Loaded Mamma’s – Cheryl Locke/Gwen Wilson with a score of 85 points.

The Rhinestone Renegades payout features a 3D payout.  From the highest placing bull score, the 2D will be 3 points less than 1st place.  The 3D will be 6 points less than first place.  Total prize money in the 1D will be 50% of the net purse; in the 2D will be 30% of the net purse; in the 1D will be 20% of the net purse.

Finishing in the 1st place spot in the 2D was Chelsea Cobble from Oklahoma with bull #B88, scoring 82.75 points and in 2nd in the 2D was bull #310 Longshot from Lori Janssen and Three Sons Farms. The number one bull in the 3D belonged to new member Traycie Groce/4G. Her bull #302 Gonna Be A G scored 80.5 points. And in second place in the 3D was bull #335 Cy Hawk from Sara McCoy/Dan Madsen.


View VIDEO of Top Rhinestone Renegades Bulls

McCoy Wins 2015 Ante Up Futurity

March 17th, 2015

McCoy Ranches' bull #TC302 Opus winning the Ante Up Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

The McCoy family has been around the world and back. . . . .literally! And in the bucking bull business, they have been around for a long, long time! And it looks like they are going to continue to be a force in the industry! The patriarch of the family, Denny McCoy has been a supporter of the UBBI since it’s inception and he will be the first to tell you that somedays are diamonds and somedays are dirt! Lately, it’s all been diamonds for the McCoy Ranch!

Bull #TC 302 Opus, owned by McCoy Ranches won the 2015 Ante Up UBBI Futurity in Palestine, Texas on March 7th with a score of 89.75 points and earned $5,627! That’s the second UBBI Futurity win in a row, having won the Bar B Arena UBBI Futurity in Mineral Wells, Texas on February 21st and earning another $3,636.

This year’s Ante Up Futurity featured 37 entries from 5 different states including Iowa, Oklahoma, Idaho, Missouri and Texas! Finishing as reserve champion were Pritchett Ranch/Melton Bull Comany’s bull #324A with a score of 88.5 points! In

Denny McCoy and his grandson Quinn accepting the Tres Rios buckle for the win at this year's Ante Up Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

3rd place was bull #20/A from D&H Cattle Company. There were 3 bulls splitting 4th-5th-6th place including Three Sons Farms from Iowa with their bull #319 Tugboat; D&H/Flinn’s bull #16A- and Nathan Wolf’e's bull #30 Pow Tow, all with scores of 86.25 points.

“It was great to see some new members and to see participants from a long way away and be here and be successful,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “When you invest in these bulls and the time and travel and then you see a return on your hard work, that’s encouraging to not only the participants but also to the UBBI.”


View VIDEO of Top Ante Up Bulls

Gearing Up for the 2015 Gold Standard Futurity and Black Gold Derby

February 27th, 2015

Selman & Terrell's bull #279 Bottoms Up earns $50,000 in 5 seconds at the 2014 UBBI Gold Standard Futurity. Photo by Gautrear

For the 5th straight year, the UBBI will once again host it’s two largest paying Futurity & Derby events. This year the Gold Standard Futurity and Black Gold Derby will be held together and in it’s new home in Ada, Oklahoma on May 15th and 16th! Originally the Gold Standard has been held the final week in April and the Black Gold Derby has been the second week in August.

“We feel that combining these two marquis events and having them in May will benefit the breeders,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “We know that we will have a stronger group of bull riders that time of year and the Derby and Futurity should be a really tough competition!”

This year’s event will include a “Double Down” competition, allowing members to team a Futurity bull and Derby bull together with a $300 side pot. If 100 teams are created, the “Double Down” would pay back100% and a total of $30,000 to the top finishing teams.

For those that currently have Gold Standard and Black Gold Lifetime or Lottery Positions, a 50% deposit is due to the UBBI office by Monday, March 2nd. Entries for both events will open on Monday, May 4th and close on Friday, May

Clever Kevin winning the 2014 Black Gold Derby. Photo by Gautreau


It was proposed that eligible futurity and derby bulls for these events would be those that had participated in at least one regular season UBBI event prior to the Gold Standard and Black Gold competitions. After input from a number of UBBI members and much consideration, it has been decided to wave that requirement and ALL two and three year old bulls who meet age requirements, would be eligible to compete regardless of participating at a previous regular season UBBI event.

If you are a member and do not have a Gold Standard or Black Gold Derby position and would like to participate at this year’s event, please contact Kenzie at the UBBI office.

UBBI’s Randy Schmutz to Announce The American For the Second Year In A Row

February 26th, 2015

General Manager of the UBBI, Randy Schmutz will be the announcer at RFD-TV's The American Rodeo at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Gautreau

The world’s greatest cowboys and cowgirls will descend upon AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for the second year in a row, on March 1, 2015 for THE AMERICAN. This historic event has become the richest one-day rodeo in history of the sport. When the dust settles at this action-packed event, the toughest competitors in the world will ride away with the most significant one-day cash payout ever awarded, with a total purse of $2m paid out in one day. THE AMERICAN has once again invited the top 10 athletes in each of the traditional rodeo events as well as the top contestants from the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). In addition to the 10 invitees, THE AMERICAN has made 5 additional spots available for any rodeo athlete in the world through regional qualifying events.

Like all rodeos, THE AMERICAN needed a voice and they didn’t have to look very far to find one.  Randy Schmutz, from Stephenville, Texas has been selected for the second year as one of two announcers to work this historic rodeo performance. Randy has been one of the most recognizable voices in professional rodeo for 28 years. The rodeo road has taken Randy to places he’d never dreamed of seeing. He’s been chosen to work PRCA rodeos and Professional Bull Riding events from Walla Walla, Washington to Madison Square Garden in New York City and from Rapid City, South Dakota to Corpus Christi, Texas. Along the way, Randy has been selected 43 different times to work 11 different finals, including the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (alternate); the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) World Finals; the Badlands; the Great Lakes; the Montana and the Mountain States Circuit Finals Rodeos; the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo; the College National Finals Rodeo; the National High School Finals Rodeo and the Indian National Finals Rodeo.

“I won’t lie to you, I dreamed my whole life of announcing the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas,” explained Schmutz. “And I’ve come close, but was never selected. THE AMERICAN is my National Finals Rodeo! I’m overwhelmed and honored to be selected to work the most historic and talked about one-day rodeo in the history of our sport for two years in a row!”

Randy has also been nominated twice as PRCA Announcer of the Year and emceed the Miss Rodeo America Pageant 5 times. Randy also wrote, co-produced and directed the opening ceremonies at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for two years alongside the Sutton Rodeo Company. He and his wife, Amber and their three children have lived in Stephenville since 1992 and own and operate the XS Ranch where they have been breeding quality bucking bulls for over 20 years.  Randy and Amber now manage the United Bucking Bulls, Inc and Don Gay Bull Riding Tour, which produces and sanctions over 30 bucking bull and bull riding events each year.

Randy will be joined by professional rodeo announcer Bob Tallman from Weatherford, Texas.

Bar B Arena UBBI Event Results

February 26th, 2015

Selman & Terrell's bull #279 Bottoms Up wins the Bar B Arena Derby. Photo by Gautreau

The 4th event of the 2015 UBBI schedule attracted the most entries with 229 Futurity, Derby and Classic bulls. A total of 71 Derby bulls performed on Friday night and the event paid out 14 places. Selman & Terrell’s bull #279 Bottoms Up entered the winner’s circle for the first time as a 3year old this season. It was rumored that this was his maiden trip with a cowboy and that strategy proved to be the right way to go. Bottoms Up produced a high score of 89 points to win 1st place and $3823! Finishing a close second with 88.75 points was Diamond S Bucking Bulls’ #2123. Splitting 3/4 place were bull Z26 Acting Crazy from Rockin R Bucking Bulls and bull #122 SA Loco from Harvey Green/Dean Wilson. Other bulls in the top 10 included Mike Rawson Bucking Bulls with bull #125 and #123; Justin Massey/4G Ranch with bull 264 Legit Stuff; Brandon Stewart/Trey King’s bull #206 Greenback; bull #256 Buckskin Frank from Doughtie/A&W/Chase Foutch; bull #1206 from Addudell/Owens and bull #119 The Lunatic owned by 4K Bulls.

The Futurity on Saturday morning featured the largest number of entries so far this season with 101 two year old

Bull #Tc302 Opus from McCoy Ranches wins Bar B Arena Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

bulls. The futurity paid 20 places. Denny McCoy from McCoy Ranches and their bull #Tc302 Opus finished on top with a score of 90 points and earned a check for $3636. The reserve champion futurity bull belonged to WTF Bucking Bulls. Bull #3706 posted an 89 point outing to finish second. Casey Cooley from Mineral Wells didn’t have far to travel with bull #-C13 Copperhead Road to split 3/4 place. He shared the spot with Tom Peterson & Peggy VanCleave and their bull #773 Top Spot. Both bulls posted scores of 88.75 points. A sidenote, bull #773 Top Spot won the futurity at Palestine, Texas on February 7th. Other top 10 finishers included 2H & K3J Bucking Bulls; Buddy & Sandra Garrett; Mike Rawson/Chase Foutch; BS Cattle Company; Elite Bucking Bulls/Hookin W; Martinez/Lone Star Bucking Bulls.

Brent & Margo Hazen accept the Tres Rios Silver buckle from Wyatt Welsh. Laramie Wilson from Hookin W also accepting. Photo by Gautreau

In the Classic on Saturday night there were 57 bulls competing for a first place prize money check of $3441. Brent & Margo Hazen/Hookin W were holding that check when all was said and done. Their bull #-50 Divinity scored 89.5 points to pick up the check and the Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle. Bull #-X Black Soul owned by Martinez Bucking Bulls split 2/3 place with Ace in the Hole Bucking Bulls and their bull #184 Sling Back. Both scored 89 points. Barrett/Prewitt’s bull #1137 Cowbanger took 4th place out right with a score of 88.75 points followed by a tie for 5th thru 8th place. Bull #199 Back In Black from Tomaski Rodeo/Tiger Productions; bull #15 TNT 15 from Selman & Terrell, LLC; bull #13 Revenge from Danny Cathey and bull 23Y Pop-A-Top from Tom Peterson all scored 87.25 points.

Billy Blue, owner of the Bar B Arena served a complimentary BBQ meal to kick things off on Friday and the weather was good and all had a great time!

Click HERE for Complete Results    Click HERE to View Video of the Top 5 in Each Event

Results from February Battle of the Bull Event in Palestine

February 17th, 2015

Bull #7 First Instinct owned by Rockin J Bucking Bulls from Alabama winning the Derby. Photo by Gautreau

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc has hit the ground running again in 2015, with it’s second event of the season in Palestine, Texas now in the books. With 60 Derby entries, 64 Classic entries and 98 Futurity entries, a total of 222 bulls competed for a combined $60,000 in prize money. Members from 10 different states traveled to Texas, including from as far away as North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico and Kansas, just to name a few.

“It’s really exciting for us to see entries this strong this early in the season,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the United Bucking Bulls, Inc. “Folks are coming from all over the country and having a good time at our events and we’re pleased with that! That’s really good for everybody and great for the bucking bull business!”

The derby started off with a real bang with the 2nd bull of of the night setting the standard. Rockin J Bucking Bulls from Alabama let the “tide” roll with their bull #7 First Instinct who put up a score of 90 points! First Instinct ultimately won the Derby while holding back the remaining 59 bulls to win $3562! Second place finishers, Dennis & Jan Owens placed with their bull #W604 Big Show with a score of 89 points. Winning third place with a score of 88 points was Wyatt Crowder Bucking Bulls from Colorado with bull Z59 Voodoo Spell. Finishing in the top 10 were TLW Bucking Bulls’ #274 Blood Brother; Rawson Bucking Bulls’ #123 both with scores of 87.75 points. Along with bull Z26 Acting Crazy from Rockin R Bucking Bulls; bull #2604 Remember the Name from James Morton/Chase Foutch; McCoy Ranches bull #TC25 Blue Flame; bull #01Z Rocco from D&H Cattle/Barthold and bull #125 from Rawson Bucking Bulls.

TLW Bucking Bulls and bull #-147 Big Cat winning the Classic. Photo by Gautreau

It’s unusual to see more bull entries in the Classic than the Derby, but that’s exactly what happened with 64 entries on Saturday night. It’s no surprise that the 4 year old Classic bulls are bigger and stronger than their little Derby brothers on Friday, and Saturday night in Palestine was filled with power and strength! Bull #-147 Big Cat from TLW Bucking Bulls put Tracy Williams and the TLW Team in the winners circle on Saturday night. Big Cat scratched his way to a 90.25 point outing to win first place, a Tres Rios Silver Championship Buckle and a check for $3680. Cord McCoy and his partner Tim Dougherty who has been a long time supporter of the UBBI from Missouri, were reserve champions with their bull #107 Come On Baby, scoring 89.5 points. D&H Cattle/Buck Cattle’s bull #32Y Bruiser placed 3rd with a score of 89 points followed by another

Team TLW wins the Classic. Tracy Williams accepts the buckle from Randy Schmutz. Photo by Gautreau

D&H Cattle bull #Y16 Brutus, who is co-owned by Buck Cattle and Bob & Jeri Adams. Brutus put up an 88.75 point bull score and was ridden for 8 seconds by Jory Markiss, with a spectacular ride, and got a hard-earned 89.75 point ride score for his efforts. Whataburger from DAM Cattle Company, who was a tremendous 3 year old competitor last year finished in 5th place with a score of 88.5 points.

The Futurity attracted 98 two year olds and UBBI members from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Mississippi claimed the top 10 spots! Tom Peterson & Peggy VanCleave knew they had a tough road ahead of ‘em but ultimately finished first, 3 points ahead of the field. Their bull #773 Top Spot lived up to his name by garnering the biggest score of the weekend with 91.75 points and won $3638. Splitting second and third place with a scores of 88.75 points each, was bull #98A Hurricane Hustler from D&H/GDB Cattle/Dunn and bull #650 Western Moment from High View Cattle Company. Other owners in the top 10 included Jason Marbery from Kansas; Jay Hudgins from Texas; Ronnie Chism from Mississippi; Ready or Not Bucking Bulls/Chase Foutch from Texas and Cord McCoy/David Gallager from Oklahoma!

UBBI members were treated to a free old fashioned hamburger supper to kick off the event on Friday afternoon and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves! If you love bucking bulls, needless to say it was a great way to start the month of February!


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