UBBI National Finals Makes Big Splash in Kansas

October 2nd, 2013

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc has completed the 2013 season and hosted it’s Year-End National Finals at a new home at the Kansas Star Casino & Arena in Mulvane, Kansas!  The UBBI has now paid out over $3.8 million dollars in prize money and awards in it’s first three seasons.  This year’s National Finals attracted members from 21 different states, including as far away as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Idaho – just to name a few!

UBBI member Cord McCoy presenting the American Flag. 2012 Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Champion looking on. Photo by Gautreau

“It’s been really awesome seeing our membership grow and to see new faces at our events and watch participants really having fun and enjoying their hard work with these bucking bulls,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “Jerry Nelson and Jimmy Ray always envisioned a year-end finals like the one we just had at Kansas Star Arena.  This event and seeing how much fun our members were having this past weekend has really put a fire under us all!  We are really excited about the 2014 UBBI season!”

One Hundred Forty-Six different bulls including 47 Futurity, 50 Derby and 49 Classic bulls competed for over $200,000 in prize money, Tres Rios Silver Championship buckles and other awards at the 2013 UBBI National Finals.  For the first time the UBBI awarded additional prize money to the  Top 4 in each of the two go-rounds in the Derby & Classic plus money in the average.  Once again the Finals Champion Futurity, Derby and Classic bulls also earned a $10,000 bonus in each category!

The weekend started on Thursday with the first round of the Derby competition and it was apparent to everyone that the three year olds were gonna put on a tremendous show.  Owens & Lane with their bull #79 JoJo won the first round, posting an 89.75 point score and earning $1,145 in go-round cash and a Tres Rios Silver Champion go-round buckle.  Allen Teller came all the way from Idaho and brought a Derby and a Classic bull from the Northwest and split 2nd/3rd in the first round  of the Derby with #02 Justified.

Allen Teller said, “The event was second to none and the three year old bulls were as tough as anywhere you could go. The UBBI is doing an outstanding job.  I’m really proud of Justified.  He’s a calf we raised out of a Kish dam and he’s sired by D&H’s bull Bonafied (Mudslinger X 77 Yellow Jacket’s dam).  We purchased Bonafied from Dillon and Justified is out of the first calf crop.”

Splitting 2nd and 3rd place with Justified was bull #001 Smooth Operator from Rockin Rafter P Ranch, both with scores of 88.75 points.

UBBI Finals Champion & UBBI World Champion Derby Bull #79 JoJo owned by Owens & Lane. Photo by Gautreau

“Kathy and I thought it was a great event and that the UBBI really stepped it up with the Finals this year,” stated CJ Pilcek, owner of Rockin’ Rafter P Ranch. “The production, the bull riders and the crowd was as good or better than we could of hoped for. We were happy to have Smooth Operator step it up for us and we believe he’s turned the corner and we’re looking forward to his 4 year old season!”

In fourth place was bull #013 Quick Shot from Leschyshyn/4G Ranch with 88.25 points.

The Top 25 Derby bulls, after the 1st go-round returned to action on Saturday night to determine the National Finals Champion and the Top 12 Finals winners and the UBBI World Champion Derby bull.  There was a 4 way tie for 25th place in the first round and the tie breaker called for adding all 6 judges scores together.  The one bull with the highest total score would advance, but 3 bulls were still tied.  The next tie breaker was the one bull with the single highest judge’s score and bull #102 Hombre from Stan Hamilton out of Mississippi posted a single high 21.75 point score and advanced to the final round.

Several Derby bulls stepped up their game in their second showing on Saturday night and flexed their muscle to try to move into the Top 12.  Bull #61 Pegasus, owned by Box K Cattle Company made one of the biggest jumps, splitting 16/17 in the first round and finishing 4th in the second round to jump to 9th in the average and earn a total of $3,301.  Another Box K Cattle Company bull, #63 Half Nutz also made a big move from the 10th/11th spot in the first round to 2nd in the second round and earning Reserve Finals Champion honors finishing 2nd in the average and pocketing $7,985.

Dennis & Jan Owens and Mike Lane receiving $23,253 at the UBBI Finals. Photo by Gautreau

The big Derby winner was bull #79 JoJo owned by Dennis & Jan Owens and Mike Lane (Owens & Lane).  The spotted superstar seemed to have enjoyed his surroundings in Kansas and dominated the event by winning both rounds and the average. The rounds paid $1,145 each and the average paid $10,963 and together with the Finals Champion bonus of $10,000 JoJo bagged a total of $23,253 at this year’s UBBI National Finals! The most won by a single bull at this year’s event.

“We were really humbled by it all,” stated Dennis Owens.  ”This year’s UBBI Finals was just really good.  The facility was great and the crowd on Saturday night really made it a big deal.  Lots of excitement and lots of energy and we were really proud of JoJo bucking so well in back to back outs!”

With his regular season earnings of $5,491 and $13,253 in qualifier earnings at the Finals, his total for the season was $18,744!  Enough to move JoJo to the top, earning the crown of UBBI World Champion Derby Bull!  There was a split for 12th thru 14th place and 14 Derby bulls earned prize money in the average and a buckle!

The fun continued on Friday morning inside the Kansas Star Arena with the Futurity event.  Forty-seven 2 year old bulls from 17 different states bucked their hearts out to determine the Futurity Finals Champion and UBBI World Champion Futurity bull.  There’s no denying the fan’s favorite was the number one bull #071 Air Snortin’ from McConnell’s Bucking Cattle and K.S. Bucking Bulls out of Missouri.

Bull #626 Hard Time owned by Moss Brothers winning the UBBI Futurity Finals Championship. Photo by Gautreau

But when the Futurity event started, it was clear that #071 was up against a tough field of 2 year old bulls.  When last ‘Ultra Blue Dummy’ was bucked off and the last futurity bull left the arena it was Moss Brother’s bull #626 Hard Time who walked away as the UBBI National Finals Champion 2 year old bull with a score of 89 points.  Five seconds later Hard Time earned a Finals check for $10,363 plus a $10,000 Finals Champion bonus for a total of $20,363!  Hard Time’s Finals qualifier dollars of $10,363 together with his regular season earnings moved Hard Time to the number 2 position in the world standings with a total of $14,654 and Futurity Reserve Champion honors!

“It was good to be able to share the win with my wife Mindy and our daughter Sophie,” stated Gideon Moss.  ”My brother Eli was also with us at the Finals and it was great to win against such a tough field of bulls!”

The Moss Brothers winning $20,363 and the UBBI Futurity Finals Championship. Photo by Gautreau

The little bull from Missouri, #071 Air Snortin’ owned

UBBI World Champion Futurity Bull #071 Air Snortin' owned by McConnell's Bucking Cattle & K.S. Bucking Bulls. Photo by Gautreau

by McConnell’s Bucking Cattle and K.S. Bucking Bulls had an outstanding Finals performance and produced an 88.25 point score.  Air Snortin’ won 2nd place at the event and $7,772 and with regular season and Finals earnings had a year-end total of $22,162.  Enough to hold on to the number one position and win the UBBI Futurity World Championship and the Tres Rios Silver Champion Buckle! Bull #D2 Thunderbird from Mike Rawson Bucking Bulls finished 3rd and cashed a check for $5,699 while bull #13 Lucky Draw 13 from Tom & Tish Peterson landed in the number 4 spot with a check for $4,663!  There was a split for 9th thru 13th place and 13 bulls earned a Finals paycheck and a buckle.  UBBI members from Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas placed among the Top 13 bulls!

The big boys got ready to play on Friday night as the 4 year old

#901 For Sale owned by McConnell's Bucking Cattle/Kenny Vaught winning the second round of the UBBI National Finals. Photo by Gautreau

Classic bulls filled the chutes for the second performance of the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Finals and it was game on!  This year the boys from the north came loaded with fire and you know what they say. . . . .’where there’s fire, there’s smoke!’ and that held true!  Bierema Rodeo Company from South Dakota won the first round of the Classic competition with their bull #904 Fire & Smoke. Harvey Bierema’s red bald-face dandy posted an 89.25 point score and earned a buckle and a go-round check for $1,145!

The boys from Texas weren’t gonna be left out of the mix and Edward & Tino Martinez got in the game with bull #ME 101 Tommy Boy finishing second in the round with a score of 89 points. Third place belonged to another Northern Region contender from North Dakota.  Bull #903 Red Hot from Berger/Scott put up an 88.75 point score and earned $572 in go-round prize money!  In fact, 6 out of the Top 14 bulls were from the UBBI’s Northern Region.

Twenty-five Classic bulls returned to their second round of competition and bucked on Saturday night along with the Top 25 Derby bulls.  Both the Derby and Classic bulls were bucked in reverse order from their first round appearances on Friday and Saturday night.  The bull riders were randomly drawn and placed on each of the 50 bulls and the battle was on!

Larry McConnell and Kenny Vaught would both agree that their spotlight bull #901 For Sale didn’t fair too well in first round.  For Sale split 10th thru 14th, scoring 87 points in round one but did advance to round two.  It was there that For Sale showed what he was really made of, putting all doubts aside as to who the best bull of the night was!  For Sale won the second round with the weekend’s highest score of 91 points and a combined total of 178 points in two rounds.  For Sale edged out Rafter HB Cattle Company’s bull #9416 Bank Shot by only 3/4′s of a point to win the average and the Finals Championship.

McConnell's Bucking Cattle, Kenny Vaught and Kyle Smith (K.S. Bucking Bulls) with Finals and UBBI World Championship awards. Photo by Gautreau

“It’s really just overwhelming for us,” exclaimed Larry McConnell.  ”It just hasn’t sunk in yet.  Our goal was to be able to come to these events and be competitive and we’ve had our ups and downs just like everyone else.  But to win at this level is just the greatest feeling!”

McConnell & Vaught’s bull won $12,108 in Finals cash, plus the $10,000 Finals Champion bonus for a Finals haul of $22,108!  For Sale’s total qualifier dollars for the year was $24,764 putting him #1 and he was crowned the UBBI World Champion Classic bull!

Bierema Rodeo Company's bull #904 Fire & Smoke winning round one at the UBBI National Finals. Photo by Gautreau

Bierema’s Fire & Smoke earned $6,029 at the Finals and a total of $11,253 in MBBA and UBBI earnings to finish the year as the UBBI Reserve Champion 4 year old Classic bull!  Other notable Classic bulls that really showed their stuff at this year’s UBBI finale were John McDonald’s bull #906 Zeppelin; Frontier/Ray/Folds/Strickland’s bull #C46 Flyboy; Frontier & Ray’s bull #980; Phenom Genetics (Matt Scharping) bull #911 Jared Allen’s H4WW Hy Test; Ivan Stotzfus bull #3444 Hot Corner and Nathan Wolfe’s bull #03 Red Bone rounded out the Top 10 Classic bulls in the average.

“This is the kind of Finals we can all be proud of,” stated Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI.  ”We had a lot of good compliments and now we just gotta get to work on 2014 ’cause it’s just around the corner.  We’re glad our members had a good time in Kansas and we look forward to going back to the Kansas Star!”

Jerry Nelson, also a co-owner of the UBBI said, “We told the UBBI members it’s all about them and it is! We gotta make them happy and wanna come back and I think we did. We’re gonna get right to work on next year and hopefully it’ll be bigger and better for everybody!”

A very special thank you to all of the Midwest Bucking Bull Association (MBBA) members for participating at the UBBI National Finals and to the Kansas Star Casino and Arena.  The UBBI would also like to say ‘good job’ to our crew including Amber Schmutz, Kay Lee Pearson, Billy Saunders, Chase Foutch, Laramie Wilson, Hayden Shaw, Gary & Marilyn Poston, Wyatt Welsh, Ricky Aguiar, Dustin Palmer, Brandon McClagan, Donnie Landis, Blue Jeans, Charlie Gorzalka and Ethan McDonald.

Randy Schmutz stated, “Our goal with the UBBI has always been to provide a platform for everyone with a bucking bull to be able to come and compete and feel like you’ve got a real shot at the money.  We wanted to put the Finals in a location where everyone in the country could come and be a part of our Finale.  The Kansas Star Casino has provided us that location and with their help we’re gonna make it even bigger and better.  All of us at the United Bucking Bulls, Inc owe the membership a big thank you for your support and congratulations to all of our 2013 Finalists.  Hold on tight……..this ride is only going to get better!”


UBBI Announces 2013 Top Hand Award

October 2nd, 2013

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc concluded it’s 3rd season and hosted it’s annual awards banquet at this year’s 2013 UBBI National Finals in Mulvane, Kansas.  Among the many awards was the 2013 UBBI Top Hand Award. This award was created in 2011 to recognize an individual or UBBI associate, breeder or supporter each year who participates, shows good sportsmanship, encourages others to participate, unselfishly helps others by hauling bulls while competing against one another, helps at the events and overall engages in the promotion and well being of the UBBI.

This year’s recipient was Denny McCoy of McCoy Ranches from Tupelo, Oklahoma.  Denny attended almost all of the UBBI Southern Region events and also entered bulls in the Northern Region while participating at Midwest Bucking Bull Association (MBBA) events co-sanctioned with the UBBI.  Denny can always be seen helping other breeders and if you’ve got time he can tell you a pretty good story, too!

“This is absolutely a total surprise to me,” explained McCoy.  ”And I must admit it’s a pretty neat deal!”

Denny was also instrumental in encouraging the development of the Black Gold Derby & Double Down Futurity “Team” concept held this year at the Sycamore Springs Ranch in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

Denny McCoy receiving the UBBI Top Hand Award with his son Cord and Randy Schmutz and Jimmy Ray. Photo by Gautreau

Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI shared, “I was talking to Denny at the UBBI event in Lake Charles, Louisiana in June about the Black Gold Derby and the addition of the Double Down Futurity.  He suggested that we add a “team” element to the event and 30 minutes later we had it all figured out.  The team deal was a big hit this year and will return to Locust Grove again next summer!”

Denny and his son Cord, have introduced some new folks to the bucking bull industry and they’ve been very successful this year. “Denny has always been the guy who’s willing to take the time for everybody, sit down and explain the business and help them be successful,” shared Randy Schmutz. “Denny is an absolute, all-around good guy.  I don’t know that I’ve ever heard Denny complain, but he can darn sure explain just about anything!”

Jan Owens shared with the audience that Denny’s wife, Janet once told a group of friends. . . . .”When I met Denny he was tryin’ to win a living and he’s still tryin’ to win a living!”

Denny then shared a story that he’d made a comment once to Janet and told her she wouldn’t know what to do without him around and Janet’s response was. . . .”Oh yes, I’d know just what to do!  The funeral will be at 10am, barbecue lunch at noon and the sale will start promptly at 1 o’clock!”

Jerry Rush, owner of the Sycamore Springs Ranch along with Randy Schmutz. Photo by Gautreau

The second Top Hand Award recipient this year was Jerry Rush, owner of the Sycamore Springs Ranch in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.  Jerry was host to two of the largest UBBI events during the 2013 season, including the Gold Standard & Diamond Futurity and the Black Gold Derby & Double Down Futurity.  Both events featured almost 200 bulls and the facilities were outstanding.

Randy Schmutz said, “Jerry did an amazing job for us this year and allowed us to bring two large events to his facility.  At the first event, during the Gold Standard & Diamond Futurity we asked Jerry if we could us some panels to divide some of the larger pens and instead he instructed his staff to weld gates in the pens and made them much more versatile.  He really did go above and beyond!”

Sycamore Springs Ranch also provided special entertainment for both events by having country music entertainers T. Graham Brown and David Ball perform for the UBBI members.  We are very thankful for Jerry’s enthusiasm and look forward to returning to eastern Oklahoma next year.

Also receiving awards at this year’s banquet were the Top Futurity, Derby and Classic bulls in each of the 5 UBBI Regions outside of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Eastern Region

Futurity – K bar K Special owned by K bar K Bucking Bulls; Derby – No Qualifiers; Classic – No Qualifiers

Midwest Region

Futurity – U50-11 owned by TCB Ranch; Derby – Roadhouse Butter owned by Creek Bend Bucking Bulls; Classic – Escaped Convict owned by Twisted Creek

Northern Region

Futurity – Heir to the Throne owned by Shippy Rodeo Bulls/Just Have Faith; Derby – Pucker Up owned by 5 Star Bucking Bulls; Classic Red Hot owned by Berger/Scott

Northwest Region

Futurity – No Qualifiers; Derby – Justified owned by Allen Teller; Classic – Jiggit owned by Allen Teller

Western Region

Futurity – Shakedown owned by Symons Bucking Bulls; Derby – Honey Badger owned by Brent Huwa; Classic – Mr. Big Shot owned by Talbert/XS Ranch

Buckles were also awarded to the Regular Season High Point Bulls including in the Futurity – Air Snortin’ owned by McConnell’s Bucking Cattle/K.S. Bucking Bulls; Derby – Spear My Gear owned by McCoy Ranches & Tim Doughtery; Classic – For Sale owned by McConnell’s Bucking Cattle/Kenny Vaught.

Congrats to all of our award winners this year!

The Stage is Set for the 2013 UBBI National Finals

September 24th, 2013

UBBI file photo. Photo by Gautreau

The 3rd Annual UBBI National Finals has a new home at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas just south of Wichita!  The stage is set and the bulls will begin arriving on Wednesday, September 25th. Almost 100 different UBBI members from over 20 states will be bringing their best 148 two, three and four year old bulls to southern Kansas.

“We are really looking forward to our Finals this year,” said Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI.  ”This is really big move for us and our finals will be in a more centrally located area for all the breeders.  Just look at the list of bulls coming from North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana.  We’ve even got bulls coming from Pennsylvania this year!”

The event will feature 50 Derby bulls on Thursday night and 50 Classic bulls on Friday night.  The Top 25 Derby and Top 25 Classic bulls will compete again in a second round on Saturday night to determine the average champions and top 12 in each category.  The Finals Champion (average winner) will earn a $10,000 bonus check in addition to the regular event payout.  This year will also feature go-round money paid to each of the Top 4 bulls in the Derby and Classic in each of two rounds for the first time.

“The breeders have supported what we’re doing and we’re giving back,” explained Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI.  ”This season we raised the derby and classic entry fees $50 and used that money to create a bull rider added money fund for the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour events.  The UBBI put up $2500 added money at each event and the added money fund provided $2500 at each event.  We explained that if there was any money remaining in that fund at the end of the season, we would add it to the UBBI Finals payout in the Derby & Classic events!

Forty-eight (48) Futurity bulls will compete on Friday morning at 9am inside the Kansas Star Arena.  The two year old bulls will only buck one time and the Top 12 bulls will earn a check and a buckle!  The Finals Champion in the Futurity will also receive a $10,000 bonus check!

In addition to the entry fees being paid back 100% in all three (futurity, derby, classic) payouts, another $4817 in fine money collected will be added to each of the Derby & Futurity payouts!

Check-in for all bulls begins on Wednesday and will continue until 2 o’clock on Thursday.  A mandatory breeder meeting will be held from 3 to 4:30 pm on Thursday and will feature a presentation from the UBBI judging director Mel Kimbro.  Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and the Futurity will be on Friday morning at 9am.  The UBBI National Finals Awards Banquet and Lunch will be Saturday at noon.

Congratulations and Good Luck to all of this year’s UBBI National Finals Qualifiers!

Click HERE to print a complete Schedule of Events

Click HERE to view the Finals Buck Order

UBBI Bull Team Event October 5th

September 24th, 2013

For the second year in a row the UBBI will once again host a “Bull Team” event during the 6th Annual Booger Red Nixon Bull Riding held October 5th in Olden, Texas (near Eastland, Texas).  This event will feature a bull team concept with 3 bulls on each team.  This is not a “rank” bull competition.  A “Time Ridden” format will be used and will include a bonus point for every second the bull is ridden to be added to the bull score for each bull.

“The Time Ridden format provides an opportunity for contractors to bring good bulls that allow riders to make qualified rides on,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “Keep in mind, bringing bulls that are easily ridden won’t win a Team Competition.  A contractor has to bring bulls that are good enough to almost be too rank, but can be ridden for high scores!”

The bull team event in Olden, Texas will be one performance.  Each team will have two bulls in the long round (28 bulls) and one bull in the championship round (14 bulls).  Entry fees are $1850 per team and the event will pay 5 Places, paying $5,470 to the winner (with 14 teams).  Fifth place will pay $2,188.

Entries for the Team Event in Olden are open NOW and will be accepted on a “first come, first serve” basis and entries will close on Monday, September 30th!

Click HERE For Olden Bull Team Info   Click HERE For Bull Team Entry Form

UBBI Crowns Youth Futurity Year-End Champion

September 16th, 2013

2013 UBBI Youth Finale participants. Photo by Gautreau.

In 2012, the United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI) developed it’s Youth Futurity program to encourage participation among young bull owners.  UBBI Youth Members entering bulls into a UBBI sanctioned Youth Futurity must be between the age of 9 and 18 years old.  A Youth Member cannot be older than 18 years old, on the first day of January in the year in which the UBBI Youth Member applies for membership and must be at least 9 years old on the day of competition. Youth Members are required to flank their bulls, but can be assisted by an adult. Eligible Youth bulls are two year old bulls that have not won money in a standard UBBI, NBBA, ABBI or Open futurity.

Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI had this to say ”We are extremely proud of our youth members and they have all done a great job this season.  The Youth events were outstanding this season and we expect next year to be even bigger!”

Top 1o Youth Year-End winners. Photo by Gautreau.

Forty-six different youth members competed this season with 82 different bulls at seven UBBI Youth Futurity events, including the Youth Finale.  All 46 youth participants received a custom UBBI Youth Futurity Series jacket, regardless of competing at the Youth Finale.  Buckles were awarded to the 1st place winners at each of the regular season events and to the Finale Champion as well as the Year-end Champion and Top 10 Year-end finishers.

The UBBI would like to thank all of those who donated to the Youth Awards Fund to help us present all of these awards including Kyle Wallgren, Gary Keel, Mike Sellers, Jason Matlock, David Prewitt, James Hogue, T & D Cattle, Ronnie Chism, Charlie Johsnon, Wally Barnett, Jeff Kephart, Trey King, Bobby Stallings, Larry Miller, Larry McConnell and Chute Straight Apparel.

Pipe Bender from Orrin Cobb winning the Youth Finale and Youth Year-End. Photo by Gautreau.

At this year’s Youth Futurity Finale, 23 youth members entered 28 bulls into the competition and when the dust settled it was bull #434 Pipe Bender from Orrin Cobb who won the event with an 87.75 point score, earning $1449. Pipe Bender moved from 3rd in standings to win the Year-End Championship with $3735 in total earnings! Finishing as the reserve champion at the Finale was #11 Double Down from Cameron Thorn with 87.25 points and in third was Westin & Orrin Cobb with 86.25 points.  The Youth Finale paid out 9 places and finishing 4th thru 9th were Casey Courmier , Baylee Burleson, Dana Sheets, Hayden Johnson and Dominic Hogue.

The Top 10 Youth Year-End Champions were – 1st Pipe Bender – Orrin Cobb $3,735.00; 2nd Gallo del Cielo – Casey Cormier $3,310.00; 3rd Fired Up Caden Mullican $2,642.00; 4th Fast Track – Hayden Johnson/Circle 13 Ranch $1,885.50; 5th Grocery Getter – Orrin Cobb $1,841.00; 6th Napolean Dynamite – Dominic Hogue-J&L Ranch $1,644.00; 7th Cupcake – Dana Sheets $1,609.50; 8th Hard Time – Dominic Hogue/J&L Ranch $1,560.00; 9th White Trash – Justin & Tyler Robison $1,290.00; 10th Playin With Guns – Baylee Burleson

Orrin & Westin Cobb accepting the buckle for the Youth Year-End Championship. Photo by Gautreau

The UBBI is already planning on expanding the number of Youth Futurity events next season and is working on plans to announce a Youth Scholarship Program in 2014!  Way to go UBBI Youth members.

Click HERE to View Complete Youth Finale Results

Click HERE to View Youth Futurity Year-End Results

UBBI Wraps Up Regular Season in Palestine

September 16th, 2013

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc wrapped up the 2013 regular season with it’s final event on September 13th & 14th in Palestine, Texas.  Thirty-two Derby, 25 Classic and 35 Futurity bulls competed to improve their National Finals qualifying position or move themselves into a qualifying spot.  Several new members came for the first time and were successful as well as several bulls moving into the top 30 in each category.

“It was a really great weekend and you could feel the excitement,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  ”We had a couple bulls that have not been to an event all year, who competed and qualified for a spot at our National Finals!”

#013 Quick Shot owned by Curtis Leschynshyn/4G Ranch wins the Derby. Photo by Gautreau.

One of those first time competitors was in the derby competition. Although bull #013 Quick Shot has not competed this year at a regular season UBBI event, it’s owners Curtis Leschyshyn and the 4G Ranch can be found on the entry list at several events each season.  Quick Shot stamped his name on the first place check and earned $2576 with a score of 89.75 points and a trip to the UBBI National Finals in 19th position.  Splitting second  and third place was Restless Gunslinger from Dale Glory/Wes Gross Farms/Burkhardt Cattle Co and #03 Joker from JMR Cattle Company with a score of 88.25 points.  Splitting fourth and fifth place with scores of 88 points was #040 from McConnell’s Bucking Cattle and #79 JoJo from Owens & Lane.

For Sale owned by McConnell's Bucking Cattle/Kenny Vaught winning the Classic in Palestine. Photo by Gautreau

The classic event attracted some new competition and some strong contenders and a lead change was made in the year-end standings.  Ten dollars separated the #1 and #2 bulls in the UBBI Classic Standings before the final event.  Bull #96 Neon Ocean owned by Bryan Smith was #1 and For Sale owned by McConnell’s Bucking Cattle & Kenny Vaught was #2.  Neon Ocean did not compete in Palestine and left the door wide open for a lead change.  For Sale took advantage of the opportunity and won the event with a 91.25 point score and earned $2156 to take the lead in the standings by $2146!  Finishing 2nd in the classic was Mutt Neuman’s bull #504 Hot Shot with a score of 89.5 points.  In third place was a new entry from Twisted Creek, bull #7-106 Double Down, who posted an 88 point score and earned $1365 and moved into the #44 position and will qualify for the UBBI National Finals.  The fourth place bull, 119W Stick owned by Michael C Sellers, also moved into a qualifying position by scoring 87.25 points and earning $1078.  With a total earnings of $2314, Stick moved from 46th to 24th and will advance to the UBBI National Finals.

The #2 futurity bull in the national standings put up some impressive numbers in Palestine with a 90 point score and earned $2047 to move to the number one spot ahead of War Tank owned by Stormy Foster.  The second place bull in Palestine, Cupid Shuffle belonged to CF Rodeo/Breinholt and posted a 89 point score.  Bull #171 Boudin Man also took advantage of the last event of the regular season, placing third and earning $945 to move him from 42nd to 20th in the national standings.  Finishing out the top 8 in the futurity were The Freak from Carpenter & Hudgins, 601 from DAM Cattle Company, Playgun from McCoy Ranches, Sherman from Bob & Jeri Adams/Owens and #122 from Pritchett Ranch/Melton Bull Company.

Air Snortin owned by McConnell's Bucking Cattle/K.S. Bucking Bulls posting a 90 point score. Photo by Gautreau.

The top 30 bulls ranked nationally and the top 20 bulls from each of 5 regions, for a total of 50 bulls in each category, qualify for the UBBI National Finals!  This year 38 bulls will qualify nationally and 12 bulls regionally in the Futurity, 41 bulls nationally and 9 bull regionally in the Derby and 45 bulls nationally and 5 bulls regionally in the Classic.  Alternate bulls will be defined as the next available bulls in the standings (national or regional) that have competed and won money or earned points at a 2013 UBBI event.  Click HERE to view the Qualifier Standings

Click HERE to View COMPLETE RESULTS for the Palestine Event

UBBI Suspends Member from Competition

August 30th, 2013

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc has been made aware of an issue regarding UBBI Rules & Guidelines, specifically pertaining to administering medication during a UBBI event.

The UBBI Rulebook, on page 13, Rule #83.1 reads as follows:


83.1 Participants at a UBBI sanctioned event will not be allowed to administer any medications or injection for any reason to a bucking bull(s) while on site at an event location, without the presence of a licensed veterinarian and/or UBBI official. A participant found administering any medication or injection for any reason to a bucking bull(s) while on site at an event location without the knowledge of event management, the UBBI and/or a licensed veterinarian, will be subject to a fine (monetary penalty) and/ or possible disqualification of bucking bull(s) entered at the event and possible suspension for competition for such a period of time as determined appropriate. Any persons found to have tampered with or attempted to tamper with and/or administer or introduce any drug or agent to enhance or sedate any bucking bull(s) at an event will be subject to these same rules and disciplinary action.

At a recent UBBI event, is has been documented that a member violated this rule by injecting a bull(s) with medication with no UBBI official or licensed veterinarian present.  As stated on all UBBI entry forms that breeders complete for entry into events. . . .“I, as entering bull owner have read and understand all 2013 UBBI rules, regulations, guidelines, and disclaimers stated herein”

Such violation of rules will not be tolerated by the UBBI and this member has been notified that:

1)    All bulls owned, trained, and/or entered by this member and his affiliates and partners have been suspended from UBBI competition for the remainder of the 2013 season and year-end finals.

2)    All points (money earned) by bulls from this member and his affiliates and partners has been deleted from the standings causing the bulls to be ineligible for year-end, high point, or regional awards

3)    This member, his affiliates and partners have been fined the sum of $9,635 which is the total amount of winnings (doubled) at the Palestine UBBI event on August 23-24, 2013.

4)    This member, his affiliates and partners have been given until 5pm central time, September 23, 2013 to pay the fine.  If fine is paid, the money will be added to the 2013 UBBI National Finals purse.  If the fine is paid by said time, this member will be eligible to compete for the 2014 season.  If fine is not paid, this member will have their UBBI membership terminated and the bulls that have performed under Flyin D Bucking Bulls during the 2013 season will not be eligible to compete in any future UBBI events.

Black Gold Derby & Double Down Futurity Winners Announced

August 16th, 2013

The UBBI Black Gold Derby is quickly becoming one of the most talked about bucking bull events in the industry and with the addition of the Double Down Futurity and Team competition it’s becoming one of the largest.

“The Black Gold Derby is a revolutionary concept allowing members to obtain a Lifetime or Lottery position in order to compete each year.  That created value!”, explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “By expanding the event to include the Double Down Futurity and Team competition we’ve increased that value and added more fun and excitement to the event this year and for year’s to come!”

The UBBI Double Down Futurity is a simple concept allowing Black Gold Derby participants to “double down” by entering a futurity bull and paying another $1350 entry fee and a $300 Team entry fee.  With 100 derby bulls and 100 futurity bulls entered, both events would have identical payouts and paid $25,000 to win each contest.  If a team’s Derby bull would have won the Derby and it’s Futurity bull win the Futurity, that team would have one an additional $10,000 Double Down Bonus sponsored by Sycamore Springs Ranch.  The Team competition was an added value, teaming a Derby and Futurity bull together and paying back 100% the $300 Team entry fees.  The top four teams divided up $14,700 in prize money check this year.

Top Fuel from Chad Dodson/D'Lynn Lee winning the Double Down Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

The weekend’s activities started on Thursday evening with a Breeder’s Reception and complimentary dinner followed by the 2014 Black Gold Derby Lottery and Presentation of the Futurity & Derby bulls.

“This year we had 4 Lifetime positions become available,” explained Randy Schmutz.  “We decided to auction 2 of them and use those proceeds to help fund the awards for the UBBI Youth Futurity Finale. We also felt that would help determine a value for Lifetime positions in the future!  We placed the other two Lifetime positions in the Lottery draw and the first two Lottery applicants drawn received a Lifetime spot.

Gary Keel purchased the first Lifetime position for $1,050 and new Canadian members Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren purchased the second position for $1,100 raising $2,150 for the Youth.  In the Lottery drawing, 3 Bar Bucking Bulls from Granbury got the first Lifetime spot and Ronnie Chism Farm & Ranch received the other.  Twenty Lottery positions and 3 alternates were then drawn for the 2014 event.

Rex Samford accepting the Tres Rios Champion Buckle and 1st Place Check for the Double Down Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

Friday morning the Futurity competition got underway and 51 bulls duked it out until bull #298 Top Fuel owned by new members Chad Dodson/D’Lynn Lee found himself at the top of the heap with a score of 89.5 points and a Double Down Futurity check for $12,500.  Carpenter & Hudgins finished 2nd with bull #CB138 Cracker Jack, scoring 89.25 points and earned $7,500.  Third place went to bull #250 War Tank picking up a check for $5,500 and 4th place went to Mississippi’s Shallow Creek Bucking Bulls with bull #102 Hey Jack, scoring 88.75 points and a check for $4,500.  The Double Down Futurity paid 12 places.

This year’s Derby competition was considered one of the toughest all year with 94 of the top 3 year olds from across the country battling it out.  UBBI members from Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Indiana, North Carolina and Canada gathered to see who had the best 3 year old.  Although only 94 bulls were entered, 96 entry fees were paid and $96,000 was paid out with $25,000 going to the winner!

Jerry Rush (Sycamore Springs Ranch) and Randy Schmutz presenting Paul & Lorie Daniel, Paul's daughter Chasiti and son-in-law Mitch with the buckle and $25k check at the Black Gold Derby. Photo by Gautreau

Paul & Lorie Daniel (Flying D) along with their partner, Spring Creek Ranch and their bull #00 Crazy Mother Trucker held onto the first place position after 93 other bulls challenged their 89.5 point score and picked up the $25,000 Black Gold check!  Kevin Loudamy along with Steve Ferguson and Jay Weddle and Donny Gowin (Superior Genetics) really put the pressure on with their superstar bull #040 Skid Row, producing an 89 point score, earning $11,000.

“We’re really proud of Skid Row,” stated Kevin Loudamy. “He’s only been bucked 6 times and he gets better every time!”

Larry Barker (Barker Bulls) from New Mexico finished 3rd with bull #022 Recovery Time, scoring 88.75 points and a check for $8,000 and finishing in the top 4 was another Barker Bull with partners Bob & Jeri Adams, #3728 Yellow Hair with a score of 88 points and receiving a check for $6,000.  The Black Gold Derby paid 25 places.

Crazy Mother Trucker from Flying D/Spring Creek Ranch winning the Black Gold Derby. Photo by Gautreau

The Team competition got really interesting with the pairings and the end results.  Participants had to designate their Team pairings before the start of the Futurity on Friday morning.  Shallow Creek Bucking Bulls paired their futurity bull Hey Jack who finished 4th with Ronnie Chism Farm & Ranch derby bull Little Z who finished 9th and 10th for a combined total of 175.75 points.  The team earned $5,800.  In second place was Amigo II (7th Futurity) from Stoltzfus Cattle and Quick Shot (5/6 Derby) from Curtis Leschyshn and 4G Ranch earning $4,200 with a combined score of 175 points.  Splitting third and fourth place was Hou’s Drinkin Water (21/27 Futurity) from Flyin D/Spring Creek Ranch and Crazy Mother Trucker (1st Derby) from Flyin D/Spring Creek Ranch and Chicken Hawk 7 (11th Futurity) and Karaoke (5/6 Derby) Elite Buckin Bulls/Mike White.  Both teams had combined scores of 174.25 and earned $2,350.

What a great weekend!  With the Black Gold Derby, Double Down Futurity and Team Competition over $161,000 was awarded to UBBI members and over $7,000 was raised for this year’s UBBI Youth Futurity Finale awards!

UBBI Members Raise Money For Youth Futurity Finale Awards

August 16th, 2013

The 2013 UBBI Youth Futurity Finale will be held in conjunction with the last regular season event in Palestine, Texas on September 14th.  Every youth member who has participated at a UBBI Youth Event this season is eligible to participate at the Finale and every youth bull that has competed at a UBBI Youth Event is eligible to enter as long as that bull has NOT won money at a sanctioned or non-sanctioned futurity event this year.

Caden Millican accepting the 1st place buckle for Youth Futurity in Palestine, Texas at the June event. Millican is leading the Youth Futurity standings. Photo by Gautreau

At this year’s Black Gold Derby and Double Down Futurity, UBBI members opened up their check books to help the UBBI Youth Futurity program.  The weekend’s activities started on Thursday evening with a Breeder’s Reception and complimentary dinner followed by the 2014 Black Gold Derby Lottery and Presentation of the Futurity & Derby bulls.

“This year we had 4 Lifetime positions become available,” explained Randy Schmutz.  “We decided to auction 2 of them and use those proceeds to help fund the awards for the UBBI Youth Futurity Finale. We also felt that would help determine a value for Lifetime positions in the future!  We placed the other two Lifetime positions in the Lottery draw and the first two Lottery applicants drawn received a Lifetime spot.

Gary Keel purchased the first Lifetime position for $1,050 and new Canadian members Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren purchased the second position for $1,100 raising $2,150 for the Youth.  In the Lottery drawing, 3 Bar Bucking Bulls from Granbury got the first Lifetime spot and Ronnie Chism Farm & Ranch received the other.  Twenty Lottery positions and 3 alternates were then drawn for the 2014 event.  But the excitement didn’t stop there.

Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren presenting the "Challenge" between Jungle Monkey and Ricky Aguair. Photo by Gautreau

As in most competitive events, sometimes challenges are made!  Such was the case with Canadian members Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren, who are partners with Brett Barrett and fellow Canadians Ty Pozzobon and Barry & Tyler Prescott on bull #06 Jungle Monkey.  Wallgren put up $1,000 saying that Don Gay Bull Riding Tour contestant Ricky Aguair could not ride Jungle Monkey on Saturday night for 8 seconds.  Jungle Monkey had already performed in the Black Gold Derby on Friday and the partners were willing to buck him again Saturday night before the second performance of the Black Gold Derby.

“As the challenge developed, other breeders joined in and it was decided if Aguair did not make the 8 second whistle all the money would go to the Youth Futurity Finale awards fund,” stated Randy Schmutz.  “Before the start of the Saturday performance we had almost a dozen members chipping in from $100 to $1000 and a total of $5,050 dollars pledged!”

The challenge was presented at the beginning of the Saturday night performance as a part of the opening ceremonies and everyone who was involved was introduced including Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren and Jerry Rush (owner of Sycamore Springs Ranch) who pledged $1,000 each.

Ricky Aguair bucking off Jungle Monkey in the "Breeder Challenge". Photo by Gautreau

“Of course, we were all cheering for Ricky and hoping he could ride Jungle Monkey,” explained Kyle Wallgren.  “But the whole deal was exciting for everybody and this was a way for us to get involved and help the UBBI Youth if it turned out that way!”

This was Ricky Aguair’s second attempt at riding Jungle Monkey.  The first attempt resulted in a 6.5 second effort.  Aguair tried to even the score on Saturday night, but came up short again making a 5.2 second ride and the $5,050 went to the Youth awards.

By the end of the weekend, UBBI members showed their support of the Youth Program and pledged over $7,000 to the awards fund.  If you or someone you know would like to contribute to the Youth Futurity Finale Awards you can call the UBBI office.

Donor packages include:  Platinum Sponsor – $1,000 or more; Gold Sponsor – $500 to $999;  Silver Sponsor – $250 -$499; Bronze Sponsor – $100 – $249

Tough Contenders for this Year’s Black Gold UBBI Derby & Double Down Futurity

August 7th, 2013

Bull #040 from McConnell's Bucking Cattle winning the Bayou Battle Derby will participate at this year's Black Gold Derby. Photo by Gautreau

This year’s Black Gold UBBI Derby contenders are a “who’s who” list of superstar 3 year old bulls.  Ninety Four bulls from all over the country will converge upon the Sycamore Springs Ranch Arena to flex their muscles and see who comes out on top!  This year’s event has also added the Double Down Futurity and allowed breeders to pair up their best Futurity stars with their Black Gold Derby bulls and earn “Team Bonuses”!

The weekend’s activities will include a Breeder’s Reception & Dinner on Thursday at 5pm featuring a Calcutta and the 2014 Lottery Drawing for 20 positions at next year’s event.  As an added bonus, 2 Black Gold Derby Lifetime Positions will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds will go to the UBBI Youth Futurity Finale Awards program.  An additional 2 Black Gold Derby Lifetime Positions will be included in this year’s Lottery drawing as well.

The Double Down Futurity has been moved to Friday morning and will begin at 10 am followed by the Futurity awards and the 1st performance of the Black Gold Derby will follow at 7:30pm.  Sycamore Springs Ranch will host the Official After Party on Friday and Saturday night inside the Mule Barn. Friday night will feature Country Music artist David Ball.  Ball is best known for his hit singles “I’ve Got a Thinking Problem” and “Riding With Private Malone”.

The weekend will conclude on Saturday at 7:30pm with the remaining derby bulls followed by the Black Gold Derby Awards and Double Down Futurity Team Bonus and buckle presentations and Official After Party!

Admission to the Black Gold Derby and Double Down Futurity performances is free and everyone is invited to attend!

Click HERE For Complete Schedule of Events

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