UBBI Crowns Ante Up Futurity Champion

March 11th, 2014

Bull #256 Buckskin Frank owned by Doughtie/A&W winning Ante Up Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

The 1st Annual Ante Up UBBI Futurity was held in Palestine, Texas on March 8th with 54 competitors bucking for almost $32,000 in prize money. UBBI members from New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas converged on the Anderson County Youth Livestock Arena and enjoyed a homemade hamburger lunch and Breeder Social and some exciting competition.

It was certainly exciting for Ashely & Will Butler and their partner Tony Doughtie and their bull #256 Buckskin Frank.

“My wife’s dad, Tony Doughtie has been really successful in the Quarter Horse Racing and wanted to get involved in bucking bulls,” explained Will Butler. “We purchased Buckskin Frank from Barry Neely and we were very happy with the result in Palestine!”

Buckskin Frank is an ABBI registered son of Night Life and out of a Big Bucks daughter that goes back to Kish’s Copenhagen Cash.  This was Buckskin Frank’s second outing this year.  His first was in Fort Worth at the NBBA Bonanza Breeders Invitational.

“We’ve been bucking him out of the left hand delivery and he’s been turning back to the right,” shared Butler. “At Fort Worth he got tangled up trying to turn back to the right and didn’t do well. We changed deliveries at the UBBI event and it worked out really well. We’re very happy with Buckskin Frank’s performance!”

Ashley & Will Butler (A&W) with their children, Brett & Bliss accepting the Tres Rios buckle for the win at the Ante Up Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

Buckskin Frank posted a score of 89.5 points and the win earned the Doughtie/A&W partnership a check for $6949. Finishing second was Barker Bulls (Larry Barker) bull #222 Down Time with a score of 89.25 points and $5370 in prize money. Third place was earned by Jake Shannon/Blake Riley’s bull #616 Juicey Kat with a score of 89 points and $4106 in UBBI earnings. Other Top 10 finishers included Simino/Floyd; Wilson/King; Tommie Pounders; Dennis & Jan Owens; Rockin J Bucking Bulls; Barrett/Wallgren/Komant and Andrus Livestock.  The event had 54 entries and paid 10 places and money earned at the Ante Up Futurity counts toward UBBI National Finals qualification.

Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI explained, “A number of our members asked that we add a futurity to our UBBI schedule that had a little higher entry fee and paid back a little more.  The entry fees were $950, which were double our normal entry fee and we paid back 65%, so the purse was really healthy! We had a homemade hamburger lunch and got to visit with everyone before the event and everybody seemed to have had a good time!”

The UBBI is looking forward to next year’s event. . . . .so everyone get ready to ‘Ante Up’!


United Bucking Bulls,Inc Issues Disciplinary Action

February 27th, 2014

On February 20, 2014 the UBBI issued the following disciplinary action. The UBBI suspended Paul Daniel (Flying D Bucking Bulls) from participating at any future UBBI events.

4th Annual Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers Super Series

February 24th, 2014

Wayne and Carol Hodges presenting Laramie Wilson the 4 Star Trailer on behalf of Tom & Tish Peterson. Photo by Gautreau

In 2011, the United Bucking Bulls, Inc and Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers joined forces to give breeders a new & exciting opportunity to earn BIG money with their two year old bulls! The UBBI Futurity Super Series presented by Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers, was designed to increase participation, increase earnings opportunities and possibly award $100,000 to one lucky breeder!

For the past three seasons, the Super Series has paid out over $90,000 in Super Series bonus money!  Dennis & Jan Owens won the first Super Series Championship in 2011 with their bull “Square Head”, who earned an additional $7602 in Super Series bonus money.  The following year, the Super Series was one by CJ & Cathy Pilcek (Rockin’ Rafter P Ranch) in 2012 with “Fire For Effect”, who earned $7440 in Super Series bonus money. In 2013, Tom Peterson’s bull “Lucky Draw #13″ won the Super Series Championship and an additional $2380 in Super Series bonus money.  Each of these breeders were also awarded one years use of a new 4 Star Aluminum Trailer.  At the completion of a years use, both CJ Pilcek and Tom Peterson purchased their Super Series 4 Star Trailers.

In 2014, breeders can once again make their bulls “Super Series” eligible by paying an additional “one time” $300 entry fee when they enter the first of 3 selected UBBI Futurities this season. “Super Series” bonus money will be paid back to the Top 4 Super Series enrolled bulls at each of the three selected futurities including the Spring Spectacular Futurity in April, the Red River Chute Out Futurity in May and the Anderson County Battle of the Bull in July. At these three

Lucky Draw #13 owned by Tom & Tish Peterson winning the UBBI Super Series. Photo by Gautreau

futurities, $12,500* in Super Series bonuses will be paid out to the Top 4 Super Series eligible bulls, in addition to regular event earnings.

$5,000 to 1st*    $3,750 to 2nd* $2,500 to 3rd* $1,000 to 4th*

If one bull wins first place at ALL three Super Series futurities, that bull will be crowned the ”Super Series Champion” and win $100,000 in Super Series Bonus Cash.  The Super Series “High Point” Champion will win one year’s use of a Wayne Hodges 4 Star Aluminum trailer.  Each bull will earn 1 point for every bull he beats at each of the 3 Super Series Futurities.  The single bull with the most points will be crowned the Super Series “High Point” Champion!

This Series is simple and easy to follow and will enhance all three futurities. In 2014, when you enter your bulls, prior to entries closing for the Spring Spectacular, you simply circle “Super Series” on the entry form and pay an additional  ”one time” $300 Super Series entry fee and your bull or bulls will be eligible to win their share of $12,500* at each of the three events and a possible $100,000 Super Series Bonus! The top placing “Super Series” eligible bulls will share $12,500* at each event. You don’t have to name your bull or pay the $300 Super Series entry fee until entries open for the Spring Spectacular.

2014 Super Series Events:

Spring Spectacular  *  Wills Point, TX  *  April 5

Red River Chute Out  *  Shawnee, OK  *  May 17

Battle of the Bull  *  Palestine, TX  * July 19

Click HERE For Super Series Guidelines!

*$12,500 pay-out at each event is based on at least 125 futurity bulls enrolled @ $300 each into the first leg of the Super Series.

UBBI Adds Ante Up Futurity

February 19th, 2014

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc is excited to announce a brand new futurity event for the 2014 season. The Ante Up UBBI Futurity will be held on March 8th in Palestine, Texas.

“Our members have asked that we produce a futurity event with a larger entry fee and a bigger payoff,” explained Randy Schmutz, UBBI general manager.  ”We’re excited that this event will give our breeders another opportunity to win some big money toward the 2014 UBBI Futurity World Championship race!”

Money won at this event will go toward UBBI National Finals qualifier standings and this event will be an All Region Qualifier. Participants from any region will receive points in their region standings toward qualifiying for the UBBI National Finals. With 150 entries projected payout will be $12,500 for 1st place and the event will pay 30 places. The winner of the event will also receive the use of a 2014 Gold Standard Futurity position to participate in this year’s Gold Standard Futurity that features a $150,000 payout!

Randy Schmutz added, “The Ante Up UBBI Futurity is open to all members and money won will count toward qualifier dollars and this event will make the World Title Futurity race interesting this season!”

Entries are now open and entry fees are $900.

Click HERE to view Event Details

United Bucking Bulls, Inc Adds Women’s Futurity Division

February 18th, 2014

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI) takes pride in providing new and exciting opportunities for it’s members and adding value to their experience each year.

“We are ecstatic about adding something new for the women in 2014,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “Together with the Rhinestone Renegades, we are going to add the Women’s Futurity Series to our UBBI schedule.  We will host at least 3 regular season women’s futurity events and a finale this year!  It’s gonna be a really exciting season for us and our members!”

The Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity Series will host it’s first event in Palestine, Texas on March 8th.  Other events on scheduled are April 5th at the Spring Spectacular and June 7th at the Show-Me Shoot Out.  Together with Joy Hawks, the UBBI will sanction these events and a finale, scheduled for August 22nd and 23rd.  All women futurity participants must purchase a 2014 UBBI membership.  Memberships for the 2014 UBBI Women’s Futurity season will be $100 and entry fees for each event will be $450.

Other than event staff, only women members will be allowed behind chutes or in rigging areas during the futurity performance.  Women can and will be assisted by Rhinestone Renegade staff and/or other women participants.

The payout will be a 3D payout.  From the highest placing bull score, the 2D will be 3 points less than 1st place.  The 3D will be 6 points less than first place.  Total prize money in the 1D will be 50% of the net purse; in the 2D will be 30% of the net purse; in the 1D will be 20% of the net purse.  Example: 1st place in 1D – 88.25 points; 1st place in 2D – 85.25 points; 1st place in the 3D – 82.25 points.  Pay-Out will be 1 place paid for every 3 bulls entered, up to 20 places unless otherwise posted in Event Details. Total number of places paid will be determined and then divided by 3D’s (1D, 2D, 3D).  When uneven number of places are determined, additional place will be paid in the 1D.  Example: 40 bulls entered divided by 3 = 13 places paid.  13 places divided by 3D’s = 5 places in 1D; 4 places in the 2D; 4 places in the 1D.

The Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity Series competition is for 2 year old bulls (2012 Born) and all 2 year old bulls are eligible to participate in the women’s futurity events, regardless of ownership and/or participation in other futurity events.  Futurity Bulls will be bucked with a dummy for 5 seconds and bulls do not have to be ABBI registered to compete.

Joy Hawks with Rhinestone Renegades. File Photo

“We want to give women the opportunity to overcome reservations, to venture into unknown territory, to gain knowledge, and have a wonderful time as a part of something distinguished”, stated Joy Hawks. “Our goal is to equip them with the skills needed to be productive stock contractors and formidable competitors in the thrilling sport of bucking stock.  The best part is women from all walks of life can participate.  You do not have to have any previous experience with bucking stock to become involved! All you need is the desire to have fun, a positive attitude, and an open mind!”

For more information regarding the Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity Series contact the United Bucking Bulls, Inc at 254-965-4130 or log onto www.unitedbuckingbulls.com

Click HERE for Event Details

Results from First UBBI Event of the 2014 Season

February 10th, 2014

UBBI members from as far away as South Dakota, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana converged on Palestine, Texas for the first event of the 2014 season.  Of course, there were also members from Texas and Oklahoma as well.  Seventy-three derby, 42 classic and 106 futurity bulls, for a total of 221 individual bulls competed for almost $57,000 in prize money.

Jim Porter accepting the Tres Rios Silver championship buckle on behalf of partners Dennis & Jan Owens, winning the Derby. Photo by Gautreau

“The number of bulls participating this early in the season is phenomenal,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  ”But more than that, I’m more excited that the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour attracted 63 bull riders on Friday and 44 bull riders on Saturday!”

In the derby on Friday, Jim Porter (Short Creek Bucking Bulls) stepped back into the winner’s circle together with Dennis & Jan Owens and their bull #113 Lurch.  The big grey bald-faced bull posted an 89.25 point score to win first place and $3987.  Lurch held off his closest competitor, bull #Sc13 Whitey McCracker owned by Nothin’ But Try Ranch (Chad & Jenny Drury) putting up a score of 89 points.  Finishing in 3rd place was the big red machine, bull #171 Boudin Man from Cormier Cattle Company.  Seventy-three derby bulls competed and 14 bulls received prize money.

Bull #48 Willard owned by 2 H Buckin' Bullz (Scott Hughes) winning the Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

The futurity on Saturday morning proved that the two year old class was going to be tough from day one this season. One-hundred six bulls competed for a 20 place payout.  When all was said and done, it was Scott Hughes and his 2 H Buckin’ Bullz program walking away with the Tres Rios Silver championship buckle and the check for $3816.  Bull #48 Willard posted an 89 point score to win first place.  This was Willard’s second appearance at a UBBI sanctioned event.  Scott Hughes’ superstar finished second at the UBBI Pre-Futurity event last November.  With an 88.5 point score, Flying D’s bull #208 Y Hell Yea placed second and in 3rd place was Scott & Heather Burleson/Flying D’s bull #207 Case Closed with a score of 88.25 points.

The classic bulls proved that it can get a little tougher on Saturday night!  The 4 year olds bring a little more size, strength and attitude and they definitely put on a show for us all.  McCoy Ranches (Denny McCoy) brought his favorite bull #014 Spear My Gear and left with a smile on his face and a new Tres Rios Silver championship buckle on his belt.  Spear My Gear put up an 88.5

McCoy Ranches' bull #014 Spear My Gear winning the Classic event in Palestine. Photo by Gautreau

point effort and bucked off Clint Craig to earn 1st place honors and $2898.  In second place was bull #00 Crazy Mother Trucker owned by Flying D/Spring Creek Ranch with a score of 88 points and finishing in 3rd place was JC Knapp with his bull #61 Black Warfare with a score of 87.5 points.

On Friday, the day of the event in Palestine, UBBI management announced that bulls in each of the futurity, derby and classic events would be tested for banned substances as per the UBBI Drug Testing Policy.  Samples were collected from the top 3 bulls in each class.  Prize money checks will be mailed after confirming drug testing results.


UBBI Kicks Off 2014 Season With Record Number of Entries

January 28th, 2014

The 2014 season for the United Bucking Bulls, Inc kicks off Palestine, Texas on January 31st with a record number of entries!  Last year, this event featured 43 Futurity, 30 Derby and 38 Classic bulls for a total of 111 entries to start off the 2013 campaign.  This year’s inaugural event attracted 106 Futurity, 74 Derby and 42 Classic bulls for a total of 222 bulls!

“We are extremely excited about the 2014 season,” expressed Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  ”The number of entries at our first event of the season says to us that our members are excited, too!  The staff at the UBBI office has worked hard to create an organization that listens to it’s members, provides competitive opportunities and then creates value for it’s participants.  It’s always been about the ‘breeder’ and it always will be!  Without them, we would not exist!”

At the first event of the season, we will be unveiling our new regular season event Tres Rios Silver Championship buckles.  These buckles will be awarded to the winners of our regular season Futurity, Derby & Classic event champions.  The UBBI will be hosting a Breeder Social with complimentary dinner, a Membership Meeting and Calcutta at 4pm on Friday, January 31st.  These activities will all be held inside the Anderson County Livestock Pavillion following the completion of bull check-in.

“I encourage everyone to attend, even those that aren’t participating at this event,” explained Schmutz.  ”We’ve got some exciting announcements to make and we want to discuss some rule changes for the 2014 season.”

Some of the exciting news includes the expansion of the UBBI Youth Futurity program to include scholarship opportunities this year.  The UBBI will also be adding the Rhinestone Renegades UBBI Women’s Futurity Series and the ‘Ante Up UBBI Futurity’, a new and larger regular season Futurity on March 8th in Palestine, Texas.

Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI said, “Members have asked that we create a larger paying futurity that would count toward the Futurity World Standings.  The Gold Standard Futurity and Double Down Futurity earnings don’t count toward the standings because these are closed futurities!”

Th ‘Ante Up UBBI Futurity’ event will have a $900 entry fee, which is double the regular season entry fee.  With 150 entries the projected payout would be $12,500; $10,500 and $7,500 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  The event would pay 30 places and money won at this event will count toward the UBBI World Standings.

Check the UBBI schedule for new events being added soon!

UBBI Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

December 19th, 2013

Jerry Nelson & Jimmy Ray, owners of the United Bucking Bulls, Inc and the staff including Randy & Amber Schmutz and Kay Lee Pearson would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone for a wonderful 2013 UBBI season.  We’d also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The UBBI office will be closed for the Holidays on Monday, December 23rd thru December 27th!

UBBI Concludes 2013 Season With Two “Pre” Events

December 19th, 2013

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc concluded it’s 3rd season (2013) with two “Pre” events held in November and December. Both events were held in Palestine, Texas at the Anderson County Youth Livestock Pavilion.

“UBBI members enjoyed an opportunity to preview some of the talent that will be competing next year in both the Futurity and Derby classes in 2014,” explained UBBI General Manager Randy Schmutz.  ”We’re excited that we had several new members competing for the first time and it was great to see some of the new bulls that will be competing for UBBI titles next year!”

Bull #231 Hoffman & Ray Bucking Bulls winning Pre-Futurity in November. Photo by Gautreau

At the Pre-Futurity event in November there were 43 entries.  Hoffman & Ray Bucking Bulls brought bull #231 to town and left with 1st place cash totaling $2322 with a score of 87.5 points.  James Hoffman and Michael Ray are both from the Waco, Texas area.  Finishing in second place was Scott Hughes with 2H Bucking Bulls with his bull Willard posting a score of 86.75 points and rounding out the top 3 was McConnell’s Bucking Cattle and their bull #A271 with a score of 86.5 points.  Other UBBI members earning checks at the November event were Bad Toro Cattle LLC; 4G Ranch; Crowded 6 Ranch-Mark Wells; Diamond H Outlaws/Lamar Lagrone and Danny Mason/Lisa Juran.

The UBBI also hosted another Pre-Futurity event in December that included a Pre-Derby competition for coming 3 year olds.  The Pre-Futurity event featured 52 entries and paid 10 places.  Braindead Cattle Company owned by Larry Hale from Goldsby, Oklahoma dominated the Pre-Futurity and split 1st and 2nd place with bulls #206Y and #211Y, both scoring 86.25 points.  Each bull earned $2281.  Splitting 3rd; 4th and 5th place were Ronnie Chism’s bull #20X, Triple C Bucking Bulls’ bull #295 and Prewitt &  Downer’s bull #204 Do the Math.  All bulls posted scores of 85.75 points and earned checks of $1287 each.  Others placing in the Pre-Futurity competition were Danny Mason/Lisa Juran; Guidry Land & Cattle, Inc; Justin Massey/4G; Diamond S Bucking Bulls and D&H/Whitehead.

Schizophrenic from Rockin' J Buckin' Bulls winning the Pre-Derby event in Palestine, Texas. Photo by Gautreau

The Pre-Derby event used the “Budro” mannequin dummy and the bulls were bucked for 5 seconds.  Sixty-one bulls performed for 12 paychecks.  Matt Jones with Rockin’ J Buckin’ Bulls traveled all the way from Blountsville, Alabama with 2 Pre-Derby bulls and when all was said and done, their bull #560 Schizophrenic finished on top with a score of 88.25 points and their bull #586 Dooms Day split 3rd and 4th place with Mutt Neuman’s #971 Wild Child. Both bulls posted scores of 85.5. points.  Rockin’ J Buckin’ Bulls earned a total of $4117.50.  Finishing as reserve champion was Nick Nolen’s bull #118 Dirty Deeds with a score of 87.5 points.

Other UBBI members earning checks in the Pre-Derby were Scott Burleson/Wild Bunch; Wild Bunch Bucking Bulls; Hannah Wheeler; Diamond S Bucking Bulls; Reagan Jircik; Danny Mason/Lisa Juran and Ramer/Findley/Smiley.

The 2014 UBBI season starts with the first event on January 31 – February 1 in Palestine, Texas.


World’s Largest Yearling Bucking Bull Sale

November 5th, 2013

For the 4th year in a row, Frontier Rodeo Company will present the World’s Largest Yearling Bucking Bull Sale.  This year’s sale will be hosted by The Breeders Connection www.thebreedersconnection.com and will allow buyers to preview a video of all the bulls in the sale beginning on November 11th.  Buyers can then log onto and live bid on bulls beginning November 18th thru the 22nd and November 25th thru the 29th!

The sale will feature 125 yearling bulls (coming 2 year olds) and 20 two year old bulls (coming 3 year olds) and 60 embryos.  All embryos are sired by Sky King and out of dams sired by Broke Back V; Rooster; Oscars Velvet; White Sports Coat; Pacific Bell and others!

For More Information contact Jimmy Ray 713-906-3263 or Jerry Nelson 800-541-6090.

Click HERE for sale details!

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