UBBI Hosts Pre-Futurity & Pre-Derby Event

December 1st, 2014

The 2015 season is just around the corner and everyone is gearing up for another great year! The UBBI will host a “warm-up” event for coming 2 year old and coming 3 year old bulls on December 20th in Palestine, Texas. This event will feature a pre-futurity for 2013 born bulls that will be bucked with a dummy for 5 seconds. The pre-derby event will be for 2012 born bulls and will be bucked with a rider. The pre-derby event will be a “BRING YOUR OWN RIDER” or “SELECT YOUR OWN RIDER” format. If you are unable to bring your own rider, you will be able to select a rider from a group of contestants on site.

Fees for the Pre-Futurity will be $400 and for the Pre-Derby they will be $400 plus $100 for rider fees. Entries are open now and will close on Friday, December 12th. Check-in will be on Friday, December 19th from 5p to 8p and on Saturday, December 20th from 9a to Noon. The event will be at 2pm starting with the Pre-Futurity and followed one hour later by the Pre-Derby.

Click HERE for Event Details & Entry Forms

UBBI Members Enjoy Success at American Bucking Bulls, Inc World Finals

October 27th, 2014

Bull #013 Tracker from DAM Cattle Company performing at the 2014 UBBI National Finals. Photo by Gautreau

It was great to see a number of UBBI members qualify and participate at this year’s American Bucking Bulls, Inc (ABBI) World Finals in Las Vegas during the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) World Finals event. At least 50 bulls that have competed at UBBI events during the 2014 season, participated at the ABBI World Finals and some were very successful.

Dam Cattle Company, owned by John Donaho and Jim Murff entered the ABBI Wild Card event with bull #013 Tracker and won first place and $10,000! The win also included an opportunity to compete at the ABBI World Finals Classic event where Tracker ultimately finished in 8th place. Other UBBI members who enjoyed success in the Classic event were Rockin Rafter P Ranch (CJ & Cathy Pilcek) with their bull #001 Smooth Operator, who finished in 3rd place. Smooth Operator was also consigned to the ABBI Premium Sale and fetched a price of $125,000! Bull #626 Karaoke owned by Elite Bucking Bulls/Mike White finished 4th in the Classic. Bull #055 Bad Tattoo owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton and bull #79 JoJo owned by Dennis & Jan Owens and Mike Lane, both split 11th and 12th place. JoJo was later sold in the ABBI Premium Sale for $45,000!

In the Futurity, Dennis & Jan Owens had two bulls finish in the Top 10, including bull #W604 Big Show who finished 6th. Bull #111 Make It Rain from Owens/Parson and Barrett/Prewitt’s bull #731 Stormy Nights split 8th and 9th place. Canada and Oklahoma teamed up with Young Money Cattle Co/Komant/Barrett to finish 10th with bull #277 Forco’s Dirty Little Secret.

In the Derby event, bull #117 Playgun from Cord McCoy/2 Bit Bucking Bulls, who won this year’s UBBI National Finals Derby Championship split 6th and 7th with bull #153 Little Jacob from Bean Counter Bucking Bulls. Both bulls competed at this year’s UBBI National Finals!

Also a big congratulations to Ace of Spades Ranch (Scott Accomazo) and McGuire Cattle for winning the ABBI Yearling Futurity with bull #324. The partnership won $60,000 for first place and later sold the bull in the ABBI Premium Sale for $70,000!

Congrats to everyone in Las Vegas!

DAM Cattle Company’s #013 Tracker Wins ABBI Wild Card

October 22nd, 2014

Bull #013 Tracker from DAM Cattle Company winning the ABBI World Finals Wild Card. Photo by Andy Watson

The American Bucking Bull, Inc (ABBI) World Finals is in full swing and Las Vegas has turned into a bucking bull mecca and the “Promised Land” for some. A number of UBBI members and their bulls are in tinsel town to flex their muscle and try to bring home the chips. The week’s competition started on Tuesday morning with the Wild Card competition and 18 three and four year old bulls lined up to show their stuff. At stake was a “winner take all” prize of $10,000 and a chance to move on to the ABBI Classic Finals competition inside the Thomas & Mack Center. A $200,000 first place check is on the line at the end of that Classic competition.

When all was said and done and the scores were added up, DAM Cattle Company’s bull #013 Tracker, owned by John Donaho and Jim Murff put ’em in the winner’s circle! They cashed a $10,000 check and Tracker will move on to compete on Wednesday night, October 22nd during the PBR’s first performance of their World Finals!

Later on Tuesday, October 21st the 2 Year Old Futurity bulls took center stage. A number of Futurity bulls that have been regularly featured at UBBI events finished in the Top 20 including Scary Larry; Make It Rain; Forco’s Dirty Little Secret; Bottoms Up; Jungle’s Playboy; Double Dose; Stormy Nights and Big Show. Bull #W604 Big Show owned by Dennis & Jan Owens was the highest placing bull from that group, splitting 6th and 7th place and gathering up $6480.

Congratulations to all the UBBI members for qualifying to the ABBI World Finals and good luck with the rest of the week’s competition!

American Bucking Bull, Inc To Host It’s Year-End Finals

October 20th, 2014

Bad Tattoo is crowned UBBI Finals and World Champion Classic bull, owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton. Photo by Gautreau

A lot of folks in the bucking bull business are “headin west” to the American Bucking Bull, Inc (ABBI) World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada! A number of bulls that have been on the roster at UBBI events will be competing in the city of lights including the newly crowned UBBI Classic World Champion, Bad Tatoo owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton and last year’s UBBI Derby World Champion, Jo Jo owned by Dennis & Jan Owens and Mike Lane. Sixteen of the 38 ABBI Classic Finals entries, have participated at UBBI events including Smooth Operator owned by Rockin Rafter P Ranch; Little Z owned by Martinez & Chism Bull Company; Justified owned by Allen Teller; Speed Bump owned by the Ferguson Ranch and Clayton owned by Chumley Cattle Company just to name a few.

In the Futurity category there are 57 ABBI Finals entries and 20 of them are UBBI participants including High Cost of Living from Rafter 3S/Donaho; Acting Crazy from Rockin R Bucking Bulls; Bad Beagle from Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team; Buckley from Cord McCoy/Lesko Livestock; Duroc from Bob Schaaf/Gene Baker and Dirty Little Secret from Young Money Cattle Co/Komant/Barrett.

“We are really excited to see so many of our UBBI members qualify and attend the ABBI World Finals,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “We hope they all have great success in Las Vegas and have lots of fun!”

A number of 3 year old bulls are competing the the ABBI Lifetime Derby competition including Playgun owned

Cord & Sarah McCoy accepting the UBBI Derby Finals Champion check. Photo by Gautreua

by Cord McCoy/2 Bit Bucking Bulls who was the UBBI Finals Champion and Reserve UBBI World Champion bull.

“Playgun really stepped it up at the UBBI Finals,” explained Schmutz. “He won a total of $21,769 at the UBBI Finals and $24,835 total for the season!”

There are a total of over 50 two, three and four year old bulls competing at this year’s ABBI World Finals. And congratulations are in order for Larry and Tyler McConnell of McConnell Bucking Cattle and Kenny Vaught. Their bull and the 2013 UBBI Classic World Champion, For Sale has been selected to buck during the PBR World Finals.

Congratulations and Good Luck to everyone in Las Vegas!

UBBI Introduces Futurity Team Competition

October 14th, 2014

In it’s continued effort to provide it’s members more value, the United Bucking Bulls, Inc will add a Futurity Team Competition format to it’s schedule for the 2015 season! The new United Futurity League (UFL) will give members an opportunity to “own” a team and participate with 3 bulls on a team at 3 different UFL regular season events and a Year-End Finals.

“We’ve had a number of people ask us to put together a team competition,” explained Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI. “Some wanted us to have big bulls with riders in a team format, but we’re gonna offer this futurity team deal and see if it can grow from there!”

Members will purchase a UFL Franchise for $3500. Only 40 Franchises will be offered, beginning Monday, October 20th. Franchises will be assigned on a “first come – first serve” basis, meaning that the first 40 applications with a franchise deposit fee will retain a UFL Franchise for 2015. In the event there are more than 40 applicants, the UBBI will place those applicants on an alternate list in order of receipt. Thereafter, each Franchise owner will pay a $2500 sustaining fee beginning in the second year.

Each of the 40 Franchises will participate at 3 UFL regular season events. At least one of the 3 UFL events will be held in conjunction with a regular season UBBI Futurity, allowing Team bulls to enter the UFL event and UBBI Futurity. Bulls will buck once and bull scores will count for each contest. Entry fees for a regular season event will be $2500 and payback will be 80% ($40,000). The number of places paid out at the regular season events and year-end finals will be determined by the UFL Competition Committee. Click HERE for payout proposal.

“Our goal is to give these bull owners more opportunities to win more money with their two year old bulls during the season,” shared Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “We know that at least one UFL event for each team will be held in conjunction with a regular season UBBI Futurity. We’re going to try to schedule possibly 2 of the 3 UFL Team outs with a regular season UBBI Futurity. Team bulls have the option to also enter the UBBI futurity and pay two entry fees. Bulls will buck once and the score will count for both contest events!”

Each team will earn points based on how many teams they beat at each team event. In other words, with 20 teams entered, the first place team will earn 19 points (beating 19 teams). The second place team will earn 18 points, the third place team will earn 17 points and so on. After all 40 teams have competed at each of their 3 events the 30 teams with the most points will advance to the UFL Finals! Finals entry fees will be $5000 and will be paid back 100% for a total payout of $150,000 and $50,000 for first place. Click HERE for payout proposal.

Three-Hundred Ninety Thousand ($390k) dollars will be available to UFL Team owners during the regular season and UFL Year-End finals! A $3500 Franchise purchase fee allows members to own a Team and participate the first year. Each Franchise then competes at 3 regular season events with a total of $120,000 in prize money. And possibly qualify for a $150,000 Finals and win $50,000!

“We’re hoping this creates a real interest in what we’re doing here at UBBI and that bull owners will see the value in the United Futurity League,” stated Schmutz. “And if we get 40 franchises sold, we’re gonna work our tails off to provide the most positive experience possible for everyone involved!”

Click HERE for more information and a UFL Franchise Application

UBBI Championship Round Results

September 29th, 2014

Gary Yeary (Brody's father), Tim Lanier (COO of Kansas Star Arena), Phil Nightingale (General Manager Mel Hambelton Ford), Don Gay & Randy Schmutz presenting new truck to Tour Champion Brody Yeary. Photo by Gautreau

In the action-packed final round of the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour and United Bucking Bulls, Inc. National Finals, the bull riding champion walked away with a nice check and a brand new Ford pick-up truck from Mel Hambelton Ford of Wichita. The funny thing is, he’s barely legal to drive it.

Brody Yeary, 17-year-old bull rider from Brock, Texas came into the finals as the No. 1 man on the DGBRT, and he left that way too. With season earnings of over $19,000, Yeary emerged as the 2014 Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Champion.

“I never thought I’d win a truck, but I had the opportunity, so thanks to everyone at the Don Gay Bull Riding and UBBI and Mel Hambelton Ford,” Yeary said and added that the first place he’s going to drive his new ride is a bright and early start in the morning back to Texas to compete in a high school rodeo.

Ricky Aguair winning Tour Finals Championship on Cracker Jack from Carpenter & Hudgins. Photo by Gautreau

Another rider who was having a good Saturday night is Ricky Aguiar, Stephenville, Texas, who posted a score of 87 points on Cracker Jack, a bull owned by Carpenter & Hudgins. That score was the single highest score of the event and earned Aguair the Tour Finals Championship and a bonus of $4,000!

“I had seen the bull one time before and thought we’d fit pretty good together, got blessed and made a good bull ride,” Aguiar said.

He added that he hadn’t had the best results earlier in the tour but was hoping to make it up at the Finals. With a paycheck of $3,200 in the Championship Round, which included the highest pay out in the “Rank-Rider Score” competition as well, Aguiar’s hopes came to fruition with a total cash haul of $7,200!

Hopes were also high on the other side of the chutes, as stock contractors vied for their own championships with their bucking stock. Fifty bulls competed in the Championship Round, with the Top 25 from the first round of the Derby (3-year-old bulls) and Top 25 from the first round of the Classic (4 year-old bulls) coming back for Saturday night. And one man who knows firsthand about competition is Stock Contractor,

Cord McCoy with wife, Sarah, winning the Derby Finals Championship with their bull Playgun. Photo by Gautreau

Professional Bull Rider and Amazing Race Contestant, Cord McCoy. McCoy & 2 Bit Bucking Bulls’ bull Playgun, named after a famous horse of a friend of McCoy’s, took home the title of Derby Finals Champion and $21,769 in Finals money.

“He knows his job. He likes the arena floor. Even when the rider comes off, he keeps working the crowd,” McCoy said, citing wife Sara’s part in qualifying the bull for the Finals. “It’s bull competition. If you’re trying to produce the bulls, the only way to prove you’re raising top-quality bulls is to bring them to town and compete,” he said.

Playgun finished as the Reserve World Champion Derby bull.

Taking the title of World Champion in the Derby was the bull Hard Time, owned by Moss Brothers.

The Moss Family earns Derby World Championship with Hard Time. Photo by Gautreau

“People like him. They know what he’s going to do, and he’s rider friendly. So if someone does ride him they’re going to be a lot of points on him,” explained Owner, Gideon Moss, who added that Hard Time had had a “hard time” of his own, recovering from a mid-season injury to come back and clinch the title.

Hard Time earned a total of $17,515 in total season earnings to win the UBBI Derby World Champion buckle!

Another stock contractor who shares that sentiment is Cory Melton. “It just gives everybody in the bull business the opportunity to put value to their animals. In this business, with the UBBI steadily growing, it’s fun to see it get bigger and bigger. There’s definitely a lot of interest here,” Melton said of UBBI.

Bad Tattoo is crowned UBBI Finals and World Champion Classic bull, owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton. Photo by Gautreau

His bull, Bad Tattoo, owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton, took home double honors at the Finals. Bad Tattoo won the first round with a score of 89 points and was 87.5 points in the championship round to split 6th thru 8th places. Together with a combined score of 176.5 points, Bad Tattoo earned the UBBI Classic Finals Champion title and earned a total $21,415 in Finals loot. Bad Tattoo was crowed the UBBI Classic World Champion!

As a special treat in this year’s UBBI Championship Round, the boisterous crowd got to witness the Futurity Bonus Round, seeing 10 of the top 2-year-old bulls strutting their stuff rider-less for serious bonus cash, almost $7,000 extra, sponsored by the Kansas Star Casino.

“It’s the first time in the history of the business, [that] we’ve bucked 2 year olds in front of a crowd of people,” enthused UBBI General Manager, Randy Schmutz.

Bull #209 Bad Beagle owned by Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team showed in front of a full house with a score of 88.5 points to earn $3,375 in bonus cash. Finishing in second was bull #1201 High Cost of Living form Rafter 3S & Donaho, earning $2,025 with a score of 88 points. And in 3rd was bull #Z26 Acting Crazy from Rockin R Bucking Bulls. His score was 86.75 points, earning $1,350.

And as an added bonus at this year’s UBBI National Finals, Rawhide Portable Corral Systems presented a new portable corral to Chumley  Cattle Company. His classic bull, Clayton finished among the Top 15 Classic bulls and was placed in a drawing and was randomly selected on Saturday during the UBBI National Finals Awards Banquet.

It’s safe to say that when it was all said and done, bull riders, stock contractors and bull riding spectators got more than they bargained for!


UBBI National Finals Second Round Recap

September 29th, 2014

Things are heating up on the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour and United Bucking Bulls, Inc. National Finals. The second night of a three-night competition kicked off to the roar of a Friday night crowd at the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas. The top-50 bull riders in the DGBRT went head-to-head with the Top 50 Classic 4 year olds from the UBBI.

With a Don Gay Bull Riding Tour championship title and nightly prize money totaling $10,000 on the line, the bull riders are feeling the pressure to advance in the standings. Adding to the incentive for the cowboys is the thought of driving off into the sunset in a new F-150 Ford pickup truck from Mel Hambelton Ford in Wichita.

“Winning the truck is a real special deal for these cowboys. I won eight world titles, and I never won a truck. I got the use of one a few years, but in our deal, when they win it, they get the keys,” said eight-time World Champion Bull Rider, Don Gay.

Leading the standings is 17-year-old Texas High School Rodeo Bull Riding champ, Brody Yeary from Brock, Texas, who has a current season earnings total of $13,575.38. The #2 guy on tour is Ryan Reynal of Ft. Worth, Texas, whose current total is $11,056.83. With one more night left in the competition and a remaining $20,000 in prize money to be won, it is anyone’s guess which rider will emerge victorious.

Bad Tattoo owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton. Photo by Gautreau

You can’t count out veteran rider Ronny Kitchens, Mansfield, Texas who is the #4 bull rider or  Derrick Harris, Ivan, Louisana who is ranked #3. However, none of the top-four riders made the whistle in the Friday night performance.  With a huge leap after the night’s competition, it was Jordan Sammons, currently from Lake Charles, Louisiana, taking home the win. Sammons is the only rider of 50 to make a full eight-second ride on Talbert Bucking Bulls’, Hurricane Rick. Sammons, who’s originally from Kansas, posted a score of 85 points on the bull and walked away with $3,630 in Qualified Ride and Rank-Rider Score money. The cowboy had not had a chance to compete much at earlier DGBRT events this year but set his sights on making it to the finals, and being able to come back to his home state.

“I wanted to make the finals so I could come back and see my family, and it’s going good so far,” Sammons said, and added,  “My bull was really good to get on. He fit me good, and I rode him good, so I was just happy with it.”

Despite there being just one qualified ride, the DGBRT awards money in a Rank-Rider Score determined by talent from the bull with effort from a rider for at least a three-second ride. The winner of the “Rank Rider” was Josh Barentine, Johnson Bayou, Louisiana. Barentine rode Mike Rawson’s bull, Pinto Bean for 6.54 seconds and with an 87 point bull score earned a “Rank Rider” score of 93.54 points and took home prize money totaling $1,400.

“I’m used to riding bulls and getting paid for the eight-second ride, but in this deal it works out for the benefit of the bull rider, at least reward the bull rider for the best effort,” Barentine said. Barentine explained that the bull he rode was strong and not an easy one to ride, but one that if you do ride, you’re going to score high as a qualified ride. He added that rank stock is a common theme within UBBI bucking stock.

“UBBI is a good deal. If you want to ride bulls and be a good bull rider, you need to come here first and get your priorities straight,” he said.

Speaking of rank stock, the bull that won the round for the night was Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton’s bull, Bad Tattoo. Bad Tattoo scored a high 89 points bucking off rider Treven Ward. And it’s perhaps no surprise he won the evening’s honor, the bull is already the No.1 ranked bull in the UBBI Classic Qualifier standings. Cory Melton, co-owner and trainer, explained they began bucking Bad Tattoo in April. He praised his consistency all year.

“He’s won first a few times, but he’s been placing just about everywhere, so he’s probably been the most consistent bull on here, if not the best,” Melton said, citing the bull’s intensity for landing him in the top-end of the spectrum of bulls. “You can count on him,” Melton said proudly.

The top-25 bulls from the Friday Classic, will join the top-25 bulls from Thursday’s Derby in Saturday night’s final performance. The top-10 Futurity Bulls will compete in a special Bonus Round as well. And we’ll finally see which of the bull riders gets the Mel Hambelton truck keys.

Will it be the teenager, the veteran, or even, the surprise Kansas kid?

View UBBI Classic Results

Diamond S Bucking Bulls Wins $20,000

September 27th, 2014

Diamond S Bucking Bulls #2125 winning UBBI National Finals. Photo by Gautreau

Anticipation hung thick in the air inside the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane Friday morning. The chutes literally trembled with the power of the Top 50 Futurity Qualifiers at the UBBI National Finals. The elite field of two-year-old bucking bulls showed off their skills rider-less, with a “Bucking Dummy” strapped to their backs. The bulls’ owners watched anxiously, with, not just a Year-End World Championship title on the line, but also a Finals Championship, and $77,500 in prize money. The sum, which includes a $10,000 Finals Champion bonus, made the day’s first place win worth $20,000 alone.

Coming into the finals, Rocky Mountain High, a bull owned by husband and wife team, Dennis and Jan Owens, outpaced the rest of the pack by almost $3,000. However, with so much money on the line, the leader was nowhere near safe in his bid for the Year-End title. Two other bulls ranked in the Top 10 going into the finals, the #7 ranked bull, Prewitt & Barrett’s Stormy Nights, garnered 87.25 points. Wolfe Rodeo & Scott Cattle’s Sweet Emotion, scored an impressive 89.0 points and finished second. Sweet Emotion was joined by Make it Rain, Owens & Parson, with an 88.25 and Barrett/Wallgren/Komant’s bull Forcos Dirty Little Secret, who scored an 88 and landed in the #5 spot.

Shane Dunham accepting the Finals Champion buckle on behalf of Diamond S Bucking Bulls. Photo by Brewer

But Rocky Mountain High clung tight to his dynamite season by scoring an 88.5 and picking up a Finals check for $5,500 for a third place finish.

The real upset came from Diamond S Bucking Bulls’ Diamond S 2125, who came into the finals ranked #20, but leaped his way to the highest score of the day at 89.75. The performance cinched the bull a first place check and the Finals Champion title and a total of  $20,000.

Though he had done well the last event of the tour, he had been somewhat hit or miss throughout part of the season, explained handler, Shane Dunnam. “He really came on and did it when it counted today. He’s got a lot of kick. He gets off the ground, so the judges, they like that. This was one of his better trips,’ Dunnam said. Not counting the $10,000 bonus money, finals earnings for Diamond S 2125 totaled out at a hefty $10,000 and placed him second overall in the World Standings with a season total of $13,321.

For Jan and Dennis Owens, Rocky Mountain High’s win as World Champion, is a peak of its own in the pair’s long history with bucking stock. They cite the benefits of their team dynamic as a couple.

“It’s really good, because we both enjoy the same thing. It’s something we can do together. You don’t see a whole lot of that,” said Dennis.

Dennis & Jan Owens winning the UBBI Futurity World Championship with bull #291 Rocky Mountain High. Photo by Brewer

In the beginning, Dennis and Jan bucked Rocky Mountain High to the left side, but he always ended up back to the right, so they made the switch on his deliver and explained that he’s been raking in the money ever since.

“He’s won us a lot of money this year and a trailer from Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers. He did really well today. He did everything we expected him to do,” they said. The powerful display from the Rocky Mountain High even ended with him taking a shot at the Dummy laying on the ground, as if to say. . . .“I’m the World Champion!”.

With the finals money coming in at $5,500 for the Owens’ Bull, he finished with a season total of $16,520.50.

The Top 10 bulls of the day will be invited back to buck at a special Bonus Round on Saturday night during the final performance of the UBBI, Inc. and Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Finals.

So hold on, there’s still a lot of excitement left!

Top 5 National Finals Futurity Results:

  1. Diamond S 2125, Diamond S Bucking Bulls -89.75, $10,000 ( + $10,000 bonus)
  2. Sweet Emotion, Nathan Wolfe & Scott Cattle, – 89.0, $7,500
  3. Rocky Mountain High, Dennis & Jan Owens- 88.5, $5,500
  4. Make It Rain, Owens & Parson- 88.25, $4,500
  5. Forcos Dirty Little Secret- 88.0, $4,000

Top-5 Year-End World Standings / Season Totals

  1. Rocky Mountain High – Dennis & Jan Owens- $16,520.50
  2. Diamond S 2125 – Diamond S Bucking Bulls – $13,321.00
  3. Sweet Emotion – Nathan Wolfe & Scott Cattle  – $12,528.40
  4. Dixie Dynamite – Shippy Rodeo Bulls/ Mic & Diane Taylor – $9,117.30
  5. Stormy Nights – Prewitt & Barrett – $8,821.94

First Round of the UBBI National Finals Is In the Books

September 26th, 2014

Cody Huitt winning the 1st Go-Round buckle presented by 8 time World Champion Bull Rider, Don Gay. Photo by Brewer

The United Bucking Bulls Inc. and the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Finals exploded onto the arena dirt on Thursday in the first round of a three-night competition. The event, held at the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas, pits the rankest bulls against the bravest cowboys in a match of strength and skill. The action-packed evening saw the top-50 bull riders of the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour, founded by legendary Eight-Time World Champion Bull Rider, Don Gay, attempt an eight-second ride on 50 of the top UBBI Derby bulls (3 year olds).

With a total of 48 riders unsuccessful in making the whistle to eight seconds, it might be safe to say that tonight in Kansas, the bulls won, but there are two riders who might object.  The 17-year-old Texas sensation, Brody Yeary from Brock, Texas, who leads the current DGBRT Standings, posted an 85-point ride on Bean Counter Bucking Bulls,’ “The Goat” to finish second in the round with a qualified ride score.

“I’d been on the bull twice [at other events], and he bucked me off both times.  It felt really good to get him rode, “ Yeary said.

Yeary’s success came as the fourth rider out in the first section of the five-section performance, and it held strong as the only successful ride of the night until the third section when Cody Huitt from Porter, Oklahoma, rode “Fozzy”, a bull owned by BP Cattle, for an 85.5 score. For Huitt, who entered the finals ranked no. 19, the win resulted from keeping a clear mind and going back to the basics, he explained.   “It felt great. I don’t really know [the bull]. They told me he was a great bull, and it really worked out,” Huitt said of his ride.

Cody Huitt from Oklahoma winning the round with a qualified ride on Fozzy from BP Cattle. Photo by Gautreau

The riders competed for Round 1 total prize money of  $10,000 dollars. With Huitt taking home the highest amount at $1,800 and Yeary pocketing $1,200 in Qualified-Ride money. The remainder of the purse went to the Rank-Rider Pay-Off, an innovative system designed to reward cowboys monetarily for rides on the rankest bulls, regardless of an eight-second ride.

“Going out to announce, it always pained me to say ‘gosh he made such a great effort to ride that bull, and he rode him six or seven seconds, and he’s going to go home with no money.’ Well, I don’t want them to go home,” said Don Gay of the scoring system unique to the DGBRT.

Coincidentally, it was in fact Yeary’s eight-second ride on the bull “The Goat” that took the #1 spot as highest Rank-Rider score, adding an additional $1,400 to Yeary’s wins. His $2,600 total for the night further solidifies his place at the #1 spot in the DGBRT standings. The remainder of the purse, totaling $7,000 was awarded to 10 other riders who didn’t make eight second rides. This includes Ryan Reynal, Ft. Worth, Texas, and Ronny Kitchens, Mansfield, Texas, who also chase Yeary in the standings as the #2 and #3 riders respectively.

Dane Doggett of Fort Worth, Texas on Hard Time owned by the Moss Brothers. Photo by Gautreau

While the riders are competing for the championship, a total of $40,000 and a new truck from Mel Hambleton Ford of Wichita, the bulls are competing just as hard, for prize money totaling over $250,000. The winnings are awarded to the Top-25 of the 150 bulls performing during the entire finals competition.

The highest bull score tonight in the Derby competition came from Moss Brothers’ bull, “Hard Time” a champion who wowed the crowd at last year’s finals and emerged as a Futurity winner in the 2-year-old rider-less- bucking competition. Hard Time is back to win a new title this year as a Derby champion bull and came into the finals ranked second in the Derby Standings. “It was one of the best trips he’s had. He was right in the gate like he should be, like he usually is, and he had what it took tonight,” explained owner, Gideon Moss.

The bull scored a total of 88.5 points tonight, but he must perform well again when he comes back as a top-25 bull to compete in Saturday night’s final performance.

Friday night, the action continues with the same top-50 riders meeting the top-50 Classic bulls (4 year olds). After Round 1, for cowboys and bulls alike, the battle is truly, just beginning.

View UBBI Derby Results

The 2014 UBBI National Finals Rolls Into Kansas

September 23rd, 2014

UBBI National Finals Awards. Photo by Gautreau

The 4th Annual UBBI National Finals will return to the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas just south of Wichita on September 25-27! The stage is set and the bulls will begin arriving on Wednesday, September 24th. Over 100 different UBBI members from over 20 states will be bringing their best 150 two, three and four year old bulls to southern Kansas.

“We are looking forward to returning the Kansas Star Casino for our Finals this year,” said Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI.  “Last year we had a really good time and everyone had a lot of fun. We’re expecting more people to travel to Mulvane this year to enjoy this great event! We’ve got bulls coming from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, just to name a few. They’re coming from all over the United States and we’re excited!’

The event will feature 50 Derby bulls on Thursday night and 50 Classic bulls on Friday night.  The Top 25 Derby and Top 25 Classic bulls will compete again in a second round on Saturday night to determine the average champions and top 25 in each category will get a check.  The Finals Champion (average winner) will earn a $10,000 bonus check in addition to a $10,000 first place event check.  This year, the Finals will once again pay go-round money to each of the Top 4 bulls in the Derby and Classic in each of two rounds.

“The breeders have supported what we’re doing and we’re giving back,” explained Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI.  “The regular season Derby and Classic entry fees include an additional $50. That money is used each year to create a bull rider added money fund for the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour events.  The UBBI put up $2500 added money at each event and the added money fund puts up $2500 at each event. Any remaining money in that fund at the end of the regular season is paid out as go-round money in the Derby & Classic at the year-end Finals!’

Fifty (50) Futurity bulls will compete on Friday morning at 9am inside the Kansas Star Arena.  The two year old bulls will buck once to determine the Finals Champion, Year-end World Champion and Top 25 will get a check. The Finals Champion in the Futurity will win $10,000 in event money and will also receive a $10,000 Finals Champion bonus check!

“This year we have an added treat in the Futurity at our Finals,” explained Schmutz. “At the completion of the Futurity on Friday morning and after we’ve crowned our champions, the Top 10 Futurity bulls will be given the option to buck their bulls again on Saturday night during the final performance in front of a packed house! Entry fee for the Bonus Round is $675 and that will be paid back 100% (1st – $3375; 2nd – $2025; 3rd – $1350) to the Top 3 Futurity bulls on Saturday night!’

Check-in for all bulls begins on Wednesday and will continue until 2 o’clock on Thursday.  A mandatory breeder meeting will be held from 3 to 4:00 pm on Thursday in the Kansas Star Arena grandstands.  Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and the Futurity will be on Friday morning at 9am.  The UBBI National Finals Awards Banquet and Lunch presented by Rawhide Portable Corral will be Saturday at noon. The banquet is free to all Finals participants.

“John & Mary McDonald from Rawhide Portable Corral have really stepped it up for us this year,” stated Randy Schmutz. “They are providing our awards luncheon free of charge to all of our Finals participants and they are giving away a Rawhide Portable Corral!”

The Top 15 Finalists in the Futurity, Derby and Classic after the first round of competition will be placed into a drawing for the Rawhide Portable Corral. That drawing will take place at this year’s UBBI National Finals Awards Banquet.

Buckle up and hang on tight, it’s gonna be a wild ride at the Kansas Star Casino! Congratulations to everyone and Good Luck to all of this year’s UBBI National Finalists!

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