UBBI Suspends Member from Competition

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc has been made aware of an issue regarding UBBI Rules & Guidelines, specifically pertaining to administering medication during a UBBI event.

The UBBI Rulebook, on page 13, Rule #83.1 reads as follows:


83.1 Participants at a UBBI sanctioned event will not be allowed to administer any medications or injection for any reason to a bucking bull(s) while on site at an event location, without the presence of a licensed veterinarian and/or UBBI official. A participant found administering any medication or injection for any reason to a bucking bull(s) while on site at an event location without the knowledge of event management, the UBBI and/or a licensed veterinarian, will be subject to a fine (monetary penalty) and/ or possible disqualification of bucking bull(s) entered at the event and possible suspension for competition for such a period of time as determined appropriate. Any persons found to have tampered with or attempted to tamper with and/or administer or introduce any drug or agent to enhance or sedate any bucking bull(s) at an event will be subject to these same rules and disciplinary action.

At a recent UBBI event, is has been documented that a member violated this rule by injecting a bull(s) with medication with no UBBI official or licensed veterinarian present.  As stated on all UBBI entry forms that breeders complete for entry into events. . . .“I, as entering bull owner have read and understand all 2013 UBBI rules, regulations, guidelines, and disclaimers stated herein”

Such violation of rules will not be tolerated by the UBBI and this member has been notified that:

1)    All bulls owned, trained, and/or entered by this member and his affiliates and partners have been suspended from UBBI competition for the remainder of the 2013 season and year-end finals.

2)    All points (money earned) by bulls from this member and his affiliates and partners has been deleted from the standings causing the bulls to be ineligible for year-end, high point, or regional awards

3)    This member, his affiliates and partners have been fined the sum of $9,635 which is the total amount of winnings (doubled) at the Palestine UBBI event on August 23-24, 2013.

4)    This member, his affiliates and partners have been given until 5pm central time, September 23, 2013 to pay the fine.  If fine is paid, the money will be added to the 2013 UBBI National Finals purse.  If the fine is paid by said time, this member will be eligible to compete for the 2014 season.  If fine is not paid, this member will have their UBBI membership terminated and the bulls that have performed under Flyin D Bucking Bulls during the 2013 season will not be eligible to compete in any future UBBI events.

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