UBBI Members Raise Money For Youth Futurity Finale Awards

The 2013 UBBI Youth Futurity Finale will be held in conjunction with the last regular season event in Palestine, Texas on September 14th.  Every youth member who has participated at a UBBI Youth Event this season is eligible to participate at the Finale and every youth bull that has competed at a UBBI Youth Event is eligible to enter as long as that bull has NOT won money at a sanctioned or non-sanctioned futurity event this year.

Caden Millican accepting the 1st place buckle for Youth Futurity in Palestine, Texas at the June event. Millican is leading the Youth Futurity standings. Photo by Gautreau

At this year’s Black Gold Derby and Double Down Futurity, UBBI members opened up their check books to help the UBBI Youth Futurity program.  The weekend’s activities started on Thursday evening with a Breeder’s Reception and complimentary dinner followed by the 2014 Black Gold Derby Lottery and Presentation of the Futurity & Derby bulls.

“This year we had 4 Lifetime positions become available,” explained Randy Schmutz.  “We decided to auction 2 of them and use those proceeds to help fund the awards for the UBBI Youth Futurity Finale. We also felt that would help determine a value for Lifetime positions in the future!  We placed the other two Lifetime positions in the Lottery draw and the first two Lottery applicants drawn received a Lifetime spot.

Gary Keel purchased the first Lifetime position for $1,050 and new Canadian members Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren purchased the second position for $1,100 raising $2,150 for the Youth.  In the Lottery drawing, 3 Bar Bucking Bulls from Granbury got the first Lifetime spot and Ronnie Chism Farm & Ranch received the other.  Twenty Lottery positions and 3 alternates were then drawn for the 2014 event.  But the excitement didn’t stop there.

Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren presenting the "Challenge" between Jungle Monkey and Ricky Aguair. Photo by Gautreau

As in most competitive events, sometimes challenges are made!  Such was the case with Canadian members Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren, who are partners with Brett Barrett and fellow Canadians Ty Pozzobon and Barry & Tyler Prescott on bull #06 Jungle Monkey.  Wallgren put up $1,000 saying that Don Gay Bull Riding Tour contestant Ricky Aguair could not ride Jungle Monkey on Saturday night for 8 seconds.  Jungle Monkey had already performed in the Black Gold Derby on Friday and the partners were willing to buck him again Saturday night before the second performance of the Black Gold Derby.

“As the challenge developed, other breeders joined in and it was decided if Aguair did not make the 8 second whistle all the money would go to the Youth Futurity Finale awards fund,” stated Randy Schmutz.  “Before the start of the Saturday performance we had almost a dozen members chipping in from $100 to $1000 and a total of $5,050 dollars pledged!”

The challenge was presented at the beginning of the Saturday night performance as a part of the opening ceremonies and everyone who was involved was introduced including Kyle and Shawnene Wallgren and Jerry Rush (owner of Sycamore Springs Ranch) who pledged $1,000 each.

Ricky Aguair bucking off Jungle Monkey in the "Breeder Challenge". Photo by Gautreau

“Of course, we were all cheering for Ricky and hoping he could ride Jungle Monkey,” explained Kyle Wallgren.  “But the whole deal was exciting for everybody and this was a way for us to get involved and help the UBBI Youth if it turned out that way!”

This was Ricky Aguair’s second attempt at riding Jungle Monkey.  The first attempt resulted in a 6.5 second effort.  Aguair tried to even the score on Saturday night, but came up short again making a 5.2 second ride and the $5,050 went to the Youth awards.

By the end of the weekend, UBBI members showed their support of the Youth Program and pledged over $7,000 to the awards fund.  If you or someone you know would like to contribute to the Youth Futurity Finale Awards you can call the UBBI office.

Donor packages include:  Platinum Sponsor – $1,000 or more; Gold Sponsor – $500 to $999;  Silver Sponsor – $250 -$499; Bronze Sponsor – $100 – $249

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