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Gold Standard Futurity Bull Photo by Glanville

UBBI Headquarters (May 4, 2011) – In the “instant” world that we live in, we expect everything to happen within a moment’s notice. We look for immediate results in our daily lives and immediate information is more available to us now than ever. The United Bucking Bulls, Inc is now embracing “instant replay” at some of it’s events to make advances in the bucking bull industry.


Once upon a time, instant replay was only for Sunday afternoon sports and only used to entertain the audience.  Now it’s used to view and review judges calls and to further officiate sporting events across the country.  In a first for the bull competition industry, the United Bucking Bulls, Inc utilized “instant replay” during the Gold Standard Futurity held in Duncan, Oklahoma, as a means to enhance the bucking bull judging system.


Breeders, Fans and Judges were able to watch the bulls perform live and then watch an instant replay of each bull’s performance. Instant replay is not new to the bull riding or bull competition industry, but it’s the first to time it’s been used to further enable judges at an event.


Event judges were able to watch the bulls perform live and then watch one instant replay in real time.  No slow motion replay was used.  This allowed all of the bulls to be evaluated with greater consistency before marking the bull’s performance. After scores were totaled, fans and breeders were given the “unofficial” score after each bull. Additionally, results were updated instantly via the UBBI website as the judges’ sheets were made official and final results were posted within 30 minutes after the completion of the event.


“We learned that breeders and fans that were not at the event were monitoring the updated scores on our website with their smart phones,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “It’s exciting to think we are making some positive changes in our industry.  Others said they knew within minutes after the event who’d won!”   SEE RESULTS


Everyone at the event enjoyed and appreciated hearing the scores of each bull after it was bucked.  John Vinchot, a breeder from New York who participated in the Gold Standard said, “Knowing the scores of each bull after they bucked added tons of entertainment to the event.  All the folks around me enjoyed the event because they were seeing the scores of every bull all day.”


The use of instant replay also received great reviews by the UBBI judging staff. Mel Kimbro, a judging director for the UBBI stated that, “Using technology like instant replay to evaluate bulls in competition is being as professional as we can be to make sure the right bulls win checks.  That’s the bottom line.  If we can improve our ability to get it right, it’s better for everyone.” 


What does this mean for the bull competition industry?  According to Terry Holland,  one of six judges at the Gold Standard event, the instant real time replay technology was very helpful.  “Allowing us as judges to see these bulls again in a replay gave us all the opportunity to evaluate the bulls and make sure the right bulls were in the right place.  Bar none, it is the best judging situation I’ve been involved in, “stated Holland.


Kimbro is also utilizing further resources to add depth to the UBBI judging pool by allowing “ghost” judges to participate in an event. Kimbro explained this program helps the UBBI to find judges for events that may have never had been considered. Kimbro invites a judge to an event, he judges the event (his scores are not used) and Kimbro evaluates his performance to be considered as a future judge.


“I look at his scores and compare them to how the bulls actually finished.  We’ve already determined that there are some excellent judges out there that aren’t currently being used and we will give them some opportunities later this season,” said Kimbro.


“This industry is about the breeders, they are the reason we have events.  If the breeders aren’t happy. . . . .ain’t nobody happy,” said Schmutz.  “The goal everyday is trying to find ways to enhance and add value to what we’re doing.  Improving the judging system has been priority one for us and we will continue to try to do better everyday.”


The United Bucking Bulls, Inc will continue to find ways to improve the Breeders experience but it may not all happen instantly!

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