UBBI Introduces Futurity Team Competition

In it’s continued effort to provide it’s members more value, the United Bucking Bulls, Inc will add a Futurity Team Competition format to it’s schedule for the 2015 season! The new United Futurity League (UFL) will give members an opportunity to “own” a team and participate with 3 bulls on a team at 3 different UFL regular season events and a Year-End Finals.

“We’ve had a number of people ask us to put together a team competition,” explained Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI. “Some wanted us to have big bulls with riders in a team format, but we’re gonna offer this futurity team deal and see if it can grow from there!”

Members will purchase a UFL Franchise for $3500. Only 40 Franchises will be offered, beginning Monday, October 20th. Franchises will be assigned on a “first come – first serve” basis, meaning that the first 40 applications with a franchise deposit fee will retain a UFL Franchise for 2015. In the event there are more than 40 applicants, the UBBI will place those applicants on an alternate list in order of receipt. Thereafter, each Franchise owner will pay a $2500 sustaining fee beginning in the second year.

Each of the 40 Franchises will participate at 3 UFL regular season events. At least one of the 3 UFL events will be held in conjunction with a regular season UBBI Futurity, allowing Team bulls to enter the UFL event and UBBI Futurity. Bulls will buck once and bull scores will count for each contest. Entry fees for a regular season event will be $2500 and payback will be 80% ($40,000). The number of places paid out at the regular season events and year-end finals will be determined by the UFL Competition Committee. Click HERE for payout proposal.

“Our goal is to give these bull owners more opportunities to win more money with their two year old bulls during the season,” shared Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “We know that at least one UFL event for each team will be held in conjunction with a regular season UBBI Futurity. We’re going to try to schedule possibly 2 of the 3 UFL Team outs with a regular season UBBI Futurity. Team bulls have the option to also enter the UBBI futurity and pay two entry fees. Bulls will buck once and the score will count for both contest events!”

Each team will earn points based on how many teams they beat at each team event. In other words, with 20 teams entered, the first place team will earn 19 points (beating 19 teams). The second place team will earn 18 points, the third place team will earn 17 points and so on. After all 40 teams have competed at each of their 3 events the 30 teams with the most points will advance to the UFL Finals! Finals entry fees will be $5000 and will be paid back 100% for a total payout of $150,000 and $50,000 for first place. Click HERE for payout proposal.

Three-Hundred Ninety Thousand ($390k) dollars will be available to UFL Team owners during the regular season and UFL Year-End finals! A $3500 Franchise purchase fee allows members to own a Team and participate the first year. Each Franchise then competes at 3 regular season events with a total of $120,000 in prize money. And possibly qualify for a $150,000 Finals and win $50,000!

“We’re hoping this creates a real interest in what we’re doing here at UBBI and that bull owners will see the value in the United Futurity League,” stated Schmutz. “And if we get 40 franchises sold, we’re gonna work our tails off to provide the most positive experience possible for everyone involved!”

Click HERE for more information and a UFL Franchise Application

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