UBBI Crowns 2012 World Champions

Don Gay, Jimmy Ray and Randy Schmutz congratulate Dennis & Jan Owens & Martinez on Square Head’s UBBI Derby World Championship. Photo by Gautreau.

The 2012 UBBI season started in January in Winnie, Texas and ended there on November 3rd at the UBBI National Finals.  This year’s schedule included 33 regular season events, with 25 Futurity, 24 Derby and 25 Classic events in 13 different states.  Almost 700 UBBI members from 35 states with 1467 different two, three and four year old bulls competed at UBBI and MBBA events this year.  Regular season payouts totaled $1,024,403 and with the UBBI National Finals purse, buckles, jackets and bonuses, total payouts this year were almost $1.3 million dollars!

“This season was really overwhelming for us,” exclaimed Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “From start to finish, we were very happy with the growth we experienced and the events we added!”

World Champion bulls in the Futurity, Derby and Classic were all crowned at the conclusion of the UBBI National Finals.  Each World Champion earned their title and the World Champion buckle based on money earned during the regular season and at the Finals (excluding the Finals Champion bonuses).

The Futurity witnessed #00 Crazy Mother Trucker dominating, by winning 6 regular season event and the Finals this year.  Paul & Lorie Daniel and Bill & Cindee Clark did an outstanding job and enjoyed the success of this great little bull.  At this year’s UBBI Futurity National Finals, Crazy Mother Trucker posted a 90 point score, a full 1 and a half points ahead of #169 from Melton Bull Co/Winston Loe.  Crazy Mother Trucker earned $8,600 plus the $10,000 Finals Champion bonus.  Together with his regular season and Finals earning, Crazy Mother Trucker won $27,561 toward winning the Futurity World Championship.  Add the $10k for the Finals Championship and Crazy Mother Trucker earns $37,561 in UBBI earnings this year.  See Complete Futurity RESULTS

The UBBI Derby World Championship was the most contested race of the season.  Living the Dream, owned by Don Fox, saw himself at the top of the winning list up until the last two UBBI events.  Square Head, owned by Owens & Martinez moved into the number one spot and held on to win it all.  In fact, Square Head won the first round at the UBBI National Finals with an 89 point score and placed third in round 2 to win 3rd in the average and a check for $4,290.  Unfortunately, Living the Dream split 13th and 14th in the first round and 11th in the second round and was unable to capitalize and finished out of the money.

It was Lights Out from Frontier & Ray/Folds/Strickland who put the most pressure on Square Head.  Lights Out split 7th thru 9th in the first round and won the second round for a total of 176.75 points and the Finals Championship.  Lights Out added $7,800 to his Championship earnings to move to within $1,592 behind Square Head and earned the Derby Reserve World Championship. 

Square Head finished with $18,982 and Lights Out finished with $17,930 plus the $10k Finals Champion bonus for a total of $27,930 in UBBI earnings.  See Complete Derby RESULTS

The race for the UBBI Classic World Championship showed a difference of $7,697 between the #1 Black Betty and the #2 Shine Time.  Both bulls did well and both bulls won money at this year’s UBBI National Finals earning $6,600 (Black Betty) and $3,960 (Shine Time).  Marlene Henry’s bull Mickey Mouse came and flexed his muscle and won the average and the Finals Championship, but it was not enough to move from the #5 position in the World Standings to beat Black Betty.

Black Betty earned $17,910 during the regular season and another $6,600 for a total $24,510 in 2012 UBBI earnings.  Mickey Mouse moved ahead of Shine Time to earn the Reserve Title with $6,375 in regular season earnings and $8,800 in Finals cash for a total of $15,175 in Championship cash, plus the $10k Finals Champion bonus for a total of $25,175 in UBBI earnings.  Congratulations to Mickey Mouse and Marlene Henry for their ABBI Reserve World Champion win in Las Vegas at the ABBI Finals!  See Complete Classic RESULTS

Congratulations to all who participated and a big thank you to all who made the 2012 UBBI season a memorable one.  Thirteen Futurity, twelve Derby and thirteen Classic bulls (38 Total) earned a prize money check at this year’s UBBI National Finals.  All 38 bulls were bled and samples were delivered for testing, as per the UBBI Banned Substances rule.  No checks were issued at the conclusion of the event.  Prize money will be forwarded to the winners once bulls are confirmed negative.  Read MORE About UBBI Finals Champions

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