UBBI Announces ALL STAR Futurity Series

The UBBI is excited to announce one of the most revolutionary competition formats in the history of the bucking bull industry! The ALL STAR Futurity Series is designed to pay out one of the largest “total” purses available in our game! A format that will allow EVERY bull, no matter it’s talent level, to finally be competitive and win money! The key word here is EVERY bull!

“The All Star Futurity Series will give everyone, no matter where they live or what organization they belong to or where they compete, an opportunity to become eligible for one of the largest futurity payouts ever!” exclaimed Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI. “Every bull that competes in at least 5 events and pays 5 ALL STAR fees will be eligible to compete at the ALL STAR Futurity Finale and buck against bulls of the same caliber in four different classes! If bull owners will embrace this concept and participate, the ALL STAR Futurity Finale could pay out in excess of $500,000!”

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • ALL two year old bulls are eligible to qualify for the ALL STAR Futurity Series Finale as long as that bull is entered and competing in an open Futurity at any of the following sanctioning organizations ~ United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI); American Bucking Bull, Inc (ABBI);  Bordertown Casino and Arena (BTCA);  Mid States Bucking Bull Association (MBBA);  Buckers Unlimited (BU);  Gold Coast Bucking Bull Association (GGBBA);  Western States Bucking Bull Association (WSBBA);  Jim McLain’s TwoBulls (TB) events;  Monte Mask’s Bring the Heat Futurity Series (BTH);  Backyard Buckers (BB);  High Desert Bucking Bull Association (HDBBA) and Bucking Bull Games (BBG). ABBI American Heritage Futurity events are excluded.
  • Bull owners are responsible for notifying the UBBI office as to specific event(s) bull will be entered into and must pay a $250 All Star fee prior to competition. 
  • ALL STAR Futurity Series eligible bulls must compete in at least 5 events and pay 5 ~ $250 All Star classification fees to the UBBI for a total of $1,250 per bull (100% of these collected fees will be paid back in Added Money and Bonuses). 
  • EVERY bull that has paid 5 ~ $250 All Star classification fees will be eligible to enter and compete in the ALL STAR Futurity Finale (date and location TBD). 
  • At the conclusion of the series, bulls will be classified to compete in one of four different classes as outlined below. Classification will be based on the average of 5 ALL STAR scores.
    • MAJOR LEAGUE BULLS ~ Bulls with an average score of 87.5 pts or higher
      • Triple AAA ~ Bulls with average score of between 86 to 87.49 pts
      • Double AA ~ Bulls with average score of between 84 to 85.99 pts
      • Single A ~ Bulls with an average score of 83.99 points or less   (These classifications are subject to revision) 
  • A $1,000 entry fee will be paid to compete at the ALL STAR Futurity Finale with a 75% payback plus added money! 
  • An additional ALL STAR Champion Bull Bonus will be paid to the top bull in each of the four classes based on the total average of 5 regular season ALL STAR outs plus one ALL STAR Finale out. The total paid out in ALL STAR Champions Bonuses will be 15% of the total ALL STAR fees collected. The remaining 85% will be paid back in added money to each of the four ALL STAR classes.

“Obviously there will be revisions and adjustments to this format,” explained Randy Schmutz. “We are going to let the bull owners weigh in and help us refine and develop this concept. We are extremely excited to see where this revolutionary new format of competition will lead us! The UBBI ALL STAR Futurity Series will be a place where everyone can be a Star!”


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