Sycamore Springs Ranch to Host the UBBI Gold Standard Futurity

Jungle Fear owned by Pillow & Barrett winning the 2012 Gold Standard Futurity. Photo by Foto Cowboy

In 2011, The United Bucking Bulls, Inc set out to create new and unique programs that would attract the attention of breeders across the country.  Since the inception of the UBBI, the bucking bull contest industry has enjoyed the fruits of the UBBI Gold Standard Futurity, the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailer Futurity Super Series, the Black Gold UBBI Derby and the UBBI Youth Futurity Series.

The UBBI Gold Standard Futurity was designed to feature 150 two year old bulls, with entry fees of $1,150 and paying back $150,000.  The Gold Standard Futurity winner earns $50,000 and the event pays 30 places.

“The Gold Standard Futurity has been a marquee event for the UBBI,” said Randy Schmutz.  “When we started, we wanted to create a new and exciting event.  The Lifetime and Lottery positions really have given the Gold Standard added value!  Being able to buck your bulls for a $150,000 in prize money and pay $50,000 to first place and pay back 30 places is exciting for the breeders!”

Breeders who were drawn into a Lifetime position, sustain that position each year by entering a futurity calf, selling their position, partnering with someone or sharing that position for that year of competition.  That Lifetime position belongs to that breeder and they are in control of that position for life.  This format and the Lottery of the remaining 20 positions has made the UBBI Gold Standard Futurity a unique and fun event for everyone!

This year’s UBBI Gold Standard Futurity will move to the Sycamore Springs Ranch in Locust Grove, Oklahoma and also add the “Diamond” Futurity to it’s list of events in 2013!

“The 2013 Gold Standard Futurity has quickly become one of the most talked about events this year,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “With the value of the Lifetime and Lottery positions and a $150,000 payout, the Lottery each year, the Breeder Reception and the excitement of the event!  It’s hard to match the Gold Standard!  We are very excited to be working with Jerry Rush and the Sycamore Springs Ranch and look forward to making it home to our biggest Futurity of the season!”

In addition to all the activities at the 2013 Gold Standard, the UBBI will add the “Diamond Futurity” to it’s schedule of events at the Sycamore Springs Ranch, April 26th & 27th!  The Diamond Futurity will be a regular season Futurity, with fees of $650!  This will allow members to enter their strongest futurity bull into the Gold Standard and bring additional 2 year old bulls to compete in the Diamond Futurity. Money won at the Diamond Futurity will be counted for UBBI National Finals qualifications.

Tentative schedule of events include check-in on Thursday (April 25) from 5pm – 8pm and Friday (April 26) from 9am – 3pm.  Complimentary dinner and calcutta and live entertainment at 7pm on Friday evening.  The Diamond Futurity will begin on Saturday morning at 10am and then break for lunch at 12 noon.  The Gold Standard Futurity will begin at 1pm.

More exciting news about the 2013 UBBI Gold Standard & Diamond Futurity will be announced soon!

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