Square Head Squared Off With No Hands at the UBBI Super Series in Abilene

#1467 Square Head from Dennis & Jan Owens

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc concluded it’s UBBI Futurity Super Series presented by Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers on August 6th.  The Summer Spectacular in Abilene, Texas was the final stop for the Super Series and the UBBI paid out an additional $12,500 in extra cash to the Top 4 Super Series eligible bulls at each of three events. The Super Series events included the Spring Spectacular Futurity in April, the Nutty Jerry’s Futurity in June and concluded with the Summer Spectacular Futurity.  Bull owners were given the opportunity to enroll their two year old bulls for an additional one-time $250 fee at time of entry into the Spring Spectacular.  In addition, the Super Series High Point Bull (based on receiving a point for each bull beat at a Super Series event) received one year’s use of a new aluminum trailer from Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers.  Ultimately, if one bull had won all three Super Series events, that bull would have been crowned the Super Series Champion and received $100,000.

Dennis and Jan Owens enrolled several great two year olds into the Super Series, but #1467 Square Head was the standout.  Square Head was leading the Super Series High Point Standings going into the final event and edged out #-929 No Hands from Wilburn / 6C Bull Team by only 8 points to hang on to win the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailer.  Although No Hands won the Summer Spectacular Futurity, Square Head placed 4th in the event and 2nd in the Super Series and No Hands was not able to close the gap in the points race.

One Hundred of the 143 Futurity bulls entered at the first event at the Spring Spectacular entered the Super Series.  At the Spring Spectacular, Bridges & Smith’s #724 won the Futurity and the Super Series, ultimately winning $5,000 in Super Series cash and total of $13,065 at the 3 events.    

At the second stop at Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie, #1324 Born This Way from Owens/Rice/Wyatt won 1st in the Futurity, but was not enrolled in the Super Series.  The top finishing Super Series bull, which finished 3rd in the event, was #936 Brown Recluse from Porter/Kash/Vinchot.  Brown Recluse’s total event and Super Series earnings was $7,245.  

At the final event in Abilene it was No Hands winning the Summer Spectacular Futurity, earning $4,434 in  the futurity and $5,000 in Super Series cash.  All total at all three Super Series events, No Hands earned $13,624 and finished second in the race for the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailer.  There were 74 bulls competing in the futurity and the Top 4 Super Series eligible bulls all finished in the Top 8 for the event as well.  Square Head finished 4th in the futurity and earned $3750 in Super Series bonus money, bringing his total Super Series earnings $8,750.  Together with his total event earnings at all three events, Square Head gathered up $16,352.  Congratulations to Dennis & Jan Owens and a BIG thanks to Wayne & Chris Hodges from Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers!    

  BULL# BULL NAME OWNER Total Points Super Series Earnings Super Series Regular Event Earnings Total Earnings at 3 Super Series Events
1 1467 Square Head Dennis & Jan Owens 255 $8,750.00 $7,602.00 $16,352.00
2 -929 No Hands Wilburn/ 6 C Bull team 247 $6,166.00 $7,458.00 $13,624.00
3 B&S 724 B&S 724 Bridges & Smith 236 $5,000.00 $8,065.00 $13,065.00
4 W28 Wishy Washchi D & H Cattle/Flinn/L&E bulls 229   $3,963.00 $3,963.00
5 68W Back Motion D & H Cattle Co 222   $3,630.00 $3,630.00
6 1463 Peace Out Dennis & Jan Owens 208   $691.00 $691.00
7 31 Big Sky Nathan Wolfe 207   $2,016.00 $2,016.00
8 92 White Wolf Carpenter & Hudgins 204 $2,500.00 $1,209.00 $3,709.00
9 19 19 Lyndal Hurst 191   $2,935.00 $2,935.00
10 W52 Hot Little Treasure D & H Cattle/Flinn/L&E Bulls 189   $2,707.00 $2,707.00

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