Salina Challenge Will Be An All Region Qualifier

From it’s inception, the UBBI has attempted to create opportunities for breeders all over the United States, allowing bull owners to compete in their Region and closer to home while qualifying for the UBBI National Finals.

Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI stated, “There’s no denying there is a large concentration of bull owners and breeders in the Texas and Oklahoma area.  We’ve never had any trouble attracting a large number of entries while hosting events in those states.  But we want to involve everyone outside Texas and Oklahoma as much as we can and try to place events closer to them so we can cut down on their expenses.”

For the past two years, the UBBI has sanctioned or hosted events in 19 different states and given a number of breeders a chance to compete regionally and win money and qualify for the UBBI National Finals while competing closer to home.  For the 3rd year in a row, the UBBI will host a Futurity – Derby – Classic event in Salina, Kansas but will add a new twist to it in 2013!

“We’re going to make this event an All Region Qualifier,” explained Randy Schmutz.  “Normally only members who lived in the Northern Region would be able to count there money won at Salina toward regional qualification.  This year any UBBI member from the Western, Northwest, Northern, Midwest or Eastern Region that competes and wins money in Salina will be able to count it as Region points toward our Finals qualification!  This is designed to give everyone in these regions to travel to Kansas and compete for Region Points.  It should also boost our entry numbers while making the event purse healthier for everyone involved.  It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Entries are open now and will be extended until Friday, March 8th @ 5pm Central Time!  Contact the UBBI office if you have any questions.

Click HERE for Event Details

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