Rhinestone Renegades Wrap Up

Karen Shaw (center) wins Rhinestone Renegades Series Championship. Pictured here with Top 10 winners. Photo by Gautreau

The 2014 Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity wrapped up it’s season with it’s Finale in Palestine, Texas on August 23rd! The Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity Series hosted it’s first event in Palestine, Texas on March 8th, followed by another on April 5th at the Spring Spectacular and June 7th at the Show-Me Shoot Out. By request, a fourth event was added during the Black Gold Derby in Locust Grove, Oklahoma on August 9th. Together with Joy Hawks, the UBBI sanctioned these events and the Finale.

This season, forty different Rhinestone Renegades members competed this season at five Women’s Futurity events, including the Finale.  All 40 women’s participants received a custom UBBI Women’s Futurity Series jacket, regardless of competing at the Finale.  Buckles were awarded to the 1st place winners, in each of the D brackets, at each of the regular season events. The Finale Champions in each of the 3D’s received a Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle and the Year-end Series Champion and Top 10 Year-end finishers based on money won received a special award.

Martha Kay Sanders (center) wins 1D. Lacy Nugent (left) accepts on behalf of Nicole Porter and Sarah & Maysun King winning 2D & 3D. Photo by Gautreau

“It was really exciting to see the women enjoy themselves at our regular season events and the Finale,” stated Randy Schmutz. “I want to say thank you especially to Joy Hawks and her staff for helping make this a success! We look forward to making it even bigger and better in 2015!”

Seventeen Rhinestone Renegades competed at this year’s Finale and teenager Martha Kay Sanders was number one with bull #23 Shonuff with a score of 86.75 points. Sanders won 1st place in the 1D and pocketed $1,147. Winning second in the 1D was Megan Downer with bull #6 As Seen On TV, scoring 86.5 points and winning $765. The winner in the 2D bracket was determined by being 3 points behind the number one bull. Nicole Porter’s bull #2-414 put up an 83.75 point score to win 1st place in the 2D and Joy Melancon won 2nd place with a score of 82.25 points with bull #218 Kaw-liga. The 3D bracket was won with an 80 point score from Sarah King with bull #25 One Hung Low and 2nd place in the 3D was Lacy Nugent with bull #022, scoring 79.75 points.

Karen Shaw's bull #MLB20 Cutie Pie shown here winning Spring Spectacular Rhinestone Renegades event. Photo by Gautreau

Karen Shaw dominated the “money won” column this season, but she did not place in the Finale but was able to hold on to the number one spot in the overall standings! Although Martha Kay Sanders put up a late season push for the first place position, she finished 2nd behind Shaw by $382. Karen Shaw won the Rhinestone Renegades Series Championship, winning $2,137 and earned a custom made Dan Baca purse. The Top 10 received Dan Baca custom made wallets. The Top 10 included Martha Kay Sanders; Kylee Donaho; Rachel Norris & Sherry Prewitt; Megan Downer; Nicole Porter; Michelle Cash and Sarah King.



More About the Rhinestone Renegades Women’s Futurity Series:

Other than event staff, only women members are allowed behind chutes or in rigging areas during the futurity performance.  Women were assisted by Rhinestone Renegade staff and/or other women participants.

The payout was a 3D payout.  From the highest placing bull score, the 2D will be 3 points less than 1st place.  The 3D will be 6 points less than first place.  Total prize money in the 1D was 50% of the net purse; in the 2D was 30% of the net purse; in the 1D was 20% of the net purse.  Example: 1st place in 1D – 88.25 points; 1st place in 2D – 85.25 points; 1st place in the 3D – 82.25 points.  Pay-Out was 1 place paid for every 3 bulls entered, up to 20 places unless otherwise posted in Event Details. Total number of places paid was determined and then divided by 3D’s (1D, 2D, 3D).  When uneven number of places are determined, an additional place was paid in the 1D.  Example: 40 bulls entered divided by 3 = 13 places paid.  13 places divided by 3D’s = 5 places in 1D; 4 places in the 2D; 4 places in the 1D.

The Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity Series competition is for 2 year old bulls (2012 Born) and all 2 year old bulls are eligible to participate in the women’s futurity events, regardless of ownership and/or participation in other futurity events.  Futurity Bulls are bucked with a dummy for 5 seconds and bulls do not have to be ABBI registered to compete.

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