Results from the 2014 Spring Spectacular

The 2014 Spring Spectacular celebrated it’s 10th year as one of the premier bucking bull events in the country. This year 219 different bulls competed in the Derby, Classic, Futurity and Women’s Futurity competitions. The UBBI once again rolled out the red carpet with it’s Spring Spectacular Breeders Social and complimentary dinner and calcutta on Friday. All of the participants were treated to a great BBQ rib dinner and the weekend was underway. The Top 10 in each event received a 10th Anniversary Spring Spectacular award jacket and the winner in each event was awarded a Tres Rios Silver Championship Buckle. The Spring Spectacular also hosted the start of this year’s Futurity Super Series competitions presented by Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers.

“It’s hard to imagine that Amber and I have been doing this for ten years,” explained Randy Schmutz. “It’s been exciting to see the strides that have been made in this industry and how we continue to attract new folks to this fun and exciting game!”

Hurricane Harry owned by Carpenter Brothers/Jimmy & Ricky winning the Derby. Photo by Gautreau

This year’s Spring Spectacular started with 67 three year old bulls in the Derby on Friday night and the event paid 14 places, with a split for 11th thru 14th place. Bull #CB136 Hurricane Harry, owned by Carpenter Brothers (Jimmy & Ricky) started the storm of unbelievable talent in the derby as the 17th bull out in the competition. Hurricane Harry posted a score of 90.75 points and stood the test of 50 more bulls to ultimately win the competition. The Carpenter Brothers earned $3852. In a close second was bull #AR50 Divinity from B&M Bucking Bulls/Mike White with a score of 90.75 points. Finishing 3rd was another entry from Mike White and partner Joy Flowers. Bull #B36 JJ’s Pride posted a score of 89 points. And yet another Mike White entry with partner Bob Adams, bull #AR B70 Kick & Scream finished 4th place with a score of 88.25 points. Other participants finishing in the Top 10 and receiving Spring Spectacular award jackets included Curtis Leschyshyn/4G Ranch; Simino/Breaux; Nothin But Try Ranch/Howdy Thomas; 6M Bucking Bulls; Moss Brothers and Frontier/Ray.

Spring Spectacular Top 10 in the Futurity winning award jackets. Photo by Gautreau

“I’m really excited about the talent we have in our derby competition. It’s been great to see the 2 year olds we had last year step it up and become really good bucking bulls,” stated Randy Schmutz. “These bulls are just gonna get better and better!”

The Classic competition proved to be as tough on Saturday night. Forty-eight bulls were entered and the event paid 9 places and we saw a number of new participants and bulls entered for the first time in the 2014 season. One of those new bulls, #055 Bad Tattoo owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton came to play and really showed out and won 1st place!  Bad Tattoo posted the highest score of the entire weekend with 91.75 points and won $3174.

Bull #055 Bad Tattoo owned by Folds/Strickland/Nelson/Ray/Melton winning the Classic. Photo by Gautreau

Finishing in the number 2 spot was bull #626 Karaoke from Elite Buckin Bulls/Mike White, scoring 89.75 points. Splitting 3rd & 4th place were Rebecca Walker/Pruitt’s bull #107 Spyder and bull #27 Big Time from Lonnie & Amy Austin. Both bulls posted scores of 88.75 points. Other Top 10 finishers are Rebecca Walker/RW Cattle; McConnell Bucking Cattle; Rhon Brown; Allen Teller/Truth Bucking Bulls; 2X4 Ranch/Robinson; Cude Bucking Bulls and Dennis & Jan Owens.

Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI stated, “It’s a little different on Saturday night! The big bulls show up to play and you can see a big step up in bull power! We watched a lot of really good 4 year olds at this event!”

The Rhinestone Renegades UBBI Women’s Futurity kicked off the Saturday morning activities. This was the second of 3 scheduled Rhinestone Renegades events and 13 Rhinestone Renegades competed with 15 entries.

“We’re excited to give these girls a chance to show the guys they can do this too,” exclaimed Joy Hawks, the founder of the Rhinestone Renegades. “The relationship we have with the UBBI is gonna be good for everybody and I only see this getting bigger and better!”

The payout for the Rhinestone Renegades Women’s Futurity is a 3D payout. From the highest placing bull score, the 2D will be 3 points less than 1stplace. The 3D will be 6 points less than first place. Total prize money in the 1D will be 50% of the net purse; in the 2D will be 30% of the net purse; in the 1D will be 20% of the net purse. Example: 1st place in 1D – 88.25 points; 1st place in 2D – 85.25 points; 1st place in the 3D – 82.25 points. This levels the playing field a bit for all the participants and allows everyone an opportunity to be successful no matter your experience.

Rhinestone Renegades winners (from left to right) Sherry Prewitt, Rachel Norris, Karen Shaw (winner) Chelsea Cobble and Nicole Porter. Also pictured are Randy Schmutz & Joy Hawks. Photo by Gautreau

The Rhinestone Renegades Women’s UBBI Futurity Series competition is for 2 year old bulls (2012 Born) and all 2 year old bulls are eligible to participate in the women’s futurity events, regardless of ownership and/or participation in other futurity events. Futurity Bulls will be bucked with a dummy for 5 seconds and bulls do not have to be ABBI registered to compete.

“Any woman can compete, regardless of experience,” explained Randy Schmutz. “Joy and the regular participants want to help everyone be successful and have fun! If you’re a woman and have never flanked a bull, you’ll get all the help and instruction you need to be competitive. If you don’t have a two year old bull, we can get you in touch with someone who’ll provide you a bull as well. This is a really fun deal for us!”

Karen Shaw calls her outfit ‘Momma’s Little Babies’ and her bull’s name is Cutie Pie, but this bull is one tough cookie. Cutie Pie finished 1st in the 1D at the Spring Spectacular and earned $1012 with a score of 84.5 points. This is Cutie Pie’s second check this season, having placed 2nd in the 1D at the first Rhinestone Renegades event in Palestine in March. Finishing in 2nd place in the 1D was bull #19 Let Me Be from Chelsea Cobble/Robert Williams with a score of 84.25 points.

With the 3D payout and the best bull at this event scoring 84.5 points, the 2D score cut-off was 3 points less making it 81.5 points and the 3D score cut-off was 78.5 points. In the 2D, it was bull #207 Painted Warrior from Rachel Norris & Sherry Prewitt winning 1st place with a score of 81.25 points and earning $607. In second place in the 2D was Joy Melancon with her bull #218 Kaw-linga with a score of 79 points. The 3D was split (1st & 2nd) by Nicole Porter with her bull #2-R41 and Chelsea Cobble/Robert Williams with her bull #79 2 Russell. Both bulls scored 78 points and earned $337 each. Each winner of each D payoff also earned a beautiful Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle.

Spring Spectacular Top 10 in the Futurity winning award jackets. Photo by Gautreau

The UBBI Futurity followed the Rhinestone Renegades and 89 two year old bulls lined up to see who’d be the best at this year’s Spring Spectacular. This was also the first installment of the 2014 Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers Futurity Super Series. Fifty-seven of the 89 entries enrolled their bulls as Super Series eligible by paying an additional $300 entry fee, for a total of $17,100 (100% payback). That purse will be divided over the 3 Super Series events and $5700 will be paid back to the Top 4 Super Series enrolled bulls at each of the 3 events (1st – $2280; 2nd – $1710; 3rd – $1140; 4th – $570).

Dennis & Jan Owens stepped out in front with their bull #291 with a score of 90.75 points to win the futurity and a check for $5206. Bull #291 was also enrolled into the Super Series and earned an additional $2280 for a total of $7486. Finishing second was bull #731 Stormy Nights, owned by Prewitt & Downer with a score of 89.25 points. Stormy Nights earned $3760 plus $1710 (Super Series) for a total of $5470. There were 3 bulls splitting 3rd, 4th and 5th place all with scores of 88.75 points, including Ronnie Chism’s bull #20X; Dennis & Jan Owens’ bull #23/9 and Rockin R Bucking Bulls’ bull #Z26. Each bull earned $1976. Ronnie Chism’s bull #20X was the only one of 3 that was enrolled into the Super Series and earned another $1140 (Super Series) for a total of $3116. Coats/Bryant’s bull #19 OSB finished 6th and was also Super Series eligible and earned a combined total of $2233.

Bull #291 owned by Dennis & Jan Owens winning the Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

“The Super Series was put together to enhance the payout at 3 of our UBBI regular season futurity events,” explained Randy Schmutz. “Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers has been our partner on the Super Series since it started and for the past 3 years has awarded a year’s use of a brand new 4 Star aluminum trailer! Dennis & Jan Owens were our first High Point Super Series Championship in 2011. CJ Pilcek (Rockin Rafter P) were our winners in 2012 and purchased the 4 Star trailer at the end of the year. Tom Peterson won the Super Series in 2013 and also purchased his trailer. It’s a great promotion and we’re happy to have Wayne Hodges as our partner!”

The Spring Spectacular Futurity had 89 entries and paid 17 places. Other winners included Rafter 3S/Donaho; Wolfe Rodeo & Scott Cattle; Scott & Heather Burleson; DAM Cattle Company; McConnell Bucking Cattle; CF Rodeo/A&W; Doughtie/A&W; Oakes/Green/Moss; Pillow Bucking Bulls; Justin Massey/4G and Barker Bulls.

The Spring Spectacular begins it’s second 10 years in 2015! Be watching for some exciting news about next year’s event!

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