Leschyshyn & 4G Ranch Get the Gold

Although Curtis Leschyshyn and the 4G Ranch won the UBBI Gold Standard Futurity, they can literally say. . .”All that glitters is not gold!”  When it comes to their superstar bull #159 Crack Back Jack, he was not the top pick for their Gold Standard position this year.  As a matter of fact, they bucked #159 and several other bulls on Sunday afternoon (April 14) the day before the last day of entries for the event and made their decision at the last minute.

“Early this year John Griggs came to me with a video of 3 bulls all sired by Cracker Jack (x Straight Jacket) that were being offered for sale by Lial & Cactus Dodge,” explained Leschynshyn.  “There was bull #1589, bull #170 Cactus Jack and bull #159 Crack Back Jack.  The best bull on that video was #1589 and Crack Back Jack was really the least of my picks at the time and I really didn’t want to purchase him or Cactus Jack!”

#159 Crack Back Jack from Leschynshyn/4G winning $50,000 at the UBBI Gold Standard Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well.  The deal was that all three bulls had to be purchased as a package, so in order to buy the bull Leschynshyn wanted (#1589) he bought all three.  And now in hindsight, he’s certainly glad he did.

“We bought all three bulls in early February and 4G took delivery and began to work with the bulls,” stated Leschynshyn.  “All the bulls had all the tools, they just bucked so hard they just had trouble putting it all together.  Cactus Jack and Crack Back Jack bucked at the NBBA Team Futurity in Fort Worth.  Cactus Jack was rank and Crack Back Jack fell costing us a big check!”

Crack Back Jack redeemed himself later in March placing 2nd at the NBBA event in Glen Rose.  Although bull #1589 has yet to compete this year, it looks as though he’s gonna make a tremendous bull also.

Lial & Cactus Dodge with Bill & John Griggs accepting the UBBI Gold Standard Futurity Championship buckle with Randy Schmutz. Photo by Gautreau

Curtis is quick to say that the 4G Ranch has much to do with his success.  “Bill, John and Jake Griggs have worked really hard and they deserve the credit.  I’ve had success with them and their breeding program when I purchased Quick Shot and we won the Las Vegas Shootout in 2011.  They are great people and the easiest to work with!”

It certainly seems to be the teamwork that’s paying off.  The 4G team consists of dad, Bill Griggs who takes care of all the day to day ranch work and chores and looks after all the stock.  John Griggs handles most of the ranch and breeding program promotion and sales and is the “ambassador” for 4G while holding down a full-time high school coaching job in Corsicana, Texas.  Jake Griggs, who is a full-time banker, handles all the finances and money management and also shares the role as flankman with his dad.

“I also umpire Little League baseball games and unfortunately I was not able to attend the Gold Standard,” explained Jake.  “Dad took over and did a great job and we’re all glad Crack Back Jack did so well!”

“We bucked 22nd in the order and I immediately texted Jake and told him we were winning,” stated John Griggs.  “But I also told him we had to wait through over 120 more bulls to see if it would hold up! As the end of the futurity got closer I got more and more nervous!  We just can’t believe it!  Winning the Gold Standard against some really great bulls was outstanding!”

Curtis Leschynshyn concluded by saying, “It just goes to show that you never know.  The bull I was the least interested in buying ends up winning big!  And a thank you to Lial & Cactus Dodge for selling me a great set of bulls!”

After all the Gold Standard and Diamond Futurity bulls were checked in, the UBBI hosted a meeting and discussed the upcoming schedule of events and activities.  General Manager, Randy Schmutz presented an idea to the participants that 6 judges be used and keep all 6 scores instead of throwing out the high and low scores.  The idea was put to a verbal yes or no vote.

“We polled the members and asked for a yes or no vote and it was literally a 50-50 vote,” explained Schmutz.  “I felt like that some members didn’t want to express their opinion publicly and didn’t vote.  So I asked if we took a secret ballot at the Breeders Reception, would they be willing to abide by the majority vote to do one or the other.  It was unanimous and so we had a secret ballot.”

Schmutz explained, “The votes were counted in front of the members and the decision was to use 6 judges and keep all 6 scores.  It was a close vote and 57% of the members voted to use all 6 scores, so that’s what we did.  We had 6 judges and we used all 6 opinions and added them all up.  Obviously each judge had 1-25 points times 6 judges equating to a total possible score of 150 points.  The winning bull posted a total score of 133.75 points!”

UBBI Gold Standard Futurity Reserve Champion bull #250 War Tank from King/Foster. Photo by Gautreau

Finishing as Reserve Champion was King/Foster’s #250 War Tank with a total score of 132 points.  War Tank is continueing his winning ways, having just won the Spring Spectacular Futurity and the 1st leg of the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailer Futurity Super Series.

At the conclusion of the Gold Standard Futurity, Dr. Jim Shipman, DVM collected blood samples from the Top 30 bulls for testing for banned substances as per the UBBI Banned Substances Rules and Guidelines.  Prize money checks will be mailed to the winners after test results have been confirmed.

The UBBI and it’s staff would like to thank Jerry Rush, the owner of the Sycamore Springs Ranch Arena for being an outstanding host for making everyone feel at home.  The 2014 UBBI Gold Standard and Diamond Futurity will return to it’s new home in Locust Grove, Oklahoma on April 25th & 26th, 2014!


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