Launch of UBBI: New Bucking Bull Contest

Stephenville, Texas (December 6, 2010) – Bucking bull breeders are going to experience something new, fresh and exciting in 2011.  Jerry Nelson and Jimmy Ray, owners of Frontier Rodeo Company have launched the new United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI).  This new bucking bull contest platform was developed to give breeders across the country an opportunity to participate in uniform competitions.  “We just want to be able to give everyone a place to go and have fun with the bulls they own,” said Jimmy Ray, co-owner of the UBBI.  “This business is hard work and we want to be able to reward their efforts with a chance to compete with lower entry fees and pay back more money.”

Ultimately the UBBI will bring together the top bulls from 6 different regions to the UBBI National Finals.  Regular season and Finals Champions will be crowned in each of 3 categories including Futurity (2 year olds), Derby (3 year olds) and Classic (3 & 4 year olds) competitions.

The best 50 bulls in each category will qualify for the UBBI National Finals, and will consist of the top 30 bulls ranked nationally and the top 20 bulls ranked regionally.  Entry fees at the National Finals will be paid back to participants 100% and the Finals Champion in each category will receive a $10,000 “Finals Champion Bonus”!

UBBI membership is free to participants in 2011 and will give breeders a chance to compete for money and prizes throughout the season.  Although bulls that compete at UBBI events are not required to be ABBI registered, the UBBI will encourage breeders to register their cattle, age verify and EID tag their bulls to add value to their cattle and make them eligible to compete in ABBI sanctioned and other events.  The UBBI will also give members an opportunity to make their bulls age eligible to compete at UBBI events in the upcoming season (See Rules and Guidelines).

Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI had this to say, “I’m really excited about the new opportunities this organization is going to give bucking bull breeders.  But I’m more excited about the “regional” system than anything else!”

In 2011, the UBBI will divide the United States into 6 different regions and give breeders an opportunity to qualify their bulls to the UBBI National Finals both nationally and regionally.  Bulls will earn points toward their national standings and when participating in their home region, also earn points toward their regional standings.  The top 30 bulls nationally and the top 20 bulls regionally (50 total) will qualify for the National Finals in each category.

“The top 4 bulls in each of 5 regions and in each category will qualify to the National Finals, stated Schmutz.  “This will allow a breeder who lives in Idaho a chance to compete in his region and if his bull is ranked among the top 4 in that region, he earns a trip to the National Finals without having to travel to Texas to qualify.  Each Region will have a Regional Director and a Regional Judging Directory.  Directors will be appointed in 2011 and then be selected by the UBBI membership in 2012.  We’re excited to give the breeders a voice and contribute to the success of the UBBI.”

Other exciting programs being presented by the UBBI in 2011 are the Gold Standard UBBI Futurity and the UBBI Super Series futurities (See News & Headlines).

“It’s gonna be an exciting and hopefully fun year for everyone,” said Jerry Nelson.  “Jimmy Ray and I look forward to creating something for everyone to enjoy.  If we can do anything to make it better for the breeder, call us and let us know.  We want this to be good for everybody.”

For more information contact the UBBI office at 254-965-4130.

13 Responses to “Launch of UBBI: New Bucking Bull Contest”

  1. Chad Scott says:

    This sounds like a great thing and makes it more cost effective. This is like the PRCA and the curcuits. Any idea what the regions will be? Any idea what entry prices will be? I am excited to join in on this and do what I can do to make this a success for everyone.


    Chad Scott

    • rschmutz says:

      We are excited about the regional opportunities. Click on the United States map on the home page and check out the Regions Page and you can learn about the 6 different regions. Entry fees will be set to be more reasonable and pay back more money and will vary from $300 to $1000.


  2. Cindy Meyers says:

    Rodeo Attitude wishes you the best with this new association. Sounds like it will be really good for the i

    • rschmutz says:

      Thanks for the well wishes. It’s our hope to provide more opportunities for bucking bull breeders across the country.


  3. Scot Quick says:

    Congratulations on your new organization. Sounds like a great idea. Good luck!

  4. Casey says:

    Just curious.. But Why don’t you use semen and or embryos as an a award? I think this would be a neat thing to win and also very cheap to come up with. For instance look at all the bulls Jerry has that people would love to breed too.. Just an Idea.

  5. James Foster says:

    How do we become a possible Regional Director for this organization? How do we have events?

    • Randy says:

      You may contact the UBBI office at and request a judge’s application. A Regional Judging Director has not yet been appointed in the Western Region, but will be soon. As for hosting a UBBI event, please call our office and we can visit about sanctioning a event.

  6. Finally!! We are very excited up here in Montana about the UBBI and sanctioning some events in Montana and Wyoming. We contract locally, raise our own bulls and have competitive bulls that need to be seen. Looking forward to getting involved and doing what it takes to get Montana and Wyoming on the schedule.
    Thank You for recognizing a need for change.

    • Randy says:

      Thanks for your comments. We are very excited about the possibilities in bringing the UBBI to Montana and Wyoming. We have had some discussions with a couple of producers in Montana already. We will keep you posted as to a confirmed schedule as soon as we have that information!

  7. Jim Staples says:

    We have been breeding bucking cattle for eleven years. On an average annual income, it has been very difficult to take the next step from building a good herd to actually doing something with them. We are glad to see the entry fees at a reasonable or should I say realistic cost. Hopefully this organization will allow us to take “the next step” with our program.
    Jim and Heidi Staples of the JS Ranch.

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