Great Things Do Come to Those Who Wait

Roy Carter's "Pants on the Ground"

Sometimes the bucking bull business is a. . . .”hurry up and wait” experience. Bucking bulls with noticeable talent still need to mature before being exposed to the real sights and sounds of competition.  But usually one of two things will happen, the bull will perform exceptionally well or be adversely affected by the new experience of being in a competition. 

What’s worse than waiting on the right time to compete with your bull is waiting on a bull to recover from an injury.  There’s no denying that injuries play a big role in our industry.

Six and half months ago, Roy Carter experienced just that.  His promising 3 year old bull #7S3 Pants on the Ground, sustained a fracture to the lower part of one of his front legs.  He underwent surgery and the leg was casted and he spent the first four months of recovery inside a 10’ x 10’ horse stall.

“We really thought he’d go down hill during recovery and lose a lot of weight,” stated Roy.  “Instead, after about 45 days he started putting on muscle and getting bigger!”

When asked about the bulls rehabilitation, Roy stated, “After 4 months in a horse stall and the cast was removed we kept in small confinement and we decided not to buck him, but instead entered him and took our chances that he would perform as he did last year.”

That thinking paid off!  After 6 ½ months of recovery, Pants on the Ground entered the 4 year old UBBI competition in Winnie on July 16th and became one of the highest marked 4 year old UBBI Classic bulls of the season.  Bono of Hadley Cattle Company was marked 92.25 in Fort Collins and Hangtime of Teague Bucking Bulls was marked 91 in Sulphur, Louisiana earlier this year.  Pants on the Ground has now tied for the second highest marked Classic bull of the season.

“I was not at the event, but I sent the bull with Robbie Schroeder.  He called and said we’d won and I was relieved and surprised,” reported an excited Roy Carter.  “I really believe he’s an exceptional bull!”

His breeding makes him an even more exceptional athlete.  He’s sired by “Gunfighter” (x Gunslinger) and is out of a paternal sister to Roy Carter’s superstar “Kid Rock”!  The dam to Pants on the Ground is an Alligator daughter.

#7S3 Pants on the Ground earned $2293 and is now among the top 20 bulls in the UBBI Classic standings.

Other winners from the UBBI event in Winnie on July 15th and 16th were Fly Boy from Presley Simino in the futurity, winning $1809 and Blue Gangster from Bad AZ Bulls, winning $2205.

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