Gold Standard Futurity & Black Gold Derby Undergo Changes

In an effort to improve it’s two largest paying events the UBBI has introduced changes to the 2017 UBBI Gold Standard Futurity & Black Gold Derby. A number of UBBI members have “Lifetime” positions that have assured them an opportunity to compete for large purses at these events each year. Other members would apply for Lottery positions, allowing them to compete on a year-to-year basis. Since their inception, both of these events were designed to give UBBI members an opportunity to have and use a position to compete with each year, but the last two seasons has seen a decline in participation.

“These events have always held a large amount of value to our UBBI members,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “But we also learned that a large amount of our membership didn’t quite understand the process or the concept. So in 2017, we’re going to allow ALL of our membership to apply for a position to compete at the largest paying events on our schedule!”

This year’s event will once again be held in Ada, Oklahoma on May 12th and 13th. This year’s competition will be OPEN to every UBBI member in good standing who would like to enter and compete, but all Lifetime and Lottery position holders will be given first right of refusal to participate and then available positions will be given to all other UBBI members.

All UBBI members, including Lifetime and Lottery position holders must send in an application for a position to compete. Entry Fees for the Gold Standard Futurity are $1250, with $1000 going to the purse and $1350 for the Black Gold Derby with $1000 going to the purse. With 150 entries the Gold Standard Futurity will pay $50,000 to 1st place and will pay 30 places. With 100 entries the Black Gold Derby will pay $25,000 to first place and will pay 25 places.

Applications to participate and a 50% deposit MUST be in the UBBI office by Monday, April 3rd by 5pm! There will be a penalty schedule for late applications and entries. If members would like multiple positions and plan to enter multiple bulls, they must submit an application and a deposit for each entry before April 3, 2017.

We hope that these changes give value to our two largest paying UBBI events. If you have any questions, please call the UBBI office.

Click HERE for Gold Standard & Black Gold Applications

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