Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Launches New Website

Shakey Waters from Show Sports Bulls/Jane Clark bucking at the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Finals. Photo by Gautreau

The Don Gay Bull Riding Tour (DGBRT) was developed in 2011 to support the United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI) bucking bull contest events and to give bull riders an opportunity to get on great bulls and earn good money. 

“Jerry Nelson & Jimmy Ray, owners of Frontier Rodeo Company, started the United Bucking Bulls, Inc last year to support the bucking bull breeders across the country,” stated Don Gay, Eight Time World Champion Bull Rider.  “We needed bulls riders, so we started the tour and have been very happy with it so far!”

The objective all along was to give bull riders a fair opportunity to get on really good bulls and reward those who did well.  Along the way the DGBRT has created some unique bonus programs that have caught the attention of bull riders across the country.

The 2011 season included 16 events last year with a Tour Finals in conjunction with the UBBI National Finals.  Over 200 bull riders participated and regular season pay-outs totaled over $117,000.  The top 30 CBR Horizon contestants and the top 20 Don Gay Bull Riding Tour contestants qualified for the Tour Finals.  The UBBI added $40,000 to the Tour Finals and the bull riders paid for insurance.  The Tour Finals included 3 go-rounds of competition and paid out a $1,000 “Rank Bull” Rider Bonus and over $12,000 in go-round money each night.

“It was a great Finals last year and we had some spectacular rides,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour and the United Bucking Bulls, Inc.  “Forty Thousand dollars and a new truck to the Finals Champion. . . . .wow, that’s outstanding!”

Fifty contestants qualified for the Tour Finals and all were riding for a new Dodge pick-up from Truckville.  Ronny Kitchens won the average by riding all 3 bulls for 256 points. He won 6th place in the first two rounds and 3rd in the third and final round and pocketed $3,660 and was crowned the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Finals Champion and received the keys to the brand new Dodge pick-up from Truckville.

Josh Barrentine, who was the leader of the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour, won the first two rounds with scores of 88.25 and 88.5 points and earned $8640 and looked unstoppable.  Barrentine won a total of $9120 at the finals and also won the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour Championship with over $17,000 in total earnings.

What’s unique about the Don Gay Bull Riding Tour is. . . .“If you ride a bull, you get paid!”

“If you make the whistle and earn a score, you’re gonna get paid,” explained Don Gay.  “It’s that simple.  If the event pays 6 places or 10 places and you place outside the pay-off you will get your fees back.  If your fees are $75, you get that back and that $75 dollars earned goes in your “money won” column and counts toward qualifying you for the Finals!  Now that’s good stuff!”

Another great program offered by the DGBRT is the “Rank Bull” Rider Bonus.  This is a bonus awarded to two cowboys each night who ultimately get on the “rankest” two bulls in that performance regardless of a qualified ride.

“We know these guys are getting on great bulls and they’re not always gonna make the whistle,” explained Schmutz.  “Usually the rankest bull on any given night is not gonna get ridden and that bull is gonna win the bucking bull contest.  We wanted the guys getting on those bulls to have an incentive to keep their hand shut and put some money in their pocket for the effort!”

“Rank Bull” Rider Bonuses also count toward qualifying for a spot at the Tour Finals.

There’s NO membership dues for bull riders.  Check out the new Website today and join us in 2012.

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