Cheyenne Owens and TLW Bucking Bulls Are Big Winners

In 2015, the Gold Standard Futurity and Black Gold Derby found themselves in a new home and on the same weekend. For the past 4 years the Gold Standard Futurity was hosted on the last weekend in April and the Black Gold Derby was held on the second week in August. This year the two highest paying UBBI events were combined and the Rhinestone Renegades Women’s Futurity was added and held together in their new home inside the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex in Ada, Oklahoma!

“We believed that it added more value to both events to hold them together and on the same weekend,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI. “The Gold Standard paid out $146,000 and the Black Gold Derby paid out $96,000! Together with the “Double Down” Team contest paying back $12,300, that’s over $258,000 paid back to the top 2 and 3 year old bulls this weekend!”

The fun started after checking in 272 bulls on Friday and then everyone gathered at the Breeders Social and Gold Standard & Black Gold Lottery Drawing. Dennis and Jan Owens prepared a tasty home cooked meal and fed almost 200 UBBI members and then the activities got underway with drawing for a number of door prizes and then the Lottery and Calcutta. Almost $5,000 dollars was raised for the UBBI Youth Futurity Series Finale awards by auctioning off a number of Gold Standard Futurity and Black Gold Derby Lifetime Positions.

“Unusually there were some Gold Standard and Black Gold Lifetime positions that were not used this year,” explained Schmutz. “We decided to give our members a chance to purchase and own these positions and offered them up in an auction and 100% of the sales are going to provide awards for this year’s UBBI Youth Futurity Series Finale! We then put the remaining Lifetime positions into the Lottery drawing and the first applicants drawn received Lifetime spots for the 2016 events!”

TLW's bull #274 Blood Brother winning the Black Gold Derby and $25,000. Photo by Gautreau

The Derby on Friday featured half of the 96 three year old entries, so the first 48 Black Gold Derby bulls set the stage for the weekends competition. At the conclusion of Friday’s performance, it was Rockin T Ranch/Flying High Rodeo’s bull #206 Burn It Down who set the pace with a score of 90 points. Close behind was Diamond S Bucking Bulls with there bull #2125 Wicked Stick with an 89.25 point score. Splitting 3/4 place on Friday night was bull #1266 from Martinez/Milloy and bull #Z3 Swamp Wreck from Oakes & Green. A blood sample was collected from the top 5 bulls after Friday’s performance.

The competition continued on Saturday night and everyone agreed that the 90 point score from the previous evening was gonna be tough to beat. As the evening progressed it was looking like that might be the case until only 9 bulls remained and things changed. TLW’s bull #274 Blood Brother showed out and posted a 90.25 score, edging the bull Burn It Down by only .25 point, who ultimately finished as the Black Gold Derby Reserve Champion! TLW Bucking Bulls’ Blood Brother earned $25,000 for first place!

Also on Saturday night, bull #302 Sweet Emotion owned by Nathan Wolfe & Scott Cattle moved into the number 3

Joey Almand accepting the Tres Rios buckle and check for $25,000. Photo by Gautreau

position overall with a score of 89.5 points! Other bulls finishing in the Top 10 after two performances were Diamond S Bucking Bulls bull #2125 Wicked Stick; bull #R804 owned by Henry Mladenka/Fred Robinson/Bridges & Smith; bull #2103 Buck Autism from D&H Cattle Co; bull #Z8/8 Losing My Religion from Owens & Folds; bull 20X from Ronnie Chism Farm & Ranch/4G Ranch; bull #1266 from Marinez/Milloy; #Z3 Swamp Wreck from Oakes & Green; bull #Z7 Sketchy Bob from D&H Cattle Co/Flinn. A blood sample was also collected from the top 5 Derby bulls after Saturday’s performance. A total of 10 Derby bulls were sampled for drug testing as per the UBBI’s Drug Testing Policy.

A lot of two year old bulls lined up to show their stuff on Saturday morning beginning with the Rhinestone Renegades Women’s Futurity. A record 30 entries were featured in the women’s competition and the ladies did a really good job. Kylee Donaho won the most money by

Rhinestone Renegades Women's Futurity participants. Photo by Gautreau

winning the 1D with bull #1301, scoring 85.25 points. She also placed 1st in the 3D with bull #36, scoring 79.25 points. Kylee won a total of $2362. Amy Austin was 2nd in the 1D with her bull #303 Popeye. The winner of the 2D was Delyne Lee with bull #D-77 from Bland/Dodson/Lee with a score of 82.25 points, winning $1012. Delyne would like to extend a thank you to Cody Hawks for flanking the bull in her absence. Finishing second in the 2D was Toni Scalco with bull #235 Stitches with a score of 81.5 points.

At the conclusion of the Women’s Futurity, the Gold Standard Futurity began. And with $146,000 up for grabs the competition was as tough as ever. The first 73 two year old bulls took center stage before taking a short break for lunch. After the first section of the Gold Standard Futurity it was D&H Cattle Co and their partners who held down the top 3 spots. Bull #6A Test Fire co-owned by GDDB Cattle and bull #29A Magic Maker both posted the highest score of the first half with 88.75 points each. Bull #60-3 co-owned with Leflore and Barthold scored 88.25 points to hold down the 3rd place spot.

Bull #12A Tugco owned by Cheyenne Owens winning $50,000 at the Gold Standard Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

After the lunch break, everyone gathered to see who would ultimately win 1st place and walk away with a check for $50,000! After all was said and done, 3 bulls from the second half moved ahead of Test Fire, who finished 4th overall. Bull #12A Tugco from Cheyenne Owens posted a 91.75 score, with 3 of the 4 judges marking the bovine athlete 23 points. The win earned Owens a check for $50,000! Finishing second was Dennis & Jan Owens and Carl Dunlap with their bull #317 Big Crush with a score of 89.5 points. They cashed a check for $15,000! And in 3rd place was bull #367 Rand’s Big Cadillac from Scott Cattle Company of South Dakota with 89 points and a earning a check for $10,000! Other bulls finishing in the Top 10 were bull #6A Test Fire from D&H Cattle Co/GDDB Cattle; bull #29A Magic Maker from D&H Cattle Co; bull #60-3 Inferno from D&H Cattle Co/Leflore/Barthold; Bull #3448 Call Me Trigger from JC’s Dream Team/The Jaynes Gang; bull #313 Zorro The Toro from Jay Hudgins; bull #153 Buzz Kill from 2H & K3J Bucking Bulls; bull #1013 from Kurt Tucker/Pistol Robinson. A blood sample was collected from the Top 10 Gold Standard Futurity bulls for drug testing. The Top 30 bulls in the Gold Standard earned a prize money check!

Cheyenne Owens and family and friends celebrating the win at the Gold Standard Futurity. Photo by Gautreau

Participants in the Gold Standard Futurity and Black Gold Derby were given the opportunity to “Double Down” by selecting a futurity bull and derby bull and pairing them together on a team. The Top 6 teams with the highest combined aggregate score would share the $12,300 purse. There were 41 teams and the team of Inferno in the futurity owned by D&H Cattle Co/Leflore/Barthold and Buck Autism owned by D&H Cattle Co won the “Double Down” and pocketed another $3528.

Results from the drug testing revealed no violations and prize money checks were mailed on Wednesday, May 27th! Congratulations to everyone and a BIG thank you to all who participated in one of the biggest weekends of the year in the bucking bull industry! Click HERE to View Feature Video

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