Big Scores at the Bayou Battle In Lake Charles

The United Bucking Bulls, Inc rolled into Lake Charles, Louisiana for the Bayou Battle with 113 two, three and four year old bulls owned by breeders from 8 different states.  UBBI members from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Ohio and Mississippi all cashed checks at the Bayou Battle and proved once again that if they buck, they will win money!

Bull #040 from McConnell's Bucking Cattle winning the Bayou Battle Derby. Photo by Gautreau

“It was really exciting for us to see so many different breeders from so many states participate in Lake Charles,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “This event is gonna be a regular stop on our tour and plans are already being made for the 2014 event.  It’s a great facility and we had good crowds enjoy a great event!”

The event started with an exciting round of Derby bulls on Friday night with 22 entries.  Larry McConnell with McConnell’s Bucking Cattle finished on top with Bull #040 producing an 88.75 point score and earning $2530.

“The bull (#040) was raised by Russ Gant, owner of 5G Farms and we entered him and hauled him to Lake Charles,” explained Larry McConnell.  “We were very happy with the bull.  So happy that I bought the bull from Russ the next day and you’ll see him at a lot more UBBI events!”

Splitting second and third place was bull #07X from Cude Bucking Bulls and TD Cattle’s bull #06 Plumbers Crack with scores of 87.75 points each.  Rounding out the top 4 places was K Bar C/Spark-Lin/Folds/Strickland’s bull #054 Atomic Kitten.

Hou's Drinkin Water owned by Flyin D/Spring Creek Ranch

The Bayou Battle Futurity on Saturday morning featured 55 two year old bulls and paid 11 places.  Flying D/Spring Creek Ranch’s bull #-210 Hou’s Drinkin Water won 1st place with 89.75 points and a check for $2598 and Flyin D picked up a second place check with bull #112 Just Foolin Around.

“We’re really excited about Hou’s Drinkin Water,” stated Paul Daniel (Flyin D).  “We bought him and #-217 Hou’s Cheatin Hou from Jimmy Ray and Jerry Nelson at the Frontier Sale last year.  They are 3/4 brothers, both sired by Houdini and both out of 2 different Muddy Water (Whitewater Skoal) daughters.  And now they’ve both won an event.  Hou’s Cheatin Hou won Palestine in June and Hou’s Drinkin Water won Lake Charles!  The bull we won second place with in Lake Charles came from Mitch Terrell and is a grandson of Houdini that goes back to a Whitewater female!”

Shallow Creek Farms won 3rd place with their bull #102 Hey Jack and Stormy Foster’s bull #250 War Tank finished 4th.  Other breeders placing in the Bayou Battle Futurity were Frontier & Ray, Carpenter/Vongontard/Burleson, Moss Brothers, Owens & Lane, Carpenter Brothers, Flyin D/Bob & Jeri Adams and McConnell’s Bucking Cattle/K.S. Bucking Bulls.

At the conclusion of the Futurity on Saturday morning, Randy Schmutz hosted a brief meeting with the UBBI members and addressed a few issues regarding tipping horns for competition bulls and late arrivals at UBBI events.

“Our current rules on tipping contest bulls are futurity bulls must be tipped back to at least a 25 cent piece and derby and classic bulls must be tipped back to at least a 50 cent piece,” explained Randy Schmutz.  “A number of bulls over the past two events have entered and competed while not being adequately tipped.  And unfortunately there are a few breeders who are pushing the envelope on arriving late for check-in at events, so I wanted to visit with our members about these issues.  I don’t like to penalize people, but we’ve got to address this and get it turned around!”

In 2014, the horn tipping rule will be changed to state that ALL bulls competing at UBBI events must be tipped back to at least a 50 cent piece or more.  Bulls arriving at an event for competition that have NOT been adequately tipped, as per the UBBI horn tipping policy, will forfeit their entry fee and NOT be allowed to compete at that event.

Cory Melton accepting the Classic buckle on behalf of Loe Co/Melton Bull Co for #912 All Shook Up. Photo by Gautreau

Randy Schmutz said, “For the safety of our UBBI staff and other livestock, it’s essential that everyone tip these bulls at home before they arrive at an event.  We can’t tip bulls at an event, because of the lack of proper facilities and these bulls bleed and it’s not professional for us to buck bulls under those conditions.  As to the late arrival of participants, we have to be done with check-in at 3pm on Friday in order for our staff to prepare and be ready for the event Friday night.  When participants don’t get there and unloaded by these posted check-in times it puts our staff behind and makes our job much more difficult.”

All participants must be on site and prepared to unload by the posted check-in times or will be subject to being fined up to $100 per bull.

#912 All Shook Up from Loe Co/Melton Bull Co. Photo by Gautreau

The event continued on Saturday night with 35 really tough Classic bulls and when the dust settled it was Loe Co/Melton Bull Co’s bull #912 All Shook Up with a score of 90.75 points.  Cory Melton and Winston Loe earned $2691. Finishing second was Frontier & Ray’s bull #980 with a score of 89.5 points.  The event paid 7 places and other participants winning money included Moser Cattle Company, McConnell’s Bucking Cattle, Nathan Wolfe, Frontier/Ray/Folds/ Strickland, Hookin W, Cude Bucking Bulls/CF Rodeo and Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo.

Make your plans now to put the “Bayou Battle” on your calendar for 2014!


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