A Heartfelt Thank You From the UBBI

Chris Smith accepting the buckle for the Futurity win at the Spring Spectacular

In October of last year, Jerry Nelson and Jimmy Ray announced the launch of the United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI).  This new organization was developed to give breeders an opportunity to showcase their bulls and to allow them to capitalize on their investment, their time and their hard work.  The UBBI offered lower entry fees and did not require the bulls to be registered.  There were many who celebrated this new venture, some who speculated about it’s place in the industry and others who simply said it wouldn’t work. 

In 2011, the UBBI has already hosted, sanctioned or produced 7 events this season.  Breeders across the country have entered 659 different two, three and four year old bulls 846 times!  That is correct. . . . .7 events with 846 entries and over $253,000 paid back to the breeders this year already!

“As we look back at what’s happening with the UBBI, we’re extremely happy with what’s going on,” said Jerry Nelson (co-owner of the UBBI).  “Jimmy Ray and I felt like there were a lot of breeders who wanted to play with a lower entry fee and it looks like we were right.  We’re also working on some new programs that will keep the breeders interested in entering these events throughout the season.”

The UBBI season will conclude at the UBBI National Finals in October and has already hosted 5 Futurity events with 472 entries, 5 Derby events with 210 entries and 5 Classic events with 164 entries. 

“We just want to thank the breeders who have supported the UBBI so far this season,” said Jimmy Ray (co-owner of the UBBI).  “This has always been about the breeders and we will continue to listen to and do what the breeders want.  Without them there would be no UBBI.  It’s really been fun to watch this thing grow and we want to pass along a heartfelt thank you to everybody!”

A lot of exciting things are on the horizon for the United Bucking Bulls, Inc, including new events in three different regions to be added to the schedule soon and new sponsors who are excited about the future of our industry.  A BIG thank you to all of the breeders and sponsors from everyone here at the UBBI.

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