9th Annual Spring Spectacular Crowns New Champions

The Spring Spectacular has enjoyed a rich and interesting history.  The event was started by Randy & Amber Schmutz taking over the Buckers.com event in Stephenville, Texas that was first produced by Bob Tallman.

W-W Bucking Chutes at Lonnie Austin Arena 2013

“When Bob Tallman sold the Rodeo Stock Registry to the PBR and they formed the ABBI, Amber and I asked Bob if we could continue to produce the event,” explained Randy Schmutz.  “He was more than happy that we were interested in moving forward with what he started and the Spring Spectacular was born!”

The first Spring Spectacular was held inside the Lone Star Arena in April of 2005 as an American Bucking Bull, Inc (ABBI) sanctioned event along with a PBR bull riding.  It quickly became the single largest ABBI event held each year and a regular stop for some of the rankest bulls in the bucking bull industry.  In 2010, the National Bucking Bull Association sanctioned the event and the Championship Bull Riders (CBR) provided bull riders, before it moved to it’s current home at the Austin Arena in Myrtle Springs.

UBBI members enjoying the Breeders Social

“Amber and I introduced a new level of appreciation for the breeders and participants,” Randy explained.  “We checked everybody in, gave ’em a Spring Spectacular ball cap, feed ’em a complimentary meal, had a calcutta, put on the best event we could produce and presented the winners a Spring Spectacular award jacket!  We really tried to show ’em how much we appreciated their support and it worked!  The Spring Spectacular has been a great event for everyone for 9 straight years!”

The hospitality worked and entries increased every year and the reputation of the Spring Spectacular being the biggest and best event continued to prove true! In 2013, the hospitality continued as Lonnie Austin rolled out the red carpet at his arena facility just north of Canton.  Breeders were met by the United Bucking Bulls, Inc (UBBI) staff. They received a UBBI ball cap and an invitation to the Breeders Social where they were fed by the Partin Heart Bar Ranch crew.

Randy shared, “Carltin Partin and his family and ranch crew brought crawfish, fresh catfish, fries and hushpuppies and ribs and cooked a meal like we’ve never had before! It was outstanding and really set the tone for the entire weekend!”

Cactus Jungle from Tom & Tish Peterson winning the Derby

The Derby kicked off the competition on Friday with 40 three year olds battling it out.  Tom & Tish Peterson left with the buckle, the jacket and the check for first place with his new acquisition, bull #207 Cactus Jungle, posting a score of 89.5 points and earning $2,760.  Peterson just purchased the bull the week before from Bobby Pillow.  Finishing as reserve champion was Flying D’s #X18 U Freakin’ Kiddin’ Me with a score of 88.5 points.  Finishing in the top 5 were bull #X9 Platinum Maxx from Bob & Jeri Adams/Flying D; bull #34 My Time from Raymond Harrington/Hookin H Rodeo and #09 Stuck on Stupid from Bob & Jeri Adams/Flying D.  Eight places were paid in the Derby and the top 10 all received Spring Spectacular award jackets presented by Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers.

The Spring Spectacular Futurity was held on Saturday morning and also was the first leg of the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers Super Series.  Eight-six bulls competed in the event and 68 of those were enrolled into the Super Series by paying a one-time $300 enrollment fee (68 x $300 = $20,400).  One-Hundred percent of the $20,400 in Super Series Bonus Money will be divided equally at the three Super Series events ($6,800) to pay 4 places in bonus money to the Top 4 Super Series enrolled bulls ($2,720; $2.040; $1,360; $680) each time.

War Tank from Stormy Foster winning the Futurity

Stormy Foster’s bull #250 War Tank plowed through the field with an 89.5 point score to win first place and $5,031.  War Tank was also enrolled into the Super Series and earned an additional $2,720 in Bonus Money to win a total of $7,751.  The futurity paid 17 places and 16 of the 17 bulls were enrolled into the Super Series.  Finishing second was Simino & Breaux’s #110 Iceberg Slim winning $3,633 plus $2,040 for a total of $5,673.  In third place was #110 What A Burger from DAM (John Donaho & Jim Murff) earning $2,305 plus $1.360 and a total of $3,665 and in fourth place was Frontier & Ray’s #255 who earned a total of $2.426 in Futurity and Super Series money.  Stormy Foster was presented with the Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle and the top 20 all received Spring Spectacular award jackets.

The Classic concluded this year’s activities on Saturday night with 35 four year olds competing.  Although his name is For Sale, it looks like bull #901 from McConnell’s Bucking Bulls/Kenny Vaught is gonna stay right where he is for now as he continues his winning ways for the Missouri based UBBI members.

Tyler & Larry McConnell accepting the buckle for the Classic win along with the Top 10 in the Classic

“We actually purchased 1/2 interest in For Sale from Kenny Vaught,” explained Larry McConnell.  “We seen the bull and told Kenny that he should be hauling the bull more because he had the talent to win.  Kenny bought the bull as a yearling and named him For Sale and we used to kid him about it and finally convinced him to sell us half of him so we could haul him.  It’s worked out great so far and we’re glad that half of him was ‘For Sale’!”

Bull #901 For Sale posted a score of 88.5 points and earned $2,616.  Finishing second was Frontier/Ray/Folds/Strickland’s #945 Lights Out and rounding out the top 4 were #1324 Born This Way form Owens & Lane and #+912 Hot Pink from Wilburn Bucking Bulls.

A big thank you to our sponsors including Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers, Pro Bull Nutrition, W-W Equipment Manufacturing and Tres Rios Silver Buckles.  The UBBI would also like to thank all of our members for your continued support and participation at the 2013 Spring Spectacular.  ALL PHOTOS BY GAUTREAU.


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