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Jungle Fear Wins $50,000 at the Gold Standard Futurity

Monday, April 30th, 2012

#54 Jungle Fear from Pillow & Barrett winning the 2012 Gold Standard Futurity. Photo by FotoCowboy

If you listen really close you might be able to hear Tarzan roar. . . . .or maybe that’s Bobby Pillow and Brett Barrett.  Pillow & Barrett are certainly smiling from ear to ear and they’re gonna be able to buy some extra bananas with $50,000 for the win at the 2nd Annual UBBI Gold Standard Futurity presented by Chisholm Trail Casino.  Their bull branded #54 and called Jungle Fear distanced himself from the competition by posting a score of 90 points, one and a half points ahead of the reserve champion  #X9 Platinum Max from Paul Daniel/Lorie Barbare.  Platinum Max posted a score of 88.5 points and earned $15,000 in Gold Standard cash.  In third place was Gene Baker’s #75 Bubba with a score of 88 points and winning $10,000.  Splitting 4th and 5th place were Page 173X from D&H Cattle/Buck and #013 Quick Shot from Leschynshyn/4G.  Both bulls posted scores of 87.5 points and earned $6,500 each.  The Top 30 finishers each earned a check. 

Breeders from 19 different states participated at this year’s event and the competion was as tough as ever with at least 13 different bulls receiving marks of 22 points or better.

“That was as tough a set of two year old bulls as I’ve ever seen,” stated Larry McConnell.  McConnell’s bull #-110 R2D2 picked up a check for splitting 15th and 16th place.  R2D2 was the winner of the UBBI Futurity in Salina, Kansas earlier this season.

The event was kicked off by a Welcome Reception, hosted by Two Bulls Productions and Jim McLain and Mike Sellers.  The reception started with a complimentary steak dinner and continued with the 2013 Lottery Position Draw.  The evening concluded with a stellar calcutta.  On Saturday morning, the 2012 Gold Standard Futurity kicked off at 9am and was complete by 2:15 that afternoon with a one hour break for lunck.

Immediatley following the event, the Top 30 winning bulls were age verified and a blood sample was taken from each for testing (as per the UBBI’s Banned Substance Rule).  All the bulls were confirmed “age eligible” and Bobby Pillow and Brett Barrett and other members of the families posed for the Champion’s picture and received the Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle.

Jim McLain, Mike Sellers and the entire Two Bulls Production crew did an outstanding job and once again rolled out the red carpet.  Everyone had a great time and plans are already being made to make the 3rd Annual UBBI Gold Standard Futurity even bigger and better in 2013!


Click HERE For Video of Top 3

The Gold Standard Yearling Bucking Bull Sale

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

The UBBI is happy to announce the addition of an exciting Yearling Bucking Bull Sale to be held in conjunction with the Black Gold Derby event August 10th and 11th.  This year’s Black Gold Derby has a new home in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Consignors must submit a video of all potential consignments (preferably with at least 2 performances).  The best consignments will be selected for the sale and then sold on-site at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Auction on Saturday, August 11th.  Video Consignments are now being accepted at the UBBI office. 

The Gold Standard Yearling Bucking Bull Sale will include the following incentives:   

  • The buyer of HIGHEST selling consignment will receive a 2013 Gold Standard Lottery Position (#151).  Buyer is responsible for paying entry fee and adhering to all 2013 Gold Standard Futurity rules and guidelines.  Buyer is NOT required to enter bull purchased from the 2012 Gold Standard Yearling Bucking Bull Sale and may enter ANY bull into that position.     
  • The Top 5 HIGHEST selling consignments (bulls) will be enrolled into the 2013 UBBI Futurity Super Series at no cost to buyer.  Actual bull purchased will be enrolled and cannot be replaced with another bull.  
  • The Top 4 HIGHEST placing bulls at the 2013 Spring Spectacular from the 2012 Gold Standard Yearling Bucking Bull Sale will split a $10,000 incentive ($4000, $3000, $2000, $1000). 

“This will be an annual sale each year and it will be an exciting opportunity for both buyers and sellers,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “I’m looking forward to seeing the quality of the bulls that will be consigned!”  

Click HERE for consignment forms and more information.

The Competition Is Set For the Gold Standard Futurity

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

The bulls at last year’s Gold Standard Futurity were outstanding and Houla Hoop from Gene Baker & J&J Supply and Circle City from Mike Trimble and his daughter Amanda Deweese split $65,000 and the win at the 2011 UBBI Gold Standard presented by Chisholm Trail Casino.  Both breeders will return to Duncan this year to defend their titles.  The competition is expected to be tough with 150 Futurity bulls slated to compete from 19 different states. 

“Anytime you have $150,000 up for grabs and a $50,000 first place check, the competition is gonna travel from far and wide to get a chance at that kind of money,” stated Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “We’ve got breeders from as far west as California and east from Virginia and even New York state!” 

Last year Gene Baker didn’t have far to travel from Anson, Texas but the Trimble family drove all the way from Indiana.  The trip was well worth it. 

“We’ve been buying good genetics from notable breeders in the southern part of the country for some time,” explained Mike Trimble.  “We’re just excited to be able to compete with these bulls for this kind of money.  The hard work and time has paid off!” 

The event will kick off Friday evening with a Welcome Reception hosted by Two Bulls Productions and Jim McLain and Mike Sellers.  The evening will include dinner, a Calcutta and drawing for twenty 2013 Gold Standard Lottery Positions. 

“Last year’s Welcome Reception was really a lot of fun,” explained Jim McLain.  “We had a great turn out, a great Calcutta and it was fun to visit and just relax and enjoy everybody before the competition!” 

The event will once again feature a 6 judge system, throwing out the high and the low scores.  Again this year, the judges will be given the opportunity to evaluate each bull “live” and once with instant replay in “real time”. 

Randy Schmutz explains, “Two Bulls and Omega Productions gives the audience and the judges an opportunity see the bulls twice.  We did this at last year’s event and felt it worked really good.”

The Top 30 bulls will recieve their share of $150,000 and the winner will be awarded $50,000 and a Tres Rios Sivler Championship buckle.  Each bull receiving a check will be age verified and tested for banned substances. 

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the event this weekend.  Dinner will be at 7:00 pm at the Scarlett Center on Highway 82.  The Futurity will start at 9:00 am on Saturday morning.

UBBI Event In Wills Point Was Spectacular

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

#03 Weston Nights, owned by Stoney Hariman. Photo by Gautreau.

The 8th Annual Spring Spectacular continued it’s tradition this year by attracting a record number of entries and now the dust has settled and it’s time to congratulate the winners.  Ninety Derby, Fifty-five Classic and One-Hundred Thirty-Eight Futurity bulls arrived at the Austin Indoor Arena and everyone was checked in by 1:30 pm on Friday afternoon.  At 2 o’clock, the UBBI provided over 200 breeders a complimentary barbeque rib dinner with all the trimmings along with an outstanding Calcutta, presenting 283 bulls in teams of three. 

The Derby consisted of 90 bulls bucked in two sessions on Friday night, beginning at 5:30 and 8:00 pm.  With 90 bulls, the event paid 18 places.  Dennis & Jan Owens bull #1467 Square Head finished in the #1 spot at the conclusion of the event with an 89 point score and $4398 in prize money and a Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle.  Splitting second, third and fourth place, with scores of 87.75 points was Lights Out from Frontier/Ray/Folds/Strickland, #72W Paradise from D&H/Glover and #9-39 Egore from J&K Bucking Stock, all earning checks for $2178.  Winning fifth, sixth and seventh place money were Hargis/KA Bulls #-83, Tom & Tish Peterson’s #920 Petey and Castle Farms #X195 Peruvian Necktie.  Each bull earned $1423.  The top 12 each received a Spring Spectacular award jacket. 

In the Classic event on Saturday night, there were 55 bulls and it was #861 Flash from Wilburn & Leschynshyn with a score of 89 points coming out on top and winning $3320 and a Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle.  In second, with Reserve Champion honors, was #846 Black Betty with a score of 88.25 points, picking up a check for $2688.  Splitting 3rd and 4th place were #-127 Shine Time from Norris Dalton and #77 Scout from Reed Corder.  Both scored 88 points and earned $1660.  In fifth place, was Flathead, a new acquisition for Folds/Strickland/K-C Bucking Bulls/Sparklin Acres with a score of 87.5 points and a check for $1423.  The Classic event paid 12 places and each received a Spring Spectacular award jacket. 

The Spring Spectacular Futurity was the first stop for the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers UBBI Futurity Super Series.  The event started promptly at 9 am and with 138 bulls, the competition was sure to be tough.  At the end of the event it was Stoney Hariman’s #03 Weston Nights on top with a score of 87.25 points.  Weston Nights earned $6348 plus $3720 for being the top Super Series eligible bull for a total of $10,068 and a Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle.  Splitting second through fifth place with scores of 86.75 points were #022 Recovery Time from Barker Bulls, #05 Modern Warfare from Tom & Tish Peterson, #X18 U Freakin’ Kiddin Me and #X9 Platinum Maxx, both from Paul Daniel/Lorie Barbare.  All four bulls earned $2752 and Modern Warfare, U Freakin Kiddin Me and Platinum Maxx earned an additional $1860 each in Super Series cash.   Total winnings for each bull was $4612.  The top 12 each received a Spring Spectacular award jacket. 

Hariman’s #03 Weston Nights is the one to watch now in the Super Series and leads the race for the 4 Star Trailer.  The next stop on the Wayne Hodges 4 Star Trailers UBBI Futurity Super Series will be the Red River Chute Out in Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

The UBBI, it’s owners and staff would like to thank all the breeders who participated at this year’s Spring Spectacular and good luck to all in the 2012 season.


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2nd Annual UBBI Gold Standard Futurity

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

On April 28th someone is going to walk away with $50k and a Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle from this year’s UBBI Gold Standard Futurity presented by Chisholm Trail Casino.  One-Hundred-Fifty two year old bucking bulls will once again be competing for their share of $150,000! 

Jim McLain and Mike Sellers with TwoBulls Productions will once again roll out the “red carpet” and provide members of the UBBI an experience that will be positive from start to finish.  The event will kick off Friday evening with a welcome reception, dinner and Presentation of the Bulls and continue on Saturday morning with the start of the Futurity at 9am. 

“The Lifetime and Lottery positions put a unique and exciting spin on the event,” stated Randy Schmutz, the general manager of the UBBI.  “The drawing for the 20 Lottery Positions for the 2012 event will take place on Friday evening during the dinner and Calcutta.” 

Applications for the 2013 Lottery positions will be taken in the office until April 16th.  Entries for the 2012 event are NOW open and will conclude on Monday, April 16th and all participants must have their entry form and fees in the UBBI office by 5pm (central time). 

Check out the UBBI website for event details now!

2012 Spring Spectacular Attracts 286 Bulls

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Chris Smith Accepting Checks For the Futurity Win and Super Series Win at the 2011 Spring Spectacular

The 8th Annual Spring Spectacular continues it’s tradition in 2012 and has attracted a record number of entries this year!  Almost 300 bulls will arrive in Wills Point, Texas to compete for prize money, buckles and jackets.  One Hundred Thirty-Nine futurity, 92 Derby and 55 Classic bulls will duke it out to see who walks away with the buckles, the jackets and the prize most money!

The Spring Spectacular held it’s first event in 2005 in Stephenville, Texas after the American Bucking Bull, Inc was formed in 2004. 

“Bob Tallman, who created the Rodeo Stock Registry (later becoming the ABBI) also started Buckers.Com which produced the first ever futurities and derbies in our industry,” explained Randy Schmutz, general manager of the UBBI.  “We wanted to continue and build on the success of what Bob started in Stephenville!”

Bob Tallman sold the Rodeo Stock Registry to the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and a group of stock contractors who become shareholders in the start-up of the American Bucking Bull, Inc (ABBI).  The ABBI held it’s first events and finals in 2004.  In 2005, Randy and Amber Schmutz, owners of looksWEST Productions hosted the first Spring Spectacular inside the Lone Star Arena in Stephenville, Texas.  The event grew to be the largest single regular season event in the bucking bull breeding industry hosting a futurity, classic and livestock sale.

“Randy and Amber always rolled out the red carpet and the Spring Spectacular was always the event of the year and everyone came,” exclaimed Dennis Owens, a UBBI member. “The event always ran smooth, they had a calcutta and fed everybody a great dinner and they were the first to give the winners jackets and buckles and made everybody feel at home!”

The Spring Spectacular has been sanctioned by the ABBI and the National Bucking Bull Association (NBBA) and was selected as ABBI Event of the Year in 2008, before becoming the largest event produced by the United Bucking Bulls, Inc.  The event found a new home in 2011 and moved to Wills Point, Texas inside the Austin Indoor Arena owned by Lonnie Austin.

“We were pleased to host the event and glad it turned out well for the UBBI,” stated Austin.  “A lotta bulls showed up and we all had a great time!  It was an outstanding event!”

This year’s event will once again be held in Wills Point and will include a barbeque dinner on Friday with a Calcutta and the Derby on Friday night.  The Futurity and Classic will both be on Saturday.  The Champion Futurity, Derby and Classic bulls will receive a Tres Rios Silver Championship buckle and the top 10 in each class will receive a Spring Spectacular jacket.

“We were overwhelmed with the number of entries,” explained Randy Schmutz.  “We’re just really glad that the breeders are supporting the UBBI and we are seeing continued growth.  We wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to seeing everyone at the 2012 Spring Spectacular!”