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Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about United bucking Bulls, Inc., and UBBI events. Click a question below to reveal its answer. If you are unable to find the answer you need, please contact us, and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.


What are the age verification requirements to enter a UBBI contest event?

Bulls that are ABBI registered and/or EID tagged and age verified will be accepted for UBBI competition.

If your bulls are not EID tagged and age verified, we encourage you to have your bulls made “Age Eligible” by a UBBI approved Veterinarian in your area prior to competition. UBBI uses the ABBI approved mouth chart (L. Man Cropsey, DVM Golden, Colorado). If bull is over 34 months of age, Veterinarians will use the UBBI approved mouth chart, for 3 and 4 year old bulls, as set forth by Dr. Ames, DVM and Professor at Michigan State University.

Please contact the UBBI office for if you have questions above age verifying bulls for competition. All bulls are subject to being mouthed on-site at an event, at the discretion of UBBI management.

How much are Membership Fees?

UBBI membership is from January 1st thru December 31st of each year. Breeders can renew or purchase a UBBI membership for $100, before March 31st of each year. UBBI membership dues go up $25 each quarter if not purchased before March 31st.  All Breeders purchasing a membership in 2011, will be “charter” members and their dues will not increase as long as they renew each year and pay their dues before March 31st.  After 2011 and beyond UBBI membership fees are subject to change.

How much are Entry Fees?

The UBBI will strive to keep entry fees reasonable while providing breeders with an opportunity to win as much money as possible. Entry fees vary from $275 for Youth Futurity participants to $1350 for the UBBI National Finals. Entry fees will be event specific and posted in Entry Details. Specialty events may have a higher entry fee.

How do my bulls qualify for the UBBI National Finals?

The UBBI Finals will be held at the completition of the regular season each year. The top 50 Bulls, based on money won in each of the Futurity, Derby and Classic competitions will qualify. When your bulls are bucked in your Region, and win money, that money will be added to both your Regional and National Standings. The top 30 Bulls ranked Nationally and the top 4 Bulls from each of 5 Regions (20 Bulls) will qualify. Regional qualification excludes the Southern Region. Finals Entry Fees will be paid back 100%. Finals Awards will include Buckles & Jackets. A $5,000 “World Champion” Bonus will be awarded to the World Champion (High Money Bull) in the Futurity, Derby and Classic. A $5,000 “Finals Champion” Bonus will also be awarded to the winner of the UBBI National Finals in the Futurity, Derby and Classic competition. “World Champion” Bonuses and “Finals Champion” Bonuses will NOT be counted as “World Championship” earnings.

How are the Regions set up?

The UBBI has divided the United States into 6 Regions. The Northwest Region, Western Region, Northern Region, Southern Region, Midwest Region and Eastern Region. The UBBI will host, sanction and co-sanction events in each Region. The top 4 bulls from 5 Regions (excluding the Southern Region) in each competition class (Futurity, Derby, Classic) will qualify to compete at the UBBI National Finals. The top 30 bulls ranked Nationally and the top 4 Bulls from each Region (20 bulls) will make up the 50 bulls that qualify to the UBBI National Finals.

Does my bull have to be ABBI registered to enter a UBBI contest event?

Bulls are not required to be ABBI registered to participate in UBBI Futurity, Derby or Classic events.  We encourage breeders to register their cattle with the ABBI, age verify and EID tag their bulls to add value to their cattle and make them eligible to compete in ABBI sanctioned and other events.

Can I sanction or host a UBBI event?

UBBI sanction fees are $300. Entry Fees will be event specific and approved by the UBBI. The producer is responsible for added money in the bull riding (if applicable) and all labor and facility costs including judges for the event. Please contact the UBBI office for details.

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